4 Ways to sync files between multiple Computers

sync files between multiple Computers: Imagine this. You’ve finished working on a piece of work in your office , and then suddenly realize that you must make some changes after getting home.

sync files between multiple Computers

How do you get it? Even if you were able to access it and you want to keep the files synchronized across the two systems (home and work)?

It’s true that you can carry around a USB throughout the day and connect it to multiple computers, but it can’t connect both files at the same time. Therefore, with no delay, let’s begin the article to discover ways to backup your files.

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How do I synchronize files across multiple Computers?

If you’re running an Windows operating system, you’ll have the option of synchronizing your data across this network.

On the other the other hand, you can make use of cloud storage services such as OneDrive and iCloud that are integrated into Windows (10 11) and Mac as well.

You can also use different third-party software which can transfer your data to many computers.

For more information for more information, read the article below.

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Share Files Over the Same Network (Windows)

Windows lets you share and sync files among PCs that are part of the same network. It is possible to allow another computer to see your files and modify them.

Follow the steps below to accomplish it.

Make the Folder Available for Syncing

In the beginning, you must prepare the folder to synchronize. This can be done by following.

  1. Right-click the folder that you’d like to sync to other computer on the network. Then select the Properties option.
  2. On the sharing tab, select to click the share button. Also, take note of your the network’s path below it, after you share the file.
  3. After that, you can click on the dropdown that is located at the bottom of your search. then select Everyone Click to open Add It has a button beside it. If you can’t locate it then you can enter it manually.
  4. In addition you can assign the permission degree next to Everyone .
    • Read Other systems will only read the file shared with them.
    • Read/Write Other systems can read and edit (add or delete, change the name, etc.) content of the file or folder.
  5. Then next, click the Share button then follow the instructions on screen.
  6. Select Apply, then Close and close the window that is open.
  7. After that, you can start the control panel, then go through the Network tab and Internet and Sharing Center. the Network and Sharing Centre > Advanced Sharing Settings. Advanced Sharing Settings.
  8. Expand the Private dropdown, and then select the dropdown and select Switch on the network discovery to make your system so that your system is visible to everyone on the network. This will ensure that your system is accessible to all. Make sure that you’ve turned on Make sure you are connected to printer and file sharing Below it.
  9. In addition you can extend your All Networks dropdown and select the option to turn on the password-protected sharingoption to ensure that you need to know your password to access the shared files on your network.
  10. Click Save modifications when you are done.

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Access the Files on a Different Computer (On the same network)

To access the shared drive/folder/file from a different computer,

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows + E).
  2. Simply click Networkin the left-hand sidebar and choose the computer that shared the folder.
  3. Press the Windows + R key to start Run. Run command.
  4. Type and add to the URL to the share content (without the spaces) you mentioned previously.

Make the Files Available for Offline Use (Optional)

After you’ve made the folder ready for syncing, you are able to set them up to offline access on the host PC that isn’t connected via the Internet.

  1. Start the control panel and choose The Big icons option beside the View by Field.
  2. Click Sync Center .
  3. Click to manage offline files on the left-hand sidebar.
  4. In the tab General Under the General tab, click Make offline files available .
  5. Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  6. Navigate towards the file for shared networks, click right it, then choose the Always online and available option. On the Window 11 Click Show more choices .

Using Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is the most simple method of synchronizing files between computers. All you need is an account on cloud storage and access a specific file on another computer.

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Using OneDrive

As a default feature, Windows has a built-in cloud storage program known as OneDrive It lets you save and transfer your files between multiple computers. Similarly, you can use iCloud on Mac. Alternately, you can utilize other cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox and more.

To demonstrate for demonstration purposes, we will use OneDrive to sync our files.

  1. Start a browser and sign into Your OneDrive account.
  2. Click Upload Select and select the Files/Folder option that best suits your requirements.
  3. Find the content you would like to sync, and then select the option to sync it.
  4. Then, click on next to click the Next, click the button.
  5. You must wait for the upload to be complete.

If you want to access your file on another computer you must sign in with that same OneDrive account via the browser.

Alternately, you can utilize the desktop application and select an individual drive/folder on your computer to allow be able to access files if you’re not connected to Internet. But, they’ll consume the space on your PC.


SyncToy is a no-cost software designed by Microsoft and allows you to sync data between computers. You can select the files you require to be the source or destination files like the USB flash drive internal hard drive or network share.

The main function of SyncToy is sharing photos and other files with other computers and also creating backup copies of folders and files. It also uses Microsoft Sync Framework and the Microsoft Sync Framework and Microsoft NET framework to write.

There are people who need to learn how to make use of SyncToy after you have gotten the fundamental details about the Windows 10 sync tool. It is actually extremely easy to share files across multiple computers using this app for sync. Visit Microsoft Download Center to get SyncToy to download and install it following the steps.

Here are some steps on how to transfer files between computers Windows 10 by using SyncToy.

Method 1:Double-click the SyncToy icon for it to launch.. Next select on the Make new folder Pair link to turn to the sync of your folder.

Step 2: Choose Two Folders You Want to Sync

In the pop-up window you must press on the “Search” button to choose left Folder in addition to right Folder. After that, click on Next to continue. next button to proceed. It is important to note that the Left Folder represents the origin folder while it is the destination folder. The Right Folder serves as the target folder. This means that you can sync the files on one.

Step 3: Choose One Method to Sync Two Folders Window 10

Three options are available to you to use: The three methods are: SynchronizeEcho and Contribute.

  1. Synchronize ensures that the folders exactly the same contents.
  2. Echo ensures that there are no changes to the left folder in the event that you make any modifications to your right-hand folder.
  3. Contribute guarantees that the folder won’t be deleted from the correct folder in case you delete any files in the folder on your left.

Step 4: Run Folder Sync Windows 10

  1. Enter the name of the folder pair and then click on the End button.
  2. Click on the preview button to view the files that are being synced prior to the task is completed. If everything is in order you can press the button to run the button to proceed.
  3. If the sync succeeds then you’ll get a message telling you that the sync has been successful.

Then, the software will begin the process of synchronizing folders across multiple computers. This tool will let you know if the process is working or not.

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Using iCloud

However, you could make use of iCloud to sync across all of your Mac devices in the following manner.

  1. Simply click on the Apple icon and then select System Preferences..
  2. Then, click your Apple ID.
  3. Next, select iCloud on the left sidebar. You can then select the checkbox for the items that you’d like to sync to the left pane.

Using Third-Party Applications

Utilizing third-party programs it is possible to seamlessly transfer data between computers without having to be connected to that same network.

They can also be integrated with other cloud-based services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more. They also support two kinds of operating systems, including Windows or Mac.

In addition, certain of them let you automate and schedule syncing for certain folders or files automatically during certain times.

To make use of it, you only need to install the program on the computer where you would like to sync folders or files. Some of them require you to create separate accounts for each account.

Using NAS

Network Attached Storage, also known as NAS which is different from an external hard drive, is a large storage device that connects to a network, usually using Ethernet for greater internet speed. It is, in essence, one of the central storage systems.

Multiple hard disks can be connected to an NAS device and set up so that all computers in networks can access the same folders/files. Also, you can read our another article about setting up the NAS server.

They are typically used in an organization or enterprise, and allow team members to work more efficiently. All the data they have is synced to the NAS server, and are accessible to everyone based on their roles as well as the permissions that are assigned to them.

Further Reading: A Conclusion for All Methods

When compared to these solutions You will find that they are all simple to use. However, the first solution will require paying for it and the other one will take a lot of time in the event that you need to transfer large files. The last solution offers only 5GB of free storage space.

The fifth solution, SyncToy, failed to establish a folder pair at times however the fourth and free alternative – MiniTool ShadowMaker enables you to connect files to the network with ease. It only requires you to click your mouse. The fourth solution may be a bit difficult for users. Therefore, download MiniTool ShadowMaker today to assist you.

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