Essential tool that you have in your car

Whether a car mechanic or an ordinary person who owns and drives a car, you are responsible for keeping some essential car tools or automotive tools in the car. You never know when an emergency might arise. Hence, this post will highlight some essential yet basic automotive tools you must own. 

You may be good at driving even in the most challenging terrains if your vehicle can take you to extreme places. Then, it is all the more crucial to always keep a set of car tools as a necessity on the road. Bad roads and rough driving put a toll on the car, creating a good chance for unwanted urgent repair situations. 

Nonetheless, keeping aside the rough driving scenarios, normal wear and tear are natural. Such incidents are clearly visible when you see the car tires. Say that you go to your office via car every day. If so, you can expect to face minor inconveniences in the middle of the road with no car mechanic shop around. So, what can you do here?

What if your vehicle’s tire punctures or your car shuts down on the highway? To make the situation worse, you don’t know how to change car tires or do not have the necessary tools to do the activity. Fortunately, you can call the car engine repair Dubai to fix your car problems on site.

Rather than getting stranded with your car problems in the middle of nowhere with no solution, it is best to always keep a set of essential car tools in the car. They can help you fix most minor and major issues.

Using these tools does not require particular expertise. You do not need to be a garage expert or professional in car repairs to utilize these essential tools. These are more of a survival trick and solution to most issues you might face in your car. Another great significance of them is for safety purposes. 

Must have essential tools for every car owner

There is no 100% guarantee that you will always be safe and out of trouble when driving your car. But having essential car tools can save you from stressful scenarios you may encounter while in the vehicle—irrespective of your car repair skills and maintenance, carrying these tools around matters a lot. 

First Aid kit box

People tend to drive cars thinking they are entirely safe with no chances of getting into accidents. But you never know what can happen. For minor accidents, having a proper first aid kit box help minimize a lot of stress and trouble for everyone in the car. You can at least be assured that the first aid kit box in the car will have the essential items for quick treatment of the wounds. 

Your car’s first aid kit box must always be checked to remove expired products. A car first aid box kit should include gauze, antiseptic ointment, cotton, crepe bandage, dressing tape, painkillers, essential medicines, anti-vomit pills, and many more. To say the least, the kit should contain products and medication you think might be needed when traveling with people in the car.


The list of essential car tools cannot be complete without a set of pliers. Pliers are needed for various purposes, from on-strip wires to loosening tight bolts. Always buy a high-quality set of pliers to keep in your car. A standard set of pliers will do the job if you are on a budget. However, quality is essential regardless of the price, as cheap pliers can break when used for strenuous activities. 


Lifehammer may be a small item amongst all the car tools set. But fixing the car is quite a valuable item in emergency times. Knives are not that great at cutting glass or seatbelts. But, a life hammer is a valuable and sturdy item that can cut through your car glass and even the strong seatbelt. So, you see, this small tool can be a savior in emergency life situations. 

Reflective triangle 

We all hear common accidents happening on dark roads. Reflective straps or cones on the roads are used for safety purposes. Likewise, a reflective triangle is another crucial tool you should keep in your car. For that unlikely chance of fixing your vehicle on the roadside with no substantial source of light around, reflective triangles serve the purpose. 

When you place the reflective triangle on the road near your car, people passing through can see it and make a safe turn to avoid accidents. They serve as an indicator signaling your presence on the road. 

Portable fire extinguisher 

Most cars and vehicles nowadays have a separate area to place fire extinguishers. But if your car does not have that, you can always buy a small mini fire extinguisher to keep in the car for emergencies. Though you might never use them, having them in stock with all the other essential car tools is safer. 

The engine operates at about 200 degrees Celsius when a car is in driving mode. In such extreme temperatures, certain car parts become susceptible to fire. If such a situation is to happen, a portable fire extinguisher is helpful. It can help prevent a potential car explosion a minor car burnt damage. 


Cars use a different type of lubricant than a cycle and other machines. This magical and outstanding item that can lubricate almost anything in a vehicle is the WD-40. If you cannot lose a screw in the car even with the plier, you can apply a bit of the WD-40 lubricant to loosen the rusty buildup on the screw. This item can eliminate any grime and grease buildup in the car. 

Car and jack stands 

Many car repairs need car stands. When working with the tires, gas tanks, brakes, or car repairs below, you need to lift the car properly with car stands so that it stands tall without falling. Car jacks are handy and a must-have car tool. For any heavy car jobs, they are helpful. You should get a suitable car jack based on the car variant. 

Duct Tape and Scissors

Duct tape and scissors are essential tools needed everywhere. Be it at the home, office, school, or your car, a set of quality duct tape and scissors are mandatory. If there is a short circuit to your car wiring or you see visible wires hanging inside your car, you need to fix that immediately. 

You can temporarily use duct tape and scissors to fix the issue until you get to the car repair shop. Duct tapes are used for various purposes. So choose wisely what fits the car’s needs for different jobs and situations. 

Torch or flashlight

Since most people prefer to depend on their mobile phone flashlights, many do not even buy a single unit of a torch and handy flashlight. But what if your phone flashlight does not work or the phone is dead? You will need a torch, then. On the other hand, if you are fixing a car problem below the car, you need a flashlight to make things visible underneath, even when there is sunlight. Also, do not forget to keep extra working batteries. 

Work gloves

Car jobs are strenuous activities. You need strength and manual skills. Certain car areas are pretty risky to be touched with bare hands. If you accidentally cut or scratch your hands, the chances of infection will be a problem. That is why the final item in our essential car tools list is the rigid and cut-proof work gloves. A pair of work gloves with cut-resistant material can protect your hands from cuts and bruises during car repairs. 

Hence, these are the must-have essential car tools in your car. Based on your personal needs, the list can be endless. But whether you actually use these tools or not, having them in the car will give you a sense of safety and a solution when needed. 

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