Best Arena 6 Deck Builds

Best Arena 6 Deck Builds: The Clash Royale Arena Challenge of 2022 is underway, which means you will be running through the gauntlet of different arenas on your way to the highest parts of the arena. On the way, you will be able to use a variety of different decks based on the card pool available. If you’re wondering what the best decks options are for Arena 6, we will be listing them in this guide!

Best Arena 6 Deck Builds

Things are serious now, because while losses didn’t count in the previous three arenas they do now! If you lose three times in one of the arena rounds, you will be out of the event. You can retry it again if you want for 10 Gems. Alternatively, if you have Pass Royale, you can re-enter for free!

The Log is now in the mix, so expect to see it in just about every deck you face. Expect to see plenty of Bait and Hog Rider Cycle decks, which appear to be the most popular options in this tier of arenas.

High and Low

  • Goblins
  • Prince
  • Minion Horde
  • P.E.K.K.A.
  • Spear Goblins
  • Hog Rider
  • Arrows
  • Freeze

This deck is offensive for both the early and late sections of a match. Your most expensive card is PEKKA, but you shouldn’t play it too early and risk losing out on a lot of Elixir if its countered. Most of the beginning and middle sections of the game should see you playing Goblins, Hog Rider, and Prince to mount an offensive against your opponent.

When the end is close and you start gaining more Elixir, then you should freely play PEKKA as you launch an offensive. PEKKA is powerful in of itself, but can be even stronger when you have counters and distractions for your opponent’s units. A PEKKA and Prince or Hog Rider can be devestating in the late portion of the game, especially if your opponent is trying desperatly to counter the PEKKA while your Hog Rider speeds over to their Towers.

Arrows and Freeze are your best defensive measures against groups of enemy units, while Minion Horde is your anti-power unit counter. Spear Goblins can be great distractions as a match goes on and you near the end. Use them wisely to distract enemies and have your power hitters deal damage to enemy Towers.

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Solid Golem Deck

  • Goblins
  • Minion Horde
  • Golem
  • Elixir Collector
  • Spear Goblins
  • Archers
  • Wizard
  • Fireball

This deck has a high average Elixir cost, but this isn’t something that make’s the deck useless. The Elixir Collector will allow you to gain more Elixir every 10 seconds to play powerful cards, rather than have you overspend and wait a long time to recharge. During the later half of a match, Elixir Collector is great since you have a lot more Elixir being charged up than your opponent. This will allow you to play a Golem faster and counter more frequently.

The Golem is the main focus of this deck. It is powerful against almost any unit and will deal massive damage to Towers, so you want to have it out when it counts. At the same time, you need to protect it against counters from your opponent, such as Minion Hordes or other group cards like Barbarians or Goblins. Although the Golem is powerful, it definitely is not invincible.

Spear Goblins and Archers are great ranged attackers against units that would threaten your Golem. The same can be said for the Wizard and Minion Horde, although they are better suited for countering against groups of enemies that are placed to attack your Golem. When possible, you want to have an Elixir Collector on the field to have the extra resource to play more counters frequently as the match goes on.

Skeleton Tempo

  • Skeleton Army
  • Tombstone
  • Tesla
  • Arrows
  • Wizard
  • Balloon
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Freeze

This deck is all about going with the right pace of a match. While mostly defensive, there is a lot of room for change and adjustment depending on what is on the field. Cards like Freeze, Balloon, Wizard, and Skeleton Army can be counters just as much as they can be offensive plays. It depends on how you are playing and what you get at the start of a match. But if you are unsure, start off being more defensive until you see chances to take down your opponent.

Tombstone and Skeleton Army are good cards for bringing out a lot of units to the field. If you have a Tombstone early on, be smart when you decide to play it. You want the skeletons it makes to have purpose ratehr than be taken out quickly, but you want to have them out. A solid offensive option when you find things are in your favor are playing Wizard with Giant Skeleton.

Tesla is a great defense card here that can keep your opponent at bay. If you start out with a Tesla in the beginning of the match, don’t be so quick to drop it. It may be helpful to wait until you have full Elixir so you can play another card afterwards as a counter or distraction. Teslas and Tombstones can work together as a solid defense when your opponent is pushing forward.

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