20 Best Paying Jobs In Energy 

Best Paying Jobs In Energy : Best Paying Jobs In Energy are among the most lucrative jobs available in the present, with a rapid growth rate. It’s difficult to imagine a world that isn’t powered by energy sources (chemical or mechanical, solar, and the list goes on). We require these energy sources to sustain our existence, which is why there’s a high demand for their use.

This article we’ll discuss the energy industry in general, the most lucrative jobs in the energy sector, and the top Best Paying Jobs In Energy.

Are careers in the energy industry an excellent choice?

Yes it is. An energy-free world is a flimsy idea. Because of technological advancements energy is a necessity in nearly every aspect of modern day life.

Opportunities to advance your career in energy are endless.

Energy is a well-established concept, well-paying and most importantly, a expanding and changing field of professional work.

The Energy Engineers are exemplary professionals who are responsible for identifying new energy sources as well as harnessing them and then transforming them into magic that flows through the electrical outlets inside your home, which provide power to your iPhone.

As with all engineering fields, working in the energy industry has a variety of responsibilities , with an emphasis on two primary objectives: identifying and developing new methods to produce green and efficient energy as well as decreasing the amount of electricity consumed.

The energy sector must be a problem-solver and skilled in optimizing processes.

Energy is a highly-specialized technological field that typically requires a bachelor’s degree. There are exceptions. Some schools offer energy-related programs that let students develop in the field of energy without requiring advanced degrees.

What are the careers in Energy?

There are many career options in the energy sector to get the Best Paying Jobs In Energy. One of them is:

  1. Architects are those who design and plan the structure of buildings.
  2. Chemical Equipment Operators are those who operate the implements that regulate chemical reactions during the production process.
  3. Chemical plants and system operators: They operate machinery and plants used in the whole chemical process.
  4. Civil Engineers Design and plan construction projects of a large size with the help of engineering.
  5. Building inspectors and construction inspectors: They examine constructions and buildings to ensure that engineers adhere to the plans.
  6. Construction managers oversee their construction processes.
  7. Repairers and control valves as well as installers: They repair and maintain construction components of machinery.
  8. Electrical and Electronics Repairers of Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Repair and installation of electronic devices.
  9. Electrical as well as Electronic Engineering Technicians: Design and repair electronic devices. They work under engineers.
  10. Wind Turbine Service Technicians: Repair and examine wind turbines
  11. Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems: Install solar PV panels on the roof or put these systems on ground.

The above mentioned careers are only a handful of the many options that we can take advantage of. The Energy industry has many opportunities to consider.

Do jobs in renewable energy pay well?

With the increase in gas and fuel prices the renewable energy sector is gradually becoming our main energy source. Do jobs in renewable energy pay well? Sure, they pay well.

The field is overflowing with government-funded projects and individual research findings. Engineers could earn up to $70,000. Wind turbine installers earn a high salary in line with their work experience.

With renewable energy, you’ll have jobs security because the field is only going to get larger. Renewable energy is huge at the moment and must be taken into consideration when choosing a career path.

What is the average salary by working in the energy industry?

What you earn is contingent on your work experience in the energy industry. As was stated earlier engineers can earn up to $70,000. Electrical engineers make $76,092 (AUD) annually, according to Pay Scale. They earn $52,634 per annual basis and $124,266 for the year according to their area of expertise and previous experience.

The average salary for architects amounts to $66,992 (AUD) per year. The salary ranges from $48,694 to $93,728 per year. The amount they earn is based on experiences. According to Pay scale Environmental officers earn $68,397 (AUD) annually. The pay ranges from $48,377 and $90,817 per annum.

The salary in the field of energy differ from one career to the next however, they are enormous. Expect a steady increase because the field is becoming larger.

What are the top work opportunities for renewable energy?

The most lucrative job opportunities in the field of renewable energy are determined by the pay and their security. There are a variety of jobs that include:

  1. Wind turbine installers: By 2029, these professionals will be expected to experience an 60.9 percent increase in their job and salaries will increase, naturally. This will give stability and security of their jobs.
  2. Installers of solar PV systems will witness an 50.8 percent growth rate by 2029. The job growth rate is happening since more people are replacing fossil fuels and carbon dioxide for solar.
  3. Operators of service units (oil gas, oil mining, and oil) The personnel in this category is predicted to experience an 22.9 percent increase in employment before 2029.
  4. Software developers: These programmers develop as well as test software for operating systems. They are predicted to experience an 21.5 percent growth in employment in 2029, which is already taking effects.
  5. Industrial machinery mechanics Machine mechanics in the industrial sector the employment rate is projected to increase by 15.6 percent by 2029.

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Best Paying Jobs In Energy by 2022

Are you wondering what are the most lucrative jobs in the field of energy? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s an overview of the top 20 most lucrative energy jobs.

1. Civil Engineer

Although it’s not the only choice Some civil engineers concentrate their work on green building and renewable energy specialties.

In these positions civil engineers assist with the design, planning, and oversight, and help make sure that projects go ahead.

To be an engineer in civil engineering it is necessary to have an undergraduate degree. If you’ve earned it, you will earn about $ 87,060 per year. But, some earn more than $144,560.

2. Solar PV Installer

If you’re in search of an entry-level job in environmental work and are prepared to take on some heavy lifting then becoming an installer of solar PV could be the right choice.

They install solar panels and other gadgets within buildings that convert sunlight into electricity usable.

In contrast to the majority of jobs listed, this job doesn’t require a college degree. In-service training or vocational training may suffice. You can earn around 44,890 annually.

3. Renewable Energy Consultant

One of the most lucrative jobs in the energy sector is providing clients with advice on how to choose the most efficient renewable solution for their business or home. Modern renewable energy as consultant for renewable energy.

As a consultant in renewable energy you can count yourself among the Best Paying Jobs In Energy available in the industry, with an average annual wage of 66,015 dollars. A bachelor’s level degree is enough to get started with this profession.

4. Financial Analyst

If you are an analyst in finance you could work for renewable energy companies . You will be accountable for the finance department, tracking energy expenditure as well as pay employees and tackle future financial concerns.

Their expertise as financial analysts will aid the company in developing the most suitable energy product for the appropriate area and make better decision-making about expansion, as well as make sure that everything is done to increase profits.

Financial analysts at companies in the energy sector are among the highest-paid professionals in the field, earning the average wage of 85,439.

5. Wind Farm Site Manager

You are accountable for the supervision of the wind energy collection process and the site of a wind farm as a site engineer or manager.

Additionally, you are accountable for supervising the staff that is assigned to the wind farm sites, as superior leadership skills are essential for this job.

The managers or engineers of wind farms have to ensure that electricity is generated by wind power, while ensuring the integrity and security of the equipment used in wind farms.

With a median salary of 110,630 dollars it’s among the Best Paying Jobs In Energy  within the energy sector.

6. Petroleum Engineer

With an average of 137,720 USD, Petroleum Engineering is one of the most lucrative careers in the energy sector and engineers like them are in demand more than ever.

They assist in the industry of oil and gas to discover and exploit oil resources which includes designing, constructing and building more efficient methods in the extraction, refining or uncover new oil or gas sources.

It is essential to have a petroleum-related degree to succeed employed in this field and you may opt to work in the office or on site, managing refining and production of oil.

7. Environmental Technician

One of the best paid positions in the Energy industry The Environmental Technician has crucial roles in the energy industry by inventing new methods to combat pollution while also making the environment in a much better condition. Also, they enforce laws and regulations that businesses and citizens must comply with in order to protect the environment.

As an environmental engineer You can develop methods or even machines that are environmentally friendly to minimize or even minimize the damage caused by the power generation process can do.

In order to be a part of this profession you must have an undergraduate degree. The average wage is 50,620.

8. Architect Engineer / Manager

At an average wage of $ 144,830 a year the position of an architect or manager is among the most lucrative jobs in the field of energy.

The role of these professionals is to create and construct energy-efficient structures that consume less energy and use fewer resources, while reducing consumption.

They also have to deal with precise design, research management and technical accuracy and are all designed to reduce energy consumption. The bachelor’s level in engineering architecture could lead to this career as one of the Best Paying Jobs In Energy as per research.

9. Operator of the power plant

Power plants serve to generate, collect and deliver energy to the end users. In order to ensure their operation is efficient they require experienced operators.

Operators of power plants must maintain and operate the power generation and distribution system.

The best part about this particular career is that you are able to be employed in renewable (solar geothermal, geothermal, etc.) or non-renewable (oil gas, hydro) and even alternatives (nuclear) energy industries.

They earn an average of $85,950 each year.

10. Project manager

The field of project management is not an individual job in the energy sector. With the number of projects that are within the field However, a project manager is an important asset.

You’ll be in charge of the planning and execution of energy projects like the construction of power plants, installing distribution systems, etc.

Project management is among the most lucrative positions in the renewable energy sector with an average wage of $66,000 annually. The highest earners within the field earn more than $100,000 a year.

11. Geoscientist

Geoscientists are responsible to study the physical properties of the earth.

Because many energy sources are extracted from the soil, geoscientists are one of the most sought-after experts in the field of energy.

Geoscientists are essential to the exploration and development of oil and gas. They also have a role on renewable energy such as geothermal exploration.

Geoscientists are among the most lucrative jobs within the energy sector with respect to salary. It is possible to earn anything from $ 50,000 to $110,000 or higher, based on your work experience. so this is one of the Best Paying Jobs In Energy that has been listed here.

12. Technicians for Solar Energy

Solar energy technicians are responsible for the upkeep of solar panels.

After the installation of an solar energy system, solar energy specialists typically manage the upkeep of the systems.

It is among the most lucrative jobs in energy across the globe. Solar energy technicians generally are on site to solve issues that arise with solar energy systems, and provide routine maintenance to those systems.

As solar energy gains popularity, the duties for solar techs will continue to be in high demand. Their median salary is 52,559.

13. Environmental technicians

Environmental technicians play an essential part in the energy industry in the development of new methods to eliminate pollution. They help to limit the damage energy generation can cause however, they also to create and enforce rules in order to make sure that the energy businesses don’t put too much pressure on or damage their surroundings.

The job typically requires a bachelor’s degree. Environmental engineers are essential protection actions for the environment. They assist in ensuring that the energy industry operates in a safe and efficient manner. The median annual salary is $50,620.

14. Site Assessor

A site assessor is extremely crucial to the business of energy this is the reason it’s one of the most highly-paid energy occupations.

Site assessors have made site visits on the spot to prospective locations to generate power.

They use their special skills to determine if a specific location is suitable for an energy business to invest its capital in.

Site evaluators usually require accreditation or a bachelor’s level degree for Best Paying Jobs In Energy. The median salary is $69,778.

15. Chemist

The median salary for this position is 70,195. Oil and Gas is a fantastic job for chemists who can aid in the creation and production of specialty oil and lubricants and fuels.

But alternative and renewable energy require the same knowledge to create new biofuels.

From a purely educational standpoint the applicants may require a master’s degree in chemistry in order to get an entry-level position for Best Paying Jobs In Energy for chemist.

16. Techs who service wind turbines

There is a Median Salary is $ 54,370. With the amount of wind turbines installed increasing, it’s not surprising the renewable power companies are anticipating an increase of nearly 100% for service technicians.

It requires experienced people with expertise in welding, construction and electrical installations to construct new wind farms as well as keep existing ones in good condition.

17. Sales Representatives

The salary average for this position is 53,804. The thing that most people are not aware of is the level of technicality a sales position within the renewable energy sector is.

Employers are looking for not just sales abilities, but as well the ability to assess the equipment in place, thoroughly review customer requirements and be the connection between installers, customers, and utilities.

Expertise in sales in teams with high technical expertise are essential for this position.

18. Environmental Protection & Science Technician

The salary average for this job is 46,170. This job includes both laboratory and field assignments for ensuring that energy-saving or energy-generating equipment doesn’t cause irreparable environmental damage.

Additionally, it would be responsible for the monitoring of all forms of pollution in order to evaluate the effect for the well-being of the workers and the general populace. This is possibly among the Best Paying Jobs In Energy and most rewarding jobs in renewable energy you could find .

The degree of environmental engineering can be the most popular education requirement.

19. Operators of power plants

The operators of power plants are accountable for the power plant’s systems that generate and dispersing electricity. Based on the source of power, it may be jobs that are renewable energy but they’re not the only ones.

With some additional training, you can expect to earn as much as $85,950 per year as an operator of a power plant. It could even go up to the amount of $117,130 with time and make it one of the Best Paying Jobs In Energy industry that do not require an undergraduate degree.

20. Acquisition Specialist in Land Acquisition Specialist

If you’re looking for an unscientific career in the field of environmental science and are looking for a job in the field of the Land Acquisition Specialist could be suitable for you.

These experts design and implement strategies for the development of wind power projects, acquire development-related building permits and assist in the leasing or purchase of land.

An undergraduate degree necessary for this type of career. It is typical for the salary of a land acquisition specialist around $63,715 per year.

Top 5 Questions on jobs in the energy sector

After you’ve been informed about the Best Paying Jobs In Energy You’re likely to have lots of thoughts running through your head. Perhaps, we can help you provide answers to some of these five most frequently asked questions that people have regarding jobs in energy.

How important are jobs in the energy sector?

More than 2 million Americans are employed in the energy industry and the industry has generated enough jobs by 2022 to create enough jobs. It’s an economic development engine dedicated to creating a healthier, better future.

What is the ratio of jobs in energy in comparison with other industries?

In the year 2019 the use of energy efficiency was nearly 1 out of 50 Americans which is more than the majority of kindergarten teachers across the US and about all of
servers and waiters server and waiters US bars and servers and waiters in US bars and.

What is a job in renewable energy?

Renewable energy jobs create an increase in demand for labor from investments to transition our economies away from carbon-intensive energy sources which minimize the loss of natural resources. make the most efficient use of our capital. It also helps protect living beings and the environment from waste and pollution.

Do energy jobs add to the price of energy?

No. Improved the efficiency of energy, energy diversification and the choice of consumers will lower the energy cost.

Are energy jobs a factor in our trade policies?

No. As with most improvements to physical infrastructure the majority of energy-related jobs are locally-based however, creating opportunities for local and national investment is not a restriction on trade and is totally different from protectionist measures.


Demand for Best Paying Jobs In Energy is rising all over the world as concerns about environment and sustainable development rise. It is possible to meet this demand.

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