Best mini tablet 2022

Best mini tablet 2022

Best mini tablet 2022: Although new tablets can be difficult to find these days, here are the best small tablets you can get.

Over the past few years, the tablet market has been slowing down so much that companies like Sony and HTC no longer make them.

Google’s immensely popular Nexus7 seems like it was yesterday. In the UK, Tesco also ended their amazing Hudl range. However, you still have a few small tablets that can be bought new, even though many of them are long gone.

For this type of device, you can still trust companies like Amazon and Apple. Tablets with screens smaller than 9in are acceptable, while a full-size tablet is typically around 9.7in.

Tablets that are smaller than large models tend to be cheaper, and they can also be more portable. You can bring your TV and books along with you on the go, thanks to their small size.

There are many options for tablets, including a variety of sizes, prices, and features. For more choices, take a look at top overall tablets or the best affordable tablets.

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Best small tablet for 2022

1. Apple iPad Mini (2021) – Best overall


  • Compact design
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Amazing performance


  • A little expensive
  • No Magic Keyboard support

The sixth-gen iPad Mini has a new form factor, with a more modern design and stereo speakers.

Mini’s 60Hz display now measures 8.3in. However, this has not affected the tablet’s physical size. This allows for more display space without altering the Mini’s portable nature. It has the highest pixel density (as of 2021) of any iPad, which is stunning. However, it’s not the best display for split-screen multitasking.

It is powered by the same A15 Bionic silicon that powers the iPhone13 range. This makes it more powerful than an iPad Air at the same price.

The Touch ID sensor was moved to the Power button, just like the iPad Air. There’s also support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. The Mini’s only weakness is the absence of a Smart Connector at the rear. This means it doesn’t have a Magic Keyboard.

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2. Apple iPad Mini (2019 – Still Brilliant)


  • Premium materials
  • Apple Pencil support


  • Ageing design
  • Hardware that is aging

The 2019 iPad Mini was the best small tablet until Apple decided to update it for 2021.

The 2019 Mini slate is still small and powerful, thanks to the affordable A12 processor.

Although the design is seven-years old, it has the added benefit of Apple Pencil compatibility and ongoing OS updates from Apple. With decent battery life, even the older Mini can prove that not everyone needs or wants to spend thousands for an iPad Pro.

3. Realme Pad Mini – Affordable stock Android


  • Premium, compact design
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Affordable


  • Poor cameras
  • Slow charging
  • Support for limited updates

It’s rare to find small Android tablets, even from well-known brands like Samsung and Lenovo. Now it’s Realme’s turn.

Realme, despite being new to tablet markets, is expanding its tablet portfolio by introducing the Realme Pad Mini. This tablet offers a surprising premium design in a small 8.7in size and an impressively low price.

This slate is great for basic media consumption, productivity, and full-colour eReading. However, the low resolution display and poor performance keep it from being a recommendation.

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4. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2020). – Best for children


  • Alexa Hands-Free
  • Battery life is improved


  • Entry-level performance
  • There is a limited selection of apps

Amazon has updated its 8in Fire tablet with more memory, wireless charging and a new mode called Amazon Echo Show mode. This allows you to summon Alexa and check out the weather using your voice.

Although performance is not significantly different than the Fire HD 8’s, this model will last longer. We also think the wireless charging dock is a great addition if you are considering buying one.

5. Amazon Fire 7 (2019 – The most portable Amazon Fire 7


  • A great selection of colors
  • Solid selfie camera
  • Base storage is now available


  • A great selection of colors
  • Solid selfie camera
  • Base storage is now available

Although the Amazon Fire 7 is not a significant improvement over the previous model, it offers a few new colours and is still incredibly affordable.

The tablet’s highlights include more storage and a better selfie camera. This might not seem like much but when you consider the other types of tablets that can be purchased at this price/size, it is hard to find anything else worthy of consideration.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 – Hardiest design


  • Protected against the elements
  • Removable battery
  • S Pen support


  • Chunky build
  • Niche appeal
  • Prices high

The Galaxy Tab Active 3 is not designed for business use. However, it has a niche appeal that appeals to the general consumer. It’s also hard to ignore the importance of a ruggedized tablet with a removable battery.

The Tab Active 3 is protected by military-grade protection, IP68 water and dust resistance and can withstand submersion of water, sand and drops up to 1.5m. The Tab Active 3 can be used with gloves, and the S Pen is a handy alternative for navigation and productivity.

Although you pay more for a slate that is durable, it’s worth the premium.

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