How to Add or Remove Bots on a Discord Server

Add or Remove Bots on a Discord Server: Discord is an all-platform text and voice chat application made specifically for gamers. While it is popular with gamers, the application is also utilized by groups and communities to meet and discuss the same subject. Create Discord servers, create a Discord server, and invite your friends. You can grant permissions to members and assign them various roles. Why should humans be the only ones to have to have all of the fun? We can include bots on the Discord server to add entertainment and additional features.

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Add or Remove Bots on a Discord Server

Discord has a variety of bots that can help cut down the need for human beings to run the servers and improve participation of members. The addition of bots to your server can let you manage the server and stream songs, watch videos and do a myriad of other activities.

How do you connect these bots on the discord server? We’ll go over the subject and more related knowledge in the article of today.

The types of Bots That You can Join to Discord

There are a variety of bots on discord. Some of the most important bots are listed below that provide users with an experience that makes the discord extremely enjoyable.

  • Music: The Music category of Bots allows users to listen to music via their servers. It utilizes various music streaming platforms to access and play music. Mee6, Octave, and Chillbot are among the most popular discord servers within this category.
  • Social: The range of services offered is from providing statistics on social media to informing that you have streams, this class of bots will provide you with the information with regard to social media content.
  • Fun: Fun Bots include those which enhance engagement on the server by using music, games and memes. The top bots for this type of bot are Dank Meme and Epic Free Games.
  • Moderation: These Bots help to block spammers and other disruptive users from being able to access the server. It is also possible to use it as an welcome bot. Pro bot as well as Dyno are two of the most popular choices within this category.
  • Utility: Utility bots are designed to provide you with live scores, news, and alerts , and can even help you with managing your members. QOTD is among the most most sought-after bots within this category.

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Include Bots in Discord Server

The permissions needed to run the server is the very first step to include bots. This will be automatically granted permission to manage your personal server. To obtain the bots, browse popular repositories such as Github and

We’ll begin the procedure required to add bots to your server. The process of adding bots to your servers will be able to work on PC and mobile devices.

  1. Go to the site of the Bot you wish to join the discord server. We’ll make use of this MEE6 bot to show the steps to you. The steps for other bots are similar.
  2. Now, click on Add Discord to Discord button.
  3. The name will appear on the screen of the discord servers you are on. Click Configure to connect with the server that you wish to have the bot for.
  4. You’ll be directed directly to your Discord Login page.
  5. You must now select the server you would like to place to run your bot on, and click Continue .
  6. Verify the permissions assigned to the bot. You can then deactivate it according to your choice.
  7. Then, click on Authorize .
  8. It will prompt you to provide final confirmation. Follow the prompt to connect the bot to the server.

Note Note: Some of these bots may get your personal information. So, make sure you add trusted bots and give permissions to these , but be cautious.

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Eliminate Bots and bots out of Discord Server

If the bots cease to be useful or there is a better alternative then you should eliminate them. Sometimes, they be an risk for the servers and its members too. In these instances you may be able to delete the bot and revoke the permissions it has.

For PC

  1. Click on the server’s name located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Go to Server Settings .
  3. On the left side On the Left panel, click into the Member menu. The Bot name on the members list.
  4. Select the 3 dots vertically on the side of the Bot.
  5. Choose to select the Option to Kick option.
  6. You will be asked for an explanation for why you should kick the Bot. Click the button.

Note Note: You can also connect the same bot to the server using the steps outlined earlier.

For Phones

  1. Choose the server on which in which you’ve got the bot enabled on.
  2. Click on the Server’s name.
  3. Tap on the Settings button.
  4. Find the Members Option to open it and then click on it.
  5. Then tap on the bot you’d like to eliminate and choose the Kick option.
  6. Then, you must confirm the removal.

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