Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables 2022

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables 2022: Non-durable consumer items are those items that aren’t expected to be durable for extended lengths of time, like food cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even clothing. They’re in direct contrast of durable products, which are expected to last for longevity, for instance, appliances and furniture.

Our personal experiences and intuitions could indicate there are jobs available in the field of consumer durables aren’t very lucrative. In reality, the majority of these items are affordable (unless you are working in fashion or luxury food). However, it’s surprising to find that there are many jobs in the non-durable consumer goods industry which pay extremely well.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

This is because a lot of these products are mass-produced and require a significant amount of skilled labor in order to make. As an example, even though it may take only some time to put together an item as simple as an t-shirt must go through a number of processes before it’s ready to be offered for sale. It must be created, and then the fabric needs to be procured, cut, and then sewn. This is just for a basic t-shirt!

If you’ve got the necessary skills that you can use in the field of consumer non-durables it is possible to make a decent amount of money.

In this article, you’re going to find out about the highest paying jobs in the non-durable consumer market. Find out which jobs have the highest pay and the qualifications you require to be employed.

The Skills Required for the highest-paying jobs in Non-durable Consumer Goods

The market for non-durables is vast. There are many jobs that do not require a degree for example, like working on a production line, as well as those which require a doctorate like running a lab which develops new products.

To make this article, we’ll concentrate on jobs that do not require a degree, however, they pay decently. It’s still necessary to have some qualifications however they won’t be master’s degrees that are awarded at famous universities. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the skills you require through work-based courses, vocational programs as well as community colleges.

Check out the different roles that are available:

  • Machine Operators
  • Quality Control Inspectors
  • Production Supervisors
  • Operators of Packaging and Filling Machines

All of them require the completion of a four-year college degree, however they all offer fairly lucrative wages. In some instances you may be able to move into these positions without previous experience.

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Finding the Best qualifications

The most effective way to determine what qualifications for a particular position is to check the job advertisements. Begin by looking for jobs that appeal to you on sites such as Indeed as well as LinkedIn. When you have found several posts, look at the section on qualifications. The information will help you get an understanding of the qualities employers look for in applicants.

If you’ve got the qualifications, congratulations! You’re ready to start applying for positions. Even if you don’t possess all the necessary qualifications do not fret. There are ways to increase your chances of being employed.

Another option is to gain some experience in the same area. If, for instance, you’re considering becoming a quality control inspector you can try your hand at an agent for customer service or sales associate. The roles you’ll be working in won’t be similar to the ones you’re aiming for however, they can provide you with a glimpse of what it takes to be a quality control inspector. In addition you can show potential employers that you’ve got the skills needed for the job.

Another option is getting certified. There are usually certification programs for jobs in the industry of consumer non-durables. Certification will demonstrate to employers that you’re committed to your career as well as that you have the qualifications to perform the position.

The last option is to study a few classes. If you’re not able to meet some skills, you can enroll in classes at an institution of higher education and online in order to bridge in the gaps in your education. It will take of your time, effort and energy but it’ll be worthwhile in the event that it can help you be hired for the job you’re hoping to get.

The 7 highest-paying jobs in the field of Consumer Non-Durables

Once you’ve figured out how to get the required qualifications, let’s have a look at the top-paying jobs in the non-durable consumer market. These are jobs that pay good salaries, and do not require a master’s degree.

Note from the Editor: All of the jobs listed on this list need at least the equivalent of an associate’s level. But, obtaining the right degree for certain of these jobs is beneficial to receive some education and possibly make contacts.

1. Chemical Technician

Chemical technicians are responsible the mixing of chemicals and their testing. They could also be accountable to maintain lab equipment as well as keeping precise data. Chemical technicians usually have an Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or in a related field.

This is a fantastic job opportunity for those who are fascinated by science but do not wish to make an academic career. It’s also an excellent job for those who would like to be in a lab, but do not want to be faced the stress of being an academic.

The hours of the job can be lengthy and the work may be tiring. However, if you’re willing do the work and put in the effort, you could earn an impressive pay. The median wage for chemical technicians will be $48,990. You only need an associate’s degree that lasts for two years. If you’re in search of an occupation that pays well and does not require a four-year college degree you should consider the career of a chemical tech.

2. Quality Control Inspectors

Inspections by Quality Control inspectors is accountable of inspecting products to make sure that they meet the quality standards. This involves checking for any defects as well as testing products and making reports.

Quality Control inspectors are those who make sure that the products we purchase are safe and that they meet our expectations. They are a crucial part of the production process.

To become a quality assurance inspector You’ll require at least the equivalent of a high school certificate. In certain instances employers might prefer applicants who hold an associate’s level or more. It’s usually more crucial to have previous an experience within the industry than to earn an education.

Inspectors of quality control typically make between $35,000 and $55,000 annually. In some instances they may earn more than this. It is contingent on their status and the organization they work for.

3. Sales Managers

Sales managers are accountable to lead and manage an entire team of sales associates. This involves setting sales goals and establishing marketing strategies and instructing employees.

Sales managers play an important part in the success of any company. They are accountable for making sure that products are purchased to customers satisfied.

Sales is a profession that usually requires the ability to work with. As you climb higher in the ladder, employers tend to prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree or more. But it is still possible to be an interview for a sales manager job without a college degree.

But, it’s one of the skills that will take you to the top of your career regardless of what. Even if you’re an unassuming sales representative If you’re proficient at what you do you’ll be eventually elevated to a managerial position. When you’re in management it’s all up to you.

In the end you’ll get good enough to be able to sell more premium products. That’s the place where the real cash is.

Salaries can be extremely varied. There are sales managers who have to work from with a paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, or a sales managers who are able to make a crazed bank. To make the fact, their median salary is higher than $125,000 per year, but…there’s a but. The majority of sales managers earn commissions and a base salary. If you’re skilled in selling things then you’ll make a lot of income. If you’re just starting out do not expect to make the same amount. Selling is a skill that requires patience to get used to.

4. Oil Rig Workers

Oil rig workers are accountable for the building, maintenance and repairs to oil drilling rigs. This can include tasks like welding, painting, as well as operating heavy equipment. It is not necessary to have a college education to qualify as an oil work rig operator. However, you’ll have to go through a program of training.

It is certainly one of the highest-paying jobs available to high school students who have dropped out. In reality the oil rig employees earn over $100,000 a year. Yet, their median salary is $52,140 annually. Of course, there’s an explanation for why it pays that the amount. It’s not something that anyone wants to do and it’s not difficult to understand the reasons.

You’ll be spending a lot of time at an oil rig away from family and your friends. There are many hours and the work can be hard. There is also the risk of becoming injured or killed. Oil is an extremely highly volatile substance, and accidents can happen.

If you’re in search of an excellent job with a good pay but risky, then an oil rig worker could be the perfect job for you. If you’re looking for an simple job that pays well however, this isn’t it. If you’re willing to do the work oil rig workers could earn a decent amount of money.

5. Cosmetics Sales

Cosmetics is an multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s not surprising to learn that positions in the field of cosmetics are well-paying. Since consumers are always seeking the latest and most effective products that will make them appear their best.If you’re thinking of working in the field of cosmetics there are some things to consider.

The first step is to be well-versed in what you’re offering. This involves staying on top of the most recent trends and being able explain the advantages of every product.

In addition, you’ll need be a sales expert. It’s all about convincing people to believe that they’re interested in what you’re offering. If you’re not one for people then this is probably not the right field for you.

Thirdly, you’ll have to be able to commit to all hours of the day. The salespeople for cosmetics are typically scheduled to work late at night and on weekends. If you’re in a shopping center then you’ll probably be dealing with the holiday season’s rush.

The earnings you earn as a salesperson for cosmetics will depend on your previous experience and skills as well as your attitude. However, if you’re proficient at the job you’re doing you could easily earn an income of six figures. If you’re in search of an extremely lucrative job that’s also difficult, you should consider the possibility of a career in sales for cosmetics.

6. Machine Operators

The operators of the machine are accountable to run the machines that make consumer-grade non-durables. This involves installing the machines, observing the manufacturing process as well as ensuring that the finished products are in compliance with high standards of quality.

The tasks you perform every day will differ according to the particular machine you’re using However, generally speaking, you’ll need to identify issues and make sure your production process is operating smoothly.

In general, you don’t require any prior experience to be considered for this job. But, certain employers prefer applicants with prior experience in a production or manufacturing setting. Naturally, don’t expect to be competent in operating every machine. You’ll need to be educated on how to operate every machine.

Machine operators generally earn between $30,000 to $50,000 per year, based on their particular role they perform and the company they work for.

7. Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are accountable in determining and implementing marketing strategies. This includes creating advertising campaigns organizing events, as well as managing accounts on social media.

As a manager of marketing, you’ll have to be innovative and have a keen eye for the finer details. Additionally, you’ll have to be able work efficiently under pressure and adhere to deadlines.

To be a marketing manager You’ll require at least an undergraduate degree in marketing advertising, sales, or any related area. In some instances, companies might prefer applicants with an MBA or more. It’s usually more essential to have prior an experience in the area. There’s no shortage of companies in need of marketers, then you won’t have any difficulty finding an opening.

It’s easy to start immediately. Find a company that requires marketing, and offer to do it free of charge, and gain some experience. Take a few classes on the subject and develop a strategy to promote yourself as a manager of marketing. Making sure you are walking the talk is the most effective method to gain entry into the way.

It’s hard to establish an appropriate salary range of marketing professionals. There are many factors to think about. If you’re the sales manager for the local bakery, your pay won’t be as high. However, if you’re an executive in marketing for major corporations the salary may be within the six figures. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage is $133,380 a year. There are plenty of job openings that offer a half-priced salary. It is important to learn the right way to promote yourself to get a good pay.


There are many lucrative jobs that are available in the non-durables sector. But, most of them require at a minimum a certain amount of education or education. If you’re in search of an excellent job with high pay, make certain to research your choices carefully. Think about obtaining the right degree or finishing the training program to boost your chances of landing an employment opportunity in this field.

These are only a handful of the most lucrative jobs available in the field of consumer non-durables. If you’re searching for an occupation that pays well, make sure to take a look at one of these possibilities. With a lot of effort and commitment it is possible to earn an excellent wage in this sector. Many work opportunities are extremely challenging, meaning you’ll never be bored.

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