How People with Cancer Can Stay Healthy During Flu Season

People with cancer should always follow the necessary precautions to be healthy during the flu season, as there are more prone to catch the infection. However, to fight against infections, it is essential to find out how infection takes place. Infections usually drive from both food and drinks. If your immune system is weaker than normal, following food safety measures becomes vital.

The main cause of worsening cancer is eating oily, spicy and junk food, together with unhygienic street food. Even eating raw vegetables and fruits without washing them may trouble cancer patients. Along with these, a lack of vitamins and other nutrients may become a major cause of aggravating cancer.

Hence, eating junk and street food must be avoided to prevent cancer from growing. While eating raw fruits and vegetables, make sure to wash them thoroughly before eating. Avoiding non-vegetarian or reducing non-vegetarian food helps a lot.

Eating nutritious food during flu season is important to prevent cancer from growing. It helps you stay healthy during flu season. Instead of taking a risk, consulting the best cancer hospital in Delhi or any other city in India is important for cancer treatment.

Drugs Given to Prevent Infections during Cancer Treatment

Many doctors prescribe drugs even when there are no signs of infection. These drugs prevent infection and improve the weaker immune system. When the immune system is robust, the infection reduces automatically and it curbs other illnesses as well.  

Boost the Immune System

Several people maintain their health by building a good immune system. But, even after maintaining a healthy immune system, diseases like a cold, cough or any other viral illness may pull immunity down. Even taking medications to control such illnesses may harm the immune system.

To improve the immune system, patients must consume healthy food and drinks, perform exercise and yoga, meditate, sleep for long hours, reduce stress and take vitamin supplements. This helps remove any health disorders or side effects caused due to medications. 

Many vitamin supplements like zinc, iron and Vitamin C and D are effective in building immunity and fighting against the flu. In addition to these supplements, regular physical activity and meditation also help. But, overdoing these activities may bring adverse effects.

Preventive Drugs                          

Several methods are used to prevent infections. One such method is to use preventive drugs, such as prophylactic antibiotics or prophylaxis. Prophylaxis is used when the immune system becomes weaker and there is a high risk of getting infections. It is suggested that consuming antibiotics is good if the patient is taking other immune-weakening medications like steroids or undergoing chemotherapy.

Though the consumption of preventive drugs to improve weakened immunity isn’t always beneficial, preventing the immune-weakening drugs is not a remedy for good health either. Using such medications or drugs may not be the appropriate way to prevent all infections. However, it is important to consult the doctor to know the signs of infections if any.

Monitoring Infection in Cancer Patients

Before taking any action, it becomes vital to prevent infections, which may occur even due to low blood count. If White Blood Cell (WBC) count is less, patients may be at higher risk of aggravating cancer. So, all cancer patients are advised to check their White Blood Cell count, which should be above 3 lakh. This helps you remain strong and healthy when suffering from cancer. An increase in White Blood Cell count helps improve immunity. With better immunity, cancer patients can remain healthy and away from danger. So consulting doctors from the best cancer hospital in Delhi or other locations and taking immediate treatment will help you stay healthy.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Keeping all other aspects apart, cancer patients must focus on a healthy diet. They should eat healthy food, such as grains, half-grains, green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. However, all vegetables and fruits are not suitable for cancer patients. Certain vegetables and fruits can grow cancer cells, so eating proper food and following a healthy diet and avoiding spicy and junk food will help you stay healthy during flu season and protect from cancer growth.

Quit Alcohol or Drink in Moderation

Many people think that avoiding alcohol may prevent cancer. This may not be true. One can limit alcohol since excessive consumption of alcohol may damage internal body organs and nerves. But, it may not have any relation to cancer cells. Avoiding alcohol is good, but if it is impossible, at least drink alcohol in moderation to avoid further risk of nerve damage. Drinking alcohol may reduce physical and emotional stress, which is good for cancer, but doctors do not recommend it. Despite drinking alcohol, it is better to perform yoga and meditation and engage in other activities to manage stress. Hence, people with cancer should follow these steps to stay healthy during flu season.

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