How to Connect 2 TVs Together?

How to Connect 2 TVs Together : You may have seen a television store or media center that displays the same content on several screens. If you’ve thought about how they do it, it’s possible by using devices such as HDMI Splitter and Chromecast.

When you connect two TVs it is possible to stream live media on two TVs at once. In addition railway stations, airports and restaurants can also utilize this feature for their patrons convenience. Utilizing HDMI Splitter is the choice for connecting two TVs to the majority of people. There are however other alternatives that are better.

In this article, you’ll be taught the best way to link two televisions. Then, you’ll decide which would be the best choice for you.

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How to Connect Two TVs Together?

It is feasible with the help of a few additional devices. Before we get into the steps take note that you can watch the same content on both of your TVs using the techniques that are described below. However, if you’re interested in viewing different TV channels across two televisions using an identical cable, it’s impossible.

There are wired options such as HDMI Splitter. Likewise, a the wireless method, such as Chromecast is also a possibility to connect two TVs.

Using HDMI Splitter

The most basic and straightforward method to join two televisions is with an HDMI splitter. Because most HDMI splitters don’t support audio be sure to purchase an audio-capable splitter.

How to Connect Two TVs Together

Through an HDMI splitter you are able to split the signal coming from your cable box and then distribute it to two televisions. This is not just from the TV box but also make use of your PC as an input source.

  1. Find an HDMI splitter.
  2. Attach the power cable to the splitter, then connect it to the outlet.
How to Connect Two TVs Together
  1. Take 2 HDMI cables , and connect the other cable into the ports for OUT in the divider.
  2. Connect the two other ends of the televisions.
  3. Connect the HDMI IN Splitter Cable to TV source and then you’re done. It will show the same content on both televisions.
How to Connect Two TVs Together

Note Note: If there is an RCA input on your TV, it is recommended to utilize an RCA to HDMI converter.

Using HDMI Over Cat5e/6 Splitter

HDMI Over Cat5e/6 splitter uses the ethernet as well as HDMI cables for connecting two televisions. The device is comprised of two parts which are a transmitter as well as a receiver. The cable can be quite messy when using this device. However, there are better advantages to using HDMI cable, which will be described in the section on comparison below.

How To Extend HDMI Signal To Multiple Remote Displays (HDMI Over Cat5e/6 Splitter)

  1. Get an HDMI Over Cat5e/6 Splitter.
  2. Make use of an HDMI cable and connect one end to the HDMI IN port on the transmitter.
  3. Connect the other end to the HDMI out port on the cable box, or to your PC.
  4. Make two lengths of the LAN cable with a adequate length. Connect one end into the RJ45 port of the transmitter.
  5. Attach the LAN cable’s opposite end to receiver component of the splitter.
  6. Take another set of HDMI cables. Connect them to the HDMI out port on the receiver.
  7. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable with your HDMI IN port on the TV. Once the connection is completed it is possible to connect two TVs with ease.

Using Chromecast

Making content available from your device to your TV is now easier by Chromecast. It is a secure connection that allows two TVs to be connected together. It is wire-free and doesn’t require any additional equipment. But before you proceed with this method, make sure your TV is Chromecast-compatible. Additionally, ensure that you have the same Wi-Fi connection to your laptop and both TVs.

How to Connect Two TVs Together
  1. Start Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. After that, tap the menu button located at the top-right in the Google window.
  3. Select Cast from the options available.
  4. Select your Chromecast device. It’s the first TV on which you’ll be casting the content you have downloaded from your computer.
  5. You can then open a new browser in Chrome. It is done using CTRL + N simultaneously.
  6. Repeat the steps from the steps 1 to 4. This time, however, you must select the second TV.
  7. When you have completed these steps, the content of that initial Chrome window is recast to the TV that you first turned on, and contents from the second Chrome window will be cast onto the second TV.
How to Connect Two TVs Together

What if your TV doesn’t have integrated Chromecast capabilities? You don’t have to fret you can buy an individual Chromecast device and make use of it to cast to both TVs. There is no need to purchase a separate Chromecast to use on two TVs.

You’ll also need an additional pair of HDMI cables as well as a piece of HDMI splitter for Chromecast.

  1. Attach the cable for power from Chromecast directly to the source of electricity and then turn the power supply on.
  2. Make sure you have an HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI IN port on the HDMI splitter.
How to Connect Two TVs Together
  1. Bring two HDMI cables and connect them to each HDMI output port on the splitter.
  2. Connect the other end of the cables to HDMI IN ports of two TVs, one at a time.
  3. After you’ve connected It’s time to connect to your computer.

Utilizing Coaxial Splitter and Comcast

If you are a subscriber to cable from Comcast it is possible to make use of a coaxial splitter connect two TVs. The cable box provided by Comcast includes a COAX out port as well as an HDMI output port which makes it possible to connect a coaxial splitter.

  1. Choose a coaxial cable and connect its other end to the COAX out port of the box for cable.
  2. The other end of the cable to connect to the COAX IN on the splitter.
  3. Take a pair coax cables and connect the one ends of both cables to each OUT port of the splitter.
How to Connect 2 TVs Together
  1. Use the ends of these two cables and connect them to in the port for COAX of your TVs. Once that is done, they’re prepared to display the same content on both televisions.

HDMI Splitter Vs. HDMI Over Cat5e/6 Splitter Vs. Chromecast

If you’ve learned the different ways to connect two TVs and you’re probably wondering what is the best choice for you. Each comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. We’ll provide some information to help you make an informed decision.

How to Connect Two TVs Together

HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitters are an affordable option if you’re setting up two TVs in your home or at a smaller distance. HDMI cables produce amazing picture quality when placed within a distance of less than 10 meters. However, when the distance between the source and your TV is greater than 10 meters TV signals may be degraded because of the latency.

Be aware that the price of HDMI cables rises with increasing length. A lot of users reported having encountered screen flickering issues when using HDMI. Additionally the majority of HDMI splitters don’t have audio support. Prices can be slightly higher when it comes to one that is compatible with audio. Therefore, you should choose HDMI cables in the event that you don’t have a substantial gap between the HDMI splitter and your TV.

HDMI Over Cat5e/6 Splitter

HDMI Over Cat5e/6 splitter may be a viable alternative to bypass the limitations of an HDMI splitter. This is the most commonly utilized device to connect more than two televisions. It’s ideal for larger distances and can handle more TVs. It utilizes Ethernet cables that have superior resistance to interference than HDMI.

How to Connect 2 TVs using HDMI

However, using this device may be a hassle since it makes cables for HDMI cables and the LAN cables. If you aren’t a fan of the messiness of wires, this product isn’t suitable for you. It’s higher priced than HDMI splitters, too. Furthermore, audio transmission is not feasible with this unit. Make your selection according to.


Purchase Chromecast Chromecast is much cheaper than purchasing a second device that can connect two televisions. The quality of the video on Chromecast is far superior to the other devices.

How to Connect Two TVs Together

If your TV is equipped with Chromecast compatibility, you’ll need the HDMI splitter in order to join two televisions. Similar advantages and disadvantages are the same as those we have previously discussed within this HDMI divider section and by this you will know How to Connect Two TVs Together in 2022.

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