best neighborhoods to stay in Madrid for visit 2022

best neighborhoods to stay in Madrid for visit 2022

best neighborhoods to stay in Madrid for visit 2022 : It’s an exciting hub for night owls and foodies, as well as an expansive capital city with lots of things to do and see. It is possible to spend an entire week in Madrid and never be bored.

However, that there’s a lot to cover to truly get a feel of Madrid Within the 21 districts of Madrid there are 131 neighborhoods, each is bursting with its own distinctive style.

If the guest is only there for for a couple of days or even a week it is better know the area you’d like to put yourself in.

Because Madrid is so vast Madrid is so huge, in this article I’ll go over the top neighborhoods for different types of excursions, so that you can determine which is the most suitable for you.

However, before I go into specific best neighborhoods and recommend locations to stay let me address a few of the most frequently asked questions I receive:

What is the most desirable neighborhood in Madrid for those on a budget?
Arguelles is full of affordable bars, inexpensive accommodation and budget-friendly dining establishments.

What is the most suitable neighborhood that is suitable for family living?
Retiro is located near the park with the same name. it’s peaceful and tranquil.

Which is the best area for partying and nightlife?
In the past twenty or so years, Chueca has been the place to go for all kinds of nightlife entertainment and also a major location in the town’s LGBTQ community.

What is the most desirable neighborhood overall?
La Latina is ideal because it’s filled with delicious tapas bars, and is a perfect match with another fantastic area, Lavapies.

Madrid Neighborhood Overview

  1. The Best Neighborhood for Newbies
  2. The Best Locality for Travelers on a Budget
  3. The Best Neighborhood for Hipsters
  4. The Best Neighborhood to Art Lovers
  5. The Best Locality for Luxurious Living
  6. The Most Optimal Neighborhood Family Friendly
  7. The Best Neighborhood for Foodies

What to stay in for first-time Visitors: Sol

Sol, also known as the sun in Spanish is the central point in our solar system. This is why Sol or the gorgeous place Puerta del Sol, is the (nerve) heart of Madrid. If you’re the first time in the capital of Spain, Sol is the ideal location to stay for a bit. All of the major attractions of the city are located situated in Sol or close to it. Make sure you take a few minutes to observe the locals and feel the pace of life in the city.

Best Hotels for Staying in Sol

  • Budget: The Hat Hostel This boutique hostel is located in the middle of town and very comfortable. The breakfast is excellent. menu, free Wi-Fi and an outdoor patio, and is a short walk to the major attractions in the region.
  • Mid-Range: Petit Palace Puerta del Sol – It is located in a 19th-century structure just a few steps away to Puerta del Sol, this 64-room hotel is an excellent value considering its amenities and the position. Rooms have flat-screen televisions with Wi-Fi, hardwood floors as well as hydro-massage showers. Choose a room on the street to enjoy a stunning view.
  • Luxury: Four Seasons Madrid The brand new Four Seasons might be the most expensive hotel in the city however, it’s also comfortable to the point of. The 200 rooms fit for princes as is the pool that’s indoor as well as rooftop restaurant may cause you to consider trading some of your city-hopping time for a stay in a hotel.

Where to stay for budget travelers Arguelles

Arguelles is located in the central area of town that is walking distance from Sol and the hip and thriving Chueca. It’s also awash with students from the university and a plethora of other students, it’s also brimming with inexpensive bars and cheap lodging options. Make sure to visit the close Temple of Debod, an ancient temple that dates back to the year 200 BCE which was taken from Egypt and rebuilt here in addition to the exquisite Neoclassical Sabatini Gardens.

The Best Hotels for Staying in Arguelles

  • Budget: ApartHotel Rosales offering basic, low-cost accommodation that come with AC and Wi-Fi It’s an affordable option that is just a few steps away from the vast landscape that is Parque del Oeste.
  • Mid-Range: Hotel Indigo Madrid-Princessa located just a few minutes away to the Arguelles metro station and the Indigo is a great choice for a mid-priced hotel. The 101 rooms come with typical amenities like televisions with larger sizes, Wi-Fi as well as coffee makers and the hotel also has an exercise room and a delicious breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant.
  • Luxury: VP Plaza Espana Design – If you’re planning to spend a bit when you’re in Arguelles This is the ideal place to rest your head. The hotel, which is located at the border of the district features a wide selection of rooms that are spacious, with many with walk-in closets, some with terraces that overlook the surrounding area. The 12th floor Gingko rooftop bar is awe-inspiring with stunning views as well.

Where to stay for hipsters: Malasana

The city is regarded by many Spaniards as the heart of the Movida counterculture movement that was born when it was announced that the Franco regime ended its rule in the year 1975. Malasana continues to incites the imagination of. You can feel the excitement in the buzzing Plaza del Dos de Mayo. The area is filled with trendy bars and stores and is a great place for students. You can spend your time cafe-hopping or exploring the numerous antique stores that line the streets. If you’re a night-time shopper there are lots of vibrant bars and clubs in the area too.

The Best Places To Stay In Malasana

  • Budget: Hostel One Hostel One is spacious, clean, and social. The beds in the bunks are simple but comfy and there’s plenty of space for everyone for hanging out and meeting fellow travelers. The meals are regularly shared and even nightly events!
  • Mid-Range: Ibis Madrid Centro located in the northern part of Malasana the hotel has comfortable options that can meet the tastes of every traveler. There are several bars within the vicinity and the breakfast buffet is superb.
  • Luxurious: Circulo Gran Via The title suggests, this beautiful property is located on the bustling Gran Via, the city’s principal thoroughfare. It is located in the middle of Malasana. The 71 rooms with soundproofing feature mid-century contemporary furniture, coffee machines and USB ports. Certain rooms overlook the courtyard back, while others are looking towards Gran Via. Gran Via.

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Where to stay for Art Lover: Lavapies

The trendy area has many dimensions. It’s mostly populated by immigrants (so If you’re looking to try some food that isn’t Spanish it’s the best place) and offers a wide range of trendy bar and tapas. If you’re an art lover, there’s art galore, including street art, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and the nearby slaughterhouse-turned-contemporary-art-center Matadero Madrid. The botanical garden is located in the neighborhood and the sprawling 19th-century El Retiro Park is just an easy walk away.

Best Hotels To Stay In Lavapies

  • Budget: OK Hostel A very social hostel which hosts all kinds of activities, including beer pong, social meals pub crawls, and many more. The hotel is equipped with AC as well, so you’ll be cool during those hot summer days.
  • Mid-Range: Hotel Paseo del Arte It’s a good value for what you pay for, the Paseo del Arte’s rooms that are minimalist offer plenty of sunlight. The hotel is situated on the border of Lavapies and Cortes the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, safe boxes, and desks for work. It is located near the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.
  • Luxury: Tapestry Atocha This Hilton-owned hotel is among the most luxurious hotels in Lavapies. Rooms have larger than average bathrooms, plush towels, as well as espresso machine. The hotel is right on the edge of artistic Cortes and Cortes as well.

Where to Stay in Luxury: Salamanca

The paradox of this beautiful and green neighborhood is that it created in the latter part of the 18th century it was designed to house blue-collar workers. Nowadays, Salamanca is the place to meet the fashionable crowd. Streets are lined with chic cafés and designer boutiques owned by Spanish owners. But it’s not necessary to be part of the one percent of people to enjoy Salamanca. There’s plenty of free visual delights to enjoy as well, such as those of the Puerta de Alcala arch (which was built in around the year 1820) and the tranquil El Retiro Park, which is situated to the south of the city.

Best Hotels To Stay In Salamanca

  • Budget: Hotel Catalonia Goya It’s impossible to believe that there’s a budget hotel in Salamanca But then there’s this. The rooms are stylish and clean and come featuring safe boxes, wireless internet and flat-screen televisions. The hotel also serves an excellent breakfast buffet.
  • Mid-Range: VP Jardin de Recoletos The four-star hotel offers spacious rooms and an in-house Mediterranean restaurant. Breakfast buffets are available each morning, and you’re only fifteen minutes walk from the Prado.
  • Luxurious: Hotel Unico This is the spot to indulge. The hotel offers high-quality thread Egyptian linen, wooden floors as well as luxurious bath products The 44 rooms at this hotel are stunning. In-house, there’s a Michelin-starred restaurant for those looking for a meal.

Where to stay for families: Retiro

The park is situated on the quieter easterly side in El Retiro (“Park of the Pleasant Retreat”), Retiro is a serene area and is the perfect spot to enjoy the park. It’s particularly beneficial for families with children who love lush, green landscapes. The park in the 17th century, which was held by the Spanish monarchy, was made as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.

Best Hotels To Stay In Retiro

  • Budget: Ayre Gran Hotel Colon located further east than the park, the 338 rooms at Ayre are flooded with sunlight. The rooms are all equipped with the latest amenities you’d expect including televisions, wireless internet and safe boxes, among others. The gym is also available as well as a regular laundry services.
  • Mid-Range: Hotel Claridge located in the center of the area, Claridge has affordable rooms and all the amenities of luxurious. Rooms are large and come with work desks, air conditioning leather headboards, as well as beautiful bath amenities.
  • Luxury: Hotel Palacio del Retiro If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury in Retiro then you’ll need stroll through into the parks to find this stylish hotel. The rooms are luxurious with king-sized beds with complimentary bottled water, bathtubs, and coffee makers with stunning views of the region.

Where to stay for foodies: La Latina

A truly romantic neighborhoods in Madrid With a wealth of cobblestone streets that slop upwards. La Latina is the culinary heart for this Spanish capital. Alongside the abundance of Mercado Cebada, streets are also surrounded by excellent tapas restaurants around Cava Alta, and Cava Baja. Be sure to try the succulent roast of suckling pigs at Sobrino de Botin, established in 1725. It’s (apparently) the longest continuously operating restaurant in the world.

The Best Places for Staying in La Latina

  • Budget: Hostal Rofer Hostal Rofer – This basic hotel is only 100 meters away from the metro, and provides basic accommodations. Rooms may be small but they’re tidy and the staff are extremely accommodating. This hotel is perfect for the straightforward budget-conscious traveler.
  • Mid-Range: L&H La Latina This aparthotel is perfect for guests seeking more space. All rooms have Wi-Fi and AC and some rooms are bigger rooms for families. Find a room with the terrace or balcony to enjoy a relaxing time.
  • Luxury: Pestana Plaza Mayor It is technically located close to the north from La Latina in Los Austrias the swanky hotel has the rooftop Bar, spa and rooms that come with Nespresso machines, as well as the daily delivery of newspapers. Certain rooms overlook Plaza Mayor too.


Madrid might seem huge, but once you reduce it to a select few most central areas it’s manageable. With its tasty tapas bars, vibrant bars, world-class museums such as the Prado and the Prado, and most of all, welcoming people that are easy to fall in love with. Find the neighborhood that’s perfect for you, establish it as your home base, and get a deep dive into this city.

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