How do you Ban or Filter Words on Discord?

Ban or Filter Words on Discord: If you’re looking to ban certain words on Discord There is currently no built-in feature that can be used. You can however add bots and instruct them to block specific words. You can also employ spoiler tags that conceal the words. By doing this, you can censor the words you choose. This is a popular way to block explicit content.

You can add multiple bots on your discord server, based on the type of terms you would like to eliminate. If you wish to block unacceptable words, you could employ bots to block words. You can also blacklist any random word from the channel by telling your bot couple of changes.

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How do I Ban or Filter Words on Discord?

As we have discussed previously the bots were created to aid you in blocking phrases.

Let’s take a look at a few of them through a comprehensive procedure.

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Making use of Censor Bot

The Censor Bot filters as well as the Censor Bot censors can be unacceptable and remove swear words from the server. With this gadget it is possible to block users from posting specific words to the channels. Here’s how to achieve this.

  1. Find Censor Bot in your browser.
  2. Click to Dashboard .
  3. Join the discord, in case you’re not previously. When your credentials for login are stored in your browser, you’ll be able to see the option to authorize directly.
  4. Hit Autorize.
  5. Select the Server, then click on Invite Censor Bot .
  6. Click to click the Continue button whenever a new tab appears.
  7. Click the Authorize button and confirm that you’re a real person.
  8. Return on the Dashboard and select Server.
  9. In the General tab scroll to Word Filter..
  10. Simply click on the button, enter the word you would like to ban and hit Enter.
  11. To find words that are a combination for word combinations, visit the Phrase Filter and then add phrases.
  12. Allow options from the Censor Methods .
  13. To remove someone who has an unsuitable profile photo on your Server You can select your server to enable the ” Kick users with images of profiles that are inappropriate” feature (This feature requires an Premium account).

If someone uses the word banned message, it will be removed from the message. message will be deleted and replaced by ‘ star‘ symbols.

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Using Arcane Bot

Arcane bot is among the most popular bots available on Discord. While its primary focus is the ability to level, it also lets users to block certain words from your server. This bot can help you build a blacklist of the words that you do not want users to use in the channels.

  1. Start your browser on the internet and type in Arcane Bot.
  2. Click to Add Discord to Discord .
  3. Log in to your Discord account If you’ve already signed in and verify that you’re a real person.
    In the event that your credentials for login are stored in your browser, you will not have these choices. Just move on with the following step.
  4. Click Add To Server and choose the server.
  5. Click Continue. Click on the Continue button.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click “authorize” to authorize authorize option to give this bot access to access your server and verify that you’re a real person.
  7. Then, open Arcane Bot in the new tab, and then click the dashboard option.
  8. Select your Server , then select Configure under moderate conditions.
  9. Under the Auto-Moderation Log, choose your server’s channel.
  10. Click down until the words that are blacklisted and turn it on.
  11. Enter the words you wish to exclude and then separate the words with an apostrophe.
  12. Choose the Remove the message(s) and issue a warning option.

When someone mentions prohibited words or phrases on the Server The bot will notify you via embed that says ” blacklisted Words Detected” and ask that you refrain from using the words on the blacklist.

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Nightbot is available for Discord 

Nightbot offers a variety of chat commands, as well as auto-moderation tools to use on the Discord server.

The commands and the auto-moderation tools include a blacklist for offensive words or phrases as well as the ability to stop spamming with a large number of emotes and symbols or capital letters, hyperlinks, copypasta and more. The bot is only available to users with an account on and YouTube account, although the majority of people are already registered through one of these platforms or have the ability to sign up.

To get Nightbot it is necessary to get it on

  1. On the website Find the GET dropdown option. Click it to reveal Discord’s logo. Discord logo.
  2. Choose the Discord option, and it will bring you to a separate page where you’ll have to log in using the username of you or YouTube account.
  3. When you log into your account, it will ask for your permission to use of Nightbot using your channel. After you have accepted, you’ll be taken to an integration page.
  4. You can use this page to connect to a number of services. In this post we’ll concentrate exclusively on Discord. Click the Connect button beneath on the Discord option.
  5. You’ll also receive an invitation to authorize. Choose your server, and then hit to click the Autorizebutton to continue.
  6. At this point, you’ll need to change the roles with Twitch as well as Discord (if you decide to join both of them). To enable auto-moderation with a light touch, be sure you check the box labeled “Spam filters”.

Nightbot is now included in Your Discord server. All messages will be blocked and messages containing swear words or words will be removed. To configure additional options, login to your account at

Using Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is one of the more well-known customized bots, allowing you to alter the features such as modes, automatic roles and anti-spam to meet your requirements. Alongside other features, it allows you to block certain specific words from Discord. Discord Server.

  1. Use a web browser to look up Dyno Bot.
  2. Click to Add Server to Server Choose the best plan for you select the plan you’d like to use, then click Add Server to the Server .
  3. Log in to your discord account when you’ve already signed in and verify that you’re human. When your credentials for login have been saved in your browser, you won’t be able to see these choices. Just move on with the following step.
  4. Select any server in the Add to Sever dropdown choices and then press Continue. Proceed button.
  5. Simply click on Autorize option to authorize the user and verify that you’re a human being.
  6. Select your server, choose Your Time zone, and select the Prefix for the commands, if you wish.
  7. Select the next option.
  8. Tap the Down Arrow and then select the channel, then click Next..
  9. Hit the Done button.
  10. Find the Automod and enable it in the event that it isn’t enabled by default.
  11. Now, find Auto Delete If it is not turned on by default Click on Settings .
  12. Choose any channel from the Channel drop-down. Click Add Filter, choose any filter, then enter your desired word into the textbox. Add the HTML0 the time delay you’d like, then click “Add”.

It is possible to ban several words by following these steps. There are also other bots such as an Anti-swear Bot, Nightbot to Discord and others that can aid in the ban of the words.

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