How do I Switch On or Off TCL TV without a Remote? (2022)

Switch On or Off TCL TV without a Remote: A damaged or lost remote can make using your smart TV difficult. But, you don’t need to cut off your Netflix streaming sessions until you get your new remote is delivered. It is easy to change the settings of the power of your TCL TV off and on using the power button.

The process of turning the on of your TCL TV with no remote is a relatively simple job. Pressing the button that powers your television will get the task completed.

But, relying at the push button each time you want to turn on your TV is a pain. We have therefore created a list of low-cost methods of controlling your TV while waiting in anticipation for your replacement come in.

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How do I Switch On or Off TCL TV without a Remote?

In addition to the power button, you can also utilize games consoles or mobile apps to turn on and control the TCL TV.

Let’s explore the various ways to switch on the TCL television without the use of a remote.

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How do you power on a TCL TV without a Remote

Switching on the TCL TV on with no remote will be easy when you know where you can find that power switch. Simply press the button and you’ll be greeted by the home screen.

To watch something in real time you’ll need to browse the menu by using just the power button

  1. The menu can be accessed using the power button one time.
  2. Repeat the press to go to the next option.
  3. Give yourself a few minutes and then press nothing to choose an option.

Although it’s not the most efficient method to use the smart TV, it is possible to change the channels on your device the same manner.
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How do you turn off a TCL TV without a remote

If you’re required to leave your home but are unable to locate your remote, follow this procedure to switch off your TCL Television off

  1. Find your back to the TCL logo on the lower part of the TV’s bezel to locate an option to turn off the TV’s power.
  2. Press the button one time. If your TV is in standby mode, then it’ll be turned off. A menu will be displayed when the TV was turned switched on.
  3. The button is pushed again to navigate through the menu until you’re able to choose “Power Off.”
  4. The next step is contingent on the model of your television. Certain models shut off automatically after just a few minutes. If not, you’ll need to hold and press the power button following selecting “Power off.”

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How do you locate the Power Button on the TCL TV

The majority of TCL TVs have the power button into their sides or front panels. It is easy to locate the button and switch off your television. In the majority of models the power button is under that TCL logo that is on front of the panel. It might be just a little further back from the logo, if you are unable to locate it. Also, look at on the rear of the side of the panel to find the button.

The power button of the power button of your TCL TV can be used for multiple purposes. It assists in activating the TV, but also assists in other tasks like increasing or reducing the volume as well as changing channels. You can also utilize the same button to turn off the TV and for further navigation.

TIP: If your TCL TV utilizes an operating system called the Roku operating system you can utilize your phone’s Roku TV application on your smartphone to connect and navigate your TV. Read our complete guide on how to configure and utilize your TV using the Roku TV application.

Make use of Infrared Blasters on your Phone

Modern phones such as Samsung and Xiaomi include IR blasters, which means you don’t have to be concerned when you lose or break your remote. It is possible to use your phone as an remote. However, make sure your device is equipped with an IR blaster before you begin this step.

The universal remote can be downloaded as an app for your smartphone through the the Play Store as well as the App Store then follow the on-screen directions to connect it to work with the TCL TV. Once the setup is complete it is easy to make use of your smartphone to switch your TV on.

When the app for remotes that you have installed on your phone is not synchronized with your TV, use this same power button to switch off the television and begin the setting process.

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Utilize Gaming Consoles

If you play with gaming consoles such as PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch with your TCL TV, it is possible that you have activated the HDMI-CEC (T-Link) feature on your TV. By using the HDMI-CEC feature you can utilize the consoles linked to television using HDMI to manage it. When you connect your console devices to your TV through the HDMI and then turn the TV on, it will automatically switch on.

If you do not have the CEC option wasn’t activated prior to the time you turned it on, you’ll not be able to take advantage of this technique. First, switch on your TV by using the power button embedded in it or your phone, then turn on the CEC feature on your consoles. Once you have that done, you can quickly switch off your TCL TV by using an PS4 or Switch.

Follow the steps listed below based on which device you have.

On PS4

  1. Switch off your TCL TV by pressing either the power button, or remote application.
  2. Connect your PS4 to the TV using HDMI cable. HDMI cable.
  3. Switch to your PS4.
  4. Switch your television’s source to HDMI and then it will boot from PS4. It’s as easy as double tapping your PS4 button on your PS4 controller to switch the source.
  5. When you are presented with the welcome screen on your PS4 go to the left and then start the game. Settings .
  6. Scroll down to locate Systemand then open it.
  7. Go down to Make sure that HDMI device is enabled. Link Check the option, and then click.
  8. When the option is activated After that, turn off your console.
  9. It is then re-powered. Turning on your PS4 will also turn on the TV.

On Nintendo Switch

  1. Put the Switchin its Dockand connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.
  2. Switch on your TV.
  3. Press the the Homebutton of your Switch for it to go to the screen that is its home on your TV.
  4. Go to the left and then open System Settings .
  5. Scroll down to the left pane and choose TV Settings..
  6. Then move to the right , then change direction. Match TV Power State option.
  7. Turn off the console, then switch it back on. The TV will turn on using the Switch.

Find a replacement remote

If the above methods do not work for your situation, or you’re uneasy using them, then you might want to consider purchasing an alternative remote. It is possible that you will not receive the remote that came with your TCL TV, but you can buy the universal remote and then pair it to your TV. It is possible to read the manual for the remote and learn the code that pairs your TCL TV to the remote.

The Show Must Go On

Locating your TCL TV’s power switch can make you feel as if you’re in an escape-room. However, this hidden secret key could save you in the event of a problem with the remote control. Enjoy your TV shows when you don’t have your remote. You can also download remote apps on your smartphone to make life simpler.

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