Best iPhone XR cases 2022

Best iPhone XR cases 2022

iPhone XR cases : The iPhone XR was one of the most popular phones to sell in the year. We’ve collected the top sturdy, attractive cases, wallets and protective covers to ensure your phone is looking fresh and free of scratches.

The iPhone XR may have since been replaced with it’s successor, the iPhone 11 and more recently the iPhone 12, but it is still a great option for those who are more budget-conscious among us.

It’s not surprising, considering the high-quality build as well as the powerful internals and top cameras. It’s maintained its good performance in the past, and could get a few more years of updates to its software should Apple adheres to the current plan.

Apple has lowered the price for the iPhone XR to reflect its age. You can purchase it at $499 (64GB) or for PS549 (128GB). The lower price do not mean that you don’t need to take care of the device. Take a look at our list of the most affordable iPhone XR deals, that are updated every month along with our complete iPhone XR review.

The positive side is that there’s plenty of cases available which can be adapted to a variety of styles and budgets. Here’s a roundup of the best models available.

The best iPhone XR cases 2021

Incase – Best silicone case

Incase Protective Clear Case Incase Case Protective Clear for iPhone XR keeps your phone safe without adding weight. It’s a very flexible silicone case which we scrunched and folded to test and found that it didn’t show any signs of wear.

It’s designed to keep scratches and debris from getting in and also protects against the damage caused by drops. the ridges that run around the sides provide additional grip.

It’s available in transparent, rose and black gold at Amazon.

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Woolnut leather is the lightest leather case

Apple does not make cases made of leather for the XR and, therefore, Woolnut has come up with a solution and designed the perfect alternative. The case, which is available in brown and black it is extremely elegantly made from vegetable tanned grain leather and a microfibre lined.

It’s thin but sturdy and can shield the edges on your smartphone from scratches and dings. The lip wraps at the edges to allow you to put the phone in a horizontal position without scratching the screen. It’s a fantastic case.

Encased Heavy Duty – The most tough case

Encased provides a variety of cases resistant to shock, including this neon-coloured, funky case in pink and teal.

The cases are part of the Encased Rebel series. They feature an exterior made of hard polycarbonate and a soft, shock-absorbing TPU lining. Together, the case provides security that is military-grade. The case also comes with an unbeatable screen protector.

Snakehive – The best leather wallet case

Snakehive is a favorite of ours. The sleek wallet cases are made by hand using European full grain nubuck leather. They are sold at an amazingly inexpensive price. You can store at least three cards in the case and it has a space for cash as well. Similar to many wallet cases you can fold the cover to form the form of a stand to allow free-hand view in the landscape.

As time passes the case will begin to develop a patina , which adds to its beauty. It is a great case for storing your wallet. Snakehive purse case perfect for professionals, or those who want to look vintage. design.

Additionally, it’s available in a variety of colors, including pastel shades and two-tone choices.

Tech21 Evo Test – Best overall

A firm favourite in the office The Evo Check made by Tech21 is equally good on iPhone XR. iPhone XR. The fit is comfortable and tested to withstand a drop of 12 feet.

The check pattern is subtle and is available in various shades. It’s small and doesn’t carry any weight, and you can use the wireless charger on your phone.

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Bellroy – Best

This may be the closest to Apple’s leather case since Apple does not provide the leather case in its entirety. This is a very well-constructed case that has a microfiber lining that is comfortable to fit and a great feeling.

Available in five colors It has a rim made of plastic to help protect your phone from falls. It will keep your phone slim but still looks nice and as the leather is aged, it will look great.

Mous Limitless – The most stylish robust case

Mous is a long-time favorite of ours. Mous offers premium and designed cases that can meet the demands of our busy life, prone to accidents. Additionally, it comes with a complimentary screen protector.

Mous’s Limitless 2.0 range of cases available for iPhone XR comes in several options of finishes: Carbon Fibre, Walnut Bamboo, Leather, as well as Shell (pictured).

For protecting your phone, Mous uses its trademark AiroShock technology that insulates your delicate iPhone XR with tiny air pockets and “cross linking polymer chains”. In combination, according to Mous the chains act as springs that absorb the shock and disperse it throughout and protect your phone from falls.

Mous Clarity – The best clear case

Another great case made by Mous will protect your XR and still shows off the vibrant colour that you purchased it for (or the black version! ).

It’s UV protected, so it won’t turn yellow like other see-through cases. It also comes with Mous’s fantastic protection design, with an edge that allows you to place it on the floor without the screen touching the surface.

Element Case Shadow The best case for buttons

The Element Case’s Shadow is our top pick of its XR collection. It’s extremely sturdy and comes with an extremely soft back that’s comfortable to hold in your hand and doesn’t leave fingerprints like shiny plastic case.

The buttons with a colour accent are one of the most effective buttons for cases we’ve ever tried with a satisfying click these buttons instead of the dullness you’ll experience with other cases.

You can buy it on Amazon too , for the price of PS40. If you live in the US it’s less expensive with a price of $29.95..

Casetify Snap – The most likable

Casetify – a company that sticks to its slogan “Real Cute. Real tough” Create colorful, light and stylish cases that provide military quality protection.

The Confetti-style case (pictured) is part of the Impact Cases collection can endure drops of 7 feet. Casetify has the amazing selection of clear cases as well as semi-clear cases available with striking patterns and designs that allow you to showcase your style and the original color that comes with the iPhone XR at the same at the same time.

You can also alter the type of case you want to use. You can choose from Snap On, Grip, Glitter (which turns around in the back) as well as Impact (which has a solid edges for the bumper). The cost increases as the size of the case however.

Griffin Endurance The best bumper case

Griffin is a well-known brand in rugged, protective cases as well it’s Survivor series is an essential part of our roundups of phone cases.

Its Griffin Survivor Endurance case can endure drops of three meters (10 feet) This makes it perfect for people who live an active, outdoor lifestyle. It is constructed with a TPU core that absorbs shock, and also has a textured edges to provide additional grip. However, it’s also quite lightweight.

The reverse of the case is frosted so that there is a hint of the original color – and select grey or black for the outer bumper.

Speck Presidio Pro – Best anti-microbial case

Speck Presidio case cases are frequently the norm in our round-ups. With drop protection of 10 feet and dual-layered insulation with scratch resistant with an even anti-microbial treat that impedes the growth of bacteria, you’ll be difficult to disqualify it.

The raised bezel protects the screen from being scratched. As for the structure itself, it’s comprised of a soft-to-touch plastic outer shell, which is joined with an inside “Impactium” liner which absorbs shock.

The case also works with wireless charging and comes covered by a life-time warranty.

Moshi Vesta – Best fabric case

Vesta Vesta is a stylish case that provides equally excellent protection. The elegant fabric-bound exterior features minimalist color accents. The texture improves grip.

For protection it’s tested to be military-grade drop-tested , and features the ‘TriClear’ coating which is impervious to dirt, water and scratches. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

Casemate – The most glamorous case

If you’re looking for something with a little more glamour, Casemate has an incredible variety of cases to fit the iPhone XR. Its Karat Petals case is particularly attractive with a few pieces of real fresh flowers as well as sterling silver and you also have 10ft of drop protection.

From the first moment, it’s obvious that the case feels solid and robust in your hand and it doesn’t bend when you force it. The sides are padded with rubber to provide additional grip The case can be used for wireless charging as well.

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