Dell Precision 17 7730 : Review, Pros and Cons, Specs, Gaming Performance, Price

Reviewed Dell Precision 17 7730

Dell Precision 177730

Dell Precision 17 7730 : Today we will be looking at one my favorite laptops from the precision range of Dell. This laptop is a powerful mobile workstation that will leave professionals amazed and content. This laptop is ideal for any profession, even:

  • Engineering,
  • Graphic design
  • High-end data modeling
  • Creation of virtual-reality content
  • Video and photo editing.
  • Gaming

There are many other options.

The Precision 17-7730 combines the best of both high performance and portability. This mobile workstation is a great option for professionals who work from home. Instead of purchasing two desktop computers in different locations that are difficult to sync, it’s an excellent way to maximize your productivity.

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This laptop is for those who demand the best from their computers.

Top-of-the-range performance.Expensive
High quality and premium build.Laptops that are heavier than regular laptops
Battery life is very short

Dell Precision 17 7730 Specs

There are many configurations available for the Dell Precision 17 7730. You can choose either the Dell Precision 7730 i9 CPU or the Dell Precision 7730 Xeon . has 5 processor options.

Intel Core i5-8300H

Intel Core i7-8750H

Intel Core i7-8850H

Intel Xeon E-2186M

Intel Core i9-8950HK

Although your options for GPUs are equally broad, the following can be used:

AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 (4GB GDDR5)

NVIDIA Quadro P3200 (Laptop, 6GB GDDR5)

NVIDIA Quadro P4200 (Laptop, 8GB GDDR5)

NVIDIA Quadro P5200 (Laptop, 16GB GDDR5)

Intel UHD Graphics 635.

This is why the specs of the model that we reviewed had a much lower specification. You can see them below in a summary (specifications).

ProcessorIntel Core i7-8850H
GraphicsAMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 (4GB GDDR5)
Storage512GB SSD
Screen17.3″ Full HD Display (1920×1080), IPS

You can see that our specs weren’t the best, but they did show the Precision 17 7730 at its best. You will need extra feed to unlock the full potential of this beast. But it will be well worth it.

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Let’s say you want the best display capabilities. The Precision 17 7730 is the best choice. It comes with a 17.3 inch UltraSharp Anti-Glare UHD IGZO display capable of supporting resolutions up to and 3840×2160. You can also choose resolutions of 1600×900 or 1920×1080. You can also get resolutions of 1600×900 and 1920×1080, respectively.

The 16 GB memory on the Precision 7730 is sufficient for most computing tasks. But what if your applications need more memory? You can upgrade your laptop to 128 GB RAM. This beast can also support up to four storage devices. You can have 4 SSDs (M.2PCIe), 3 SSDs (3 SSDs) and one 2.5-inch SATA SSD/HDD. The Precision 17 7730 has a storage capacity of up to 8 TB. It is the industry’s best-selling and largest storage unit.

In its infinite wisdom, Dell decided to allow customers to choose which GPU or CPU they wanted by offering multiple configurations that include either AMD, Intel or Nvidia processors or graphics cards. It was smart of them to let the fans choose the GPU or CPU they wanted. It seems to be working so far.

I’ll end my discussion with the keyboard. The keyboard of the Precision 17 7730 is backlit to accommodate night-owl and dark-room users. This adds an extra dimension to a strange laptop that appears dull and ordinary at first glance. The keyboard also includes a trackpoint that users can use in place of the touchpad.

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Dell Precision 17 7720 Gaming, Build, & Performance

Despite the fact that it looks quite ordinary, don’t let this fool you. It’s made with the finest materials, including premium lightweight materials such as:

  • Anodized Aluminium.
  • Magnesium Alloy.
  • Carbon Fiber

It is also portable, despite its massive 17.3 inch screen. You can easily transport it around with no discomfort, provided that you have the right bag.

Our model had a fairly average configuration with an Intel Core i7-8850H CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a dedicated AMD Radeon ProWX 4150 (4GB GDDR5) graphics card. It was able to run memory-intensive apps such as 3D Rendering software seamlessly. If you increase the storage configuration to 128 GB RAM, 8 TB, and Intel(r) Xeon E-2186M then even the most difficult apps will run smoothly. You can also play the most recent games and titles with max settings, or very close to it.

For extended gaming sessions or work sessions, your charger will be necessary.

Let’s now address the elephant in this room: the weight of the Dell Precision 177730 laptop. The Dell Precision 17 7730 laptop is not for everyone. The laptop weighs in at 3.17kg, or 6.99 pounds. You will need an ergonomic bag to make sure you have easy and pain-free transportability.

Dell Precision17 7730 price

Let’s finally talk about the Dell Precision17 7730 price. You will need to dig into your pocket to purchase this unique laptop. All good things have a price. For a Dell Precision 177730 laptop in an average configuration, expect to pay around US$ 2,500. You can get more juice for an additional cost of US$ 3,500.

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