10 amazing destinations within budget for a day

10 amazing destinations within budget for a day

10 amazing destinations within budget for a day: All of us want to travel more. Whether you’re looking for a vacation, a career break, or a gap year, everyone wants to travel more.

No matter the type of trip you choose, you will likely face one of the most common obstacles to traveling : money.

It can be difficult to save money for travel. There are so many destinations that are expensive but there are some . It can feel difficult at times.

Even if you are able to get a low-cost flight, it can be costly to explore a destinations within budget.

There are many amazing places that you can visit, and they are affordable. Many of these places are actually less expensive than your day-to-day living back home.

There are many cheap countries out there, but I’m going to show you my top picks destinations within budget!

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1. Thailand

Although Thailand is a very popular tourist destinations within budget, it has remained relatively affordable overall. it is very mesmerizing and amazing.

It’s possible to live comfortably on $35 USD per day, excluding a few tourist destinations within budget. You can live in a budget dorm for $10 USD per night, or $10 USD per night if you stick with street food. Drinks are cheap, and you don’t have to pay more than $10 USD for tours and other activities.

Although the islands are more costly than the mainland, you can still visit them for less than $50 USD per day if you travel slowly (ferry prices add up) or avoid the Full Moon Party.

Many people drink too much alcohol and party here. However, if you stick with happy hours and purchase your beer at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, you can still have fun and enjoy a fraction the cost.

2. Mexico

Honesty is my only virtue: Mexico was not on my radar. Although I had visited Mexico briefly in the past, I only recently took the time to visit the country.

It was overwhelming.

Mexico is home to stunning Mayan ruins, beautiful beaches, lush jungles and picturesque cenotes. Enjoy delicious tacos and tostadas, tamales and sopas, seafood, and mole (not forgetting the ever-popular mezcal).

Hostels start at $10 USD per night. Street tacos cost $1 or less and beer costs $1-2 USD. Even big-ticket activities such as the Tulum Ruins or Chichen Itza only $5-15 USD.

Mexico offers a lot of things to do, whether you are exploring the Yucatan, or just relaxing in Oaxaca.

3. Portugal

Portugal is not only one my darling countries in Europe, but also one of the most affordable. This country is known for its beautiful cities, breathtaking coastlines and beautiful weather. A vibrant digital nomad community is also growing. There is a growing expat community.

The country is very beautiful and affordable. It is possible to live comfortably here for as low as $50 USD per day, while still enjoying the delicious food, activities, and wine that Portugal offers.

Hostels start at $15 USD, while snacks and freshly baked goods cost only $2-5 USD. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the nightlife. Beer costs only 3 EUR

Although prices in Lisbon are higher than elsewhere, it is possible to offset this by visiting during shoulder season. If you visit Europe in winter, the prices will be even lower. Portugal, although it may not be hot and sunny, is one of Europe’s warmest countries from December to March, making it an affordable and fun place to visit in winter.

4. Central America

Central America is the best region for backpacking. Although there are safety issues and areas you should avoid, the majority of Central America can be travelled for $30-50 USD per person.

You’ll find the best deals in countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras. Budget hotels start at $15 USD and meals are $3-4 USD. Bus journeys cost the same amount. Beer is less than one dollar.

You’ll spend closer to $50 USD per person in the “expensive” countries of the region (Belize Panama Costa Rica, Panama) but you won’t have any problems as street food costs less than $5 USD, and hostel dorms cost $8-12 USD.

It’s possible to live in the area, even though it is expensive, and still enjoy the incredible food and many other fun activities.

5. Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful, , affordable country. The highlight is Budapest. Budapest is my favorite city. It is a beautiful and historic city. It’s also very affordable.

Budapest hostels start at $10 USD per person per night. You can eat at the many kebab and sandwich shops, or in the markets for $5-10 USD. A beer costs less than $2 and trains and buses cost just a few bucks.

If you don’t plan on going out to drink or spending a lot of money on attractions and activities, $30-40USD will allow you ample time to explore Budapest. Budapest is an excellent alternative to Prague and Vienna. It offers just as much fun at a fraction of their cost.

Don’t forget to visit the ruin bars!

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6. Peru

Peru, home to the incredible Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu is one of the most visited countries in South America.

Although hiking the Inca Trail can be expensive, daily life in Peru is very affordable. You can find hostels for as low as $8-12 USD, while street-side accommodation is only $1-2 USD.

It’s not necessary to do a lot of activities, but it is possible to have a great time in Peru for less than $50 USD.

If you are interested in guided hikes, but don’t have enough money to pay for them, book your trip last minute. There are often amazing deals available, including for hikes such as the Inca Trail. These once-in-a lifetime experiences are well worth the extra $50 USD you may spend.

7. Bulgaria

Despite being often overlooked, Bulgaria is actually my favorite country in Europe which is destinations within budget.

The country is quiet and you won’t find crowds or high prices. The cost of a night in a hostel is $10, while street food such as kebabs costs $4-5 USD. There are many ruins and beaches and an interesting mix of European and Turkish culture. Many museums cost only $5, and big-ticket activities such as bungee jumping only $30.

Bulgaria is an excellent place to visit if you are traveling Europe and want to escape the Schengen. It’s possible to live here for $30-35 USD per person.

8. Vietnam

Although I did not love Vietnam, many travelers find it to be as welcoming and fun as Thailand. It is one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia.

A day in Vietnam can be enjoyed for $15 USD if you are on a backpacker’s destinations within budget. However, this will not necessarily mean that you have to cut down on your expenses. $25-30 USD is the ideal benchmark for a comfortable backpacker trip.

You can find hostels for as low as $4-5 USD. Many offer free breakfast or free beer during limited hours. You can find street food for as low as $1-2 USD and buses all over the country are extremely affordable.

Activities are also cheap here. Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, which were used by Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. A full day of canyoning costs $20.

9. India

India is a must-see on any budget travel itinerary. Although I haven’t been there yet, it is a place that I would love to visit. I’m sure there are many travelers who have been and rave about the affordable accommodation and food.

You can find delicious food for as low as $2 USD in guesthouses and hostels, as well as great deals on hotels and guesthouses. India is a great choice for budget-minded foodies.

This is a great place to spend if you want to get more for your dollar. It’s possible to live comfortably on $25-30 USD per day. If you spend $50 USD per day, you can afford to live large.

10. Taiwan

Taiwan is one the least known countries in Asia. It is super affordable, happy, safe and clean and offers many things to do and see.

Budget travelers tend to overlook Taiwan, even though mainland China is often the focus of media attention. Taiwan can be reached for as low as $40-50 USD per person, with both accommodation and food being very affordable. Street food is very affordable and only a few dollars, while hostels start at $10 USD. There are many markets, plenty of hiking, easy public transport, and a lively nightlife. Taiwan has it all. Here, you’ll find a lot of value.

Many great places around the globe are affordable and don’t require you to spend a lot of money. Although some destinations may be costly to fly to, once you’re there they are very affordable and destinations within budget.

While you may not be able live the lavish lifestyle that you see on social media sites, any trip is better than none!

These budget-friendly destinations within budget will allow you to stretch your travel budget, make it more affordable, and enable you to travel more frequently.

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