10 Best Paid Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

Best Paid Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts: REITs are a distinct segment of real estate with plenty of opportunities for people seeking to get into the field. There are various kinds of levels and specialties available in REITs, which might be more suitable for individuals with different abilities. What jobs are there in trusts that invest in real estate? What are the qualifications required to get a job in this sector and what sort of salary is expected for certain job roles?

Best Paid Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

In this article we will look at the top-paying positions in REITs, which are real property investment trusts. We will also glance at the REIT sector in general and provide an overview of the job market that is to come in REITs.

Before we begin for those who aren’t familiar with the REIT industry, let’s take a an overview of how REITs have in common and their function.

 What is what is Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

An investment trust in real estate (REIT),is an organization, whether private or public, which invests in assets that generate income. REITs are able to be the owners of assets such as office buildings, apartment structures, hotels, resorts plaza centers, hotels and much other. The REIT’s real estate investment trust is staffed with employees who manage the day-to-day processes required to oversee and maintain the properties owned through the REIT.

Private REITs are managed and owned by run by associates and partners and are not available to the public for investment. They are traded on exchanges and accessible for trading to investors.

There are many different jobs in REITs, and each one plays an significant roles in helping manage and run the company.

Below are the various pay ranges for various jobs in real estate investment trusts.The highest-paying jobs within real estate investment trusts

Based on the figures above, the best-paying jobs in REITs are in management positions. Asset managers and portfolio managers earn more than six figures on the lower end, and more than 250k on the upper end. Let’s examine each job in more detail so that we can get an idea of the requirements, overview of job and salary.

Different types of REIT Jobs explained

There are a variety of REIT positions available to those looking to break into the industry. Each one is a different skillset, as well as different qualifications and wages. Let’s have a look.

1. Asset Managers

The responsibilities: Asset managers in REIT companies oversee a certain portion of the assets of the company. A large REIT company is likely to have several asset managers who are assigned to oversee a specific area of real estate or types of property owned and managed by the firm. Asset managers are typically accountable for managing several real estate assets at one time. They are focused on managing their portfolio and figuring out ways to enhance their performance for the REIT by acquiring properties, sales of real estate commercial deals and much other.

Standard Qualifications:

  • Four year degree with a particular focus on management
  • MBA
  • 5-10 years of management experience in real estate experience

Salary Potential Potential Salary for asset managers may vary widely based on the structure of bonuses for the company. The starting pay for asset managers with moderate experience is about $150k at the lower rangeand as high as 250k at the top end. But, asset managers can get more from bonuses when they reach their goals.

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1. REIT Portfolio Manager


REIT portfolio managers are like asset managers. Asset managers are generally higher up the ladder of corporate management as compared to REIT portfolio management, however their responsibilities and roles are often identical. Portfolio managers receive the book of business that covers a specific region or sector of real estate and are responsible for direct communication with the individuals in charge of the day-today operations of managing the properties.

They are responsible for handling the massive issues related to the management of real estate properties, as well as managing important information regarding the properties. Portfolio managers are more open to clients and have a better understanding of the working parts that make up the properties which are managed through the REIT.

Standard Qualities:

  • Four year degree with a specialization in investment and property management.
  • MBA preferred, but not always necessary
  • 5-10 years of management experience in real estate experience

Salary Potential :

The amount of money that REIT portfolio managers is contingent on previous experiences as well as the bonus policy of the company. However, the majority of REIT portfolio managers earn annual salaries of 125kon the lower end and up to the 225k mark at the top end.

2. Property Developer


Property developers are responsible for searching for real estate properties and developing the use and development of the property. Land developers must have a adequate knowledge of zoning for properties economic trends, contracting and more.

In the case of property developers working under REITs, they are responsible for the direction of the development of the target region and making sure that things are going according to the agreement. These are the people who are accountable for the development of new neighborhoods and new hotels, condos and high-rises, among others.

Standard Qualities:

  • 4-year degree with a focus on construction management.
  • Experience in managing and building projects

Salary Potential :

The salaries for property developers can differ significantly across states. The average starting amount for property developers is at 115k , and it can go up to 200k. If you have the property you develop with your business and you own your own property development company, you can earn even more.

3. Real Estate Attorney


REIT staff attorneys can face the most demanding work schedule. They handle a wide range of real estate transactions like representing lenders, developers and landlords, tenants equity investors, and many more. Attorneys are accountable to review important documents and contracts linked in any type of real estate deal and making sure that all parties are aware of the conditions and obligations. They are crucial for trusts that invest in real estate and should be meticulous.

Standard Qualities:

  • Law Degree
  • Focused on contract law and real estate law.

The Salary Potential of HTML0:

The pay range for real estate lawyers will differ based on the kind of transaction you’ll be dealing with. The typical salary for these job ranges from From 115k to 85k .

4. Acquiring Specialist


A specialist in acquisition is an expert in real estate who is in charge of locating real estate deals and presenting them to asset managers and portfolio managers for evaluation. The acquisition specialist is responsible for advertising and searching for property deals which are in line with the strategy of investment for the REIT. This is a distinct position and is ideal for people who can work well with people. It requires a desire to look for bargains and finding unique ways to obtain these.

Standard Qualities:

  • 4-year business degree
  • Real estate licenses in certain situations

Possibility of Salary:

The potential earnings for an acquisition expert typically is a modest base of 40-50k and with the salary potential of an acquisition specialist generally is modest that ranges from 40-50k, along with a lucrative bonus structure.

The structure for bonuses is a percentage of the purchase amount. The amount will be different based on the firm , but it could be as low as 1 percent of the purchase cost that the purchase. The majority of acquisition specialists will earn to earn between 110k and 175k. If you are a specialist on commercial property, then your earnings potential could be higher.

5. Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents are the agents who represent buyers and vendors in transactions involving real estate. They assist buyers in finding properties to live in and also invest in. Realtors also assist homeowners sell and market their homes. In the realm of REITs realtors are sometimes used as specialists for acquisition. They aid in locating deals that are not listed on the MLS and assist in facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers. If you’re a person who enjoys serving others in a way, then this could be the ideal job for you.

Standard Qualifications:

  • Active real estate license in your state
  • Sales experience

Potential Salary:

A majority Real estate professionals work on commission. They don’t receive an income from the company that they are employed by. The earnings of real estate agents can differ significantly based on a variety of variables. However, the majority of real estate agents earn between 60 and 500k annually. People who make an impressive amount are located in an area that can be a good fit for selling more expensive real estate.\

6. Real Estate Investment Trust Analyst


REIT analysts are in charge of analysing deals that enter the pipeline. They evaluate the real worth of the deal and ensure it’s in line with the investment principles for the REIT. Analysts ensure that it is financially viable and does not put the business at risk excessive risk. REIT analysts must be experienced conducting complex financial analyses and also ensuring the due diligence has been carried out prior to the transaction being approved.

  • A four-year business degree, with a the focus on finance management and analysis
  • MBA preferred along with an investment analysis background

Analysts could expect to earn a between 80 and 125k, which can depend on the location you reside. Certain firms may also provide bonuses for analysts.

7. Reit Accountant


REIT accountants are crucial. They are accountable for reviewing and consolidating financial statements and ensuring that the business is financially in shape. They gather, organize and publish all financial data as well as any activity that is that is related to the company.

  • A four-year university degree
  • CPA preferred
  • Experience using QuickBooks and ADP

Salary Potential:

The majority of accountants will earn an income that is competitive, ranging from 75k to 125k. Accounting professionals with CPA designations are paid more. CPA designation will earn at the upper portion of this range.

8. Reit Tax Specialist


While a real estate professional in taxation for investment trusts might sound like a boring occupation but it’s a vital job and frequently, very well-paid. The job requires applicants to possess a thorough understanding of the tax laws applicable to real estate. Tax specialists must also be able to offer assistance to portfolio managers in regards to ways to cut down on taxes for deals.

  • 4 year degree
  • MBA
  • CPA Tax certifications and CPA

Salary Potential:

The pay structure of REIT tax professionals is similar to the one of accountants for REITs. The pay ranges between 75k to up to 125k at the top end.

9. Real Estate Property Appraisers


Appraisers for real estate property are charged with determining the accurate market value for real estate. They assign fair market value to commercial and residential real estate. Appraisers accomplish this by studying the condition of the property and analyzing comps for sales, studying the neighborhood, amenities and much more. Appraisers assist portfolio managers and analysts assess deals with greater accuracy in order to assist them to make better investment decisions.

  Standard Qualifications:

  • Experience in the field of real estate
  • Appraisers license

Salary Potential:

Certain REITs employ internal real estate appraisers, and certain REITs employ independent appraisers for property. If you are an appraiser directly for an REIT, you’ll receive the equivalent of 65k-100k. If you work as an appraiser independent of the REIT, you determine your own fees and are able to earn more.

The popularity and potential of REITs

As you can observe, there’s plenty of job opportunities available when you work with REITs. REIT. Not only that, they’re extremely sought-after by investors seeking to make a consistent return on their investments. They provide investors with unique benefits like a steady dividends as well as excellent liquidity, tax advantages as well as a the low correlation of performance between stocks and markets.

Important Takeaways

The REIT industry continues to expand and offers an incredible opportunity for an employment path that is suitable for people who are enthusiastic and attracted by real estate. Begin by determining what your interests and strengths lie prior to decide whether or not to work in this area.

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