How to Add Bluetooth to Any PC (Easy Guide 2022)

How to Add Bluetooth to Any PC

Add Bluetooth to Any PC: Modern electronic devices have wireless communication capabilities that allow data and information to be transmitted wirelessly without the need for additional hardware. Bluetooth is one such technology, which allows for short-range wireless connectivity among devices.

Bluetooth functionality is still not available on most laptops and desktops. Hardware add-ons like dongles or network cards with Bluetooth capability are required to solve this problem.

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Bluetooth allows your computer to connect to many devices, making it more flexible in terms of connectivity. Bluetooth functionality makes it easier to connect devices such as your smartphone, printers, and wireless speakers.

How to add Bluetooth to your Computer

This section will discuss how to add Bluetooth hardware functionality on your computer if it doesn’t have Bluetooth. Once you have installed the Bluetooth device on your computer, we’ll discuss how to set it up.

Bluetooth Adapter

To enable Bluetooth connectivity on your computer that does not include Bluetooth, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter/dongle. If your motherboard expansion slots have been taken up by other components, this method can be useful.

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How to set up a Bluetooth adapter/dongle on your computer

  1. Connect the Bluetooth dongle to a USB port. The operating system should detect it automatically and make it fully functional.
  2. You will need to install drivers if the Bluetooth adapter/dongle does not detect the operating system, or it doesn’t connect to a device.
  3. Check if the driver CD or instruction manual is included with your product to install drivers
  4. Follow these instructions to install drivers. After the installation is complete, connect the device.

A Network Card

You can also add Bluetooth to your computer by installing a Bluetooth card. A wireless network card is the best solution if you want to add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality to your computer. You can setup a Bluetooth-enabled network card on your device by following these steps:

  1. Turn off your computer and remove the case from your computer to access its internal components
  2. Depending on which type of connector you have, place it in the appropriate slot (PCIe, PCIe, etc.). You should not force the components into the slots.
  3. To ensure a snug fit, screw in the brackets
  4. A USB connection is required for the Bluetooth component of the network card to function. Connect the cable to the motherboard’s empty USB header using the cable from your network card
  5. Check that connectors and headers are aligned properly.
  6. Now put the case back on, and turn on your device.
  7. Windows will normally automatically install the drivers necessary for your device to work. If the network card isn’t detected by Windows, you might need to manually install drivers
  8. After installing drivers, restart the computer and connect a Bluetooth device for testing functionality

How do you pair Bluetooth devices to your computer?

You may have noticed that Bluetooth functionality has been added to your computer. However, your Bluetooth device is not automatically connecting with your PC. These are the steps to connect your device.

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From Settings

To enable Bluetooth and to connect your device using the Settings menu.

  1. To open Settings, press the Windows key +I
  2. Select the Bluetooth & Devices tab. Devices
  3. To pair a device, use the Devices menu to click on the Add device button
  4. Select the device that you wish to connect in the new window. Wait until it is detected by your computer
  5. Check that your device is connected to your computer. Bluetooth is now available and can be found Once the device appears on your computer, click on it and the pairing process will begin

Control Panel

The Control Panel also allows you to pair a Bluetooth Device with your computer. This is how to do it:

  1. First, turn on pairing mode for the device you wish to connect with your computer
  2. Open Run on the PC and type Control To open the Control Panel
  3. Click on Hardware or Sound in the control panel.
  4. Click on the button below to continue Add a device Locate your device under the Devices and Printers section and wait for Windows to detect it
  5. Click on the device you wish to use. Next
  6. During setup, your PC might install certain files
  7. Check for functionality after your device has been paired.

Similar Questions

What should you do if Bluetooth is disabled?

You can restore Bluetooth functionality if your Bluetooth service has been disabled on your device by enabling them again from the action center or disabling plane mode.

These methods may not work. Bluetooth might be disabled by the Windows Services and/or the device manager for privacy/security reasons. You will need to restore Bluetooth on your device by going to the Device Manager and/or Windows Services.

If the Bluetooth service is not enabled from the BIOS, you can also enable it from there to restore Bluetooth functionality and allow devices again to connect to your computer.

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What should you do if Bluetooth doesn’t work?

If your Bluetooth device isn’t working, switching the Bluetooth off and on or restarting the device may help.

Sometimes, Bluetooth may stop working due to corrupted system drivers. If this happens, you can uninstall the driver and then reinstall it to restore Bluetooth functionality.

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