How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife

How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife : Bitlife can provide everything it has to offer the real world, all in the form of a device that is at your control. Beginning with being a renowned Youtuber to the possibility of becoming a YouTuber to buying a farm for yourself it is impossible to find something that you cannot accomplish within the game. 

How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife in 2022

If you choose to take the wrong way and go off the beaten path in the wild and committing crimes, the game comes with prisons, too. They have regular prisons, with minimum to moderate security, and high security prisons in Bitlife. You’ll be sentenced according to the offense you have committed. But, no one likes being trapped in one of these jails, so most likely, you’ll want to get out. 

However, jailbreaks aren’t like a stroll in the park. To save you from being in prison We have compiled all jail maps available in Bitlife and the best way to get out from Prison. this is How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife using these tricks.

How can I Escape from Prison within Bitlife?

There is a security guard who is on the board with you. He’ll make two moves for every move you take. He won’t just make two steps in any direction, but he will do those moves toward you in a horizontal direction, first starting. If the guard is able to catch you while you are escaping and you are caught, you’ll be sentenced to an additional few time added on your sentences for attempting to escape.

The trick is to stop the security guard inside the maze’s walls to ensure that his movement is controlled, which allows you to escape from the prison in BitLife. There are three sided boxes inside the Bitlife prison where he could be locked in, and it is easy to move toward escape.

Minimum Security and Medium Maps of the Prison

These are the minimum or maximum jail map options for escape from Bitlife.

  • 1. 3×4 Prison Map
  • 2. 3×5 Prison Map
  • 3. 4×4 Prison Map
  • 4. Map 2 of 4×4 prison Map 2
  • 5. Prisoner 4×4 Map Map 3
  • 6. 5×4 Prison Map
  • 7. 5×5 Prison Map
  • 8. 5×6 Prison Map
  • 9. 5×7 Prison Map
  • 10. 5×7 prison Map 2
  • 11. 6×5 Prison Map
  • 12. 6×6 Prison Map
  • 13. Map 2 Prison Map 2
  • 14. 7×4 Prison Map

Maximal Safety Prison Maps in Bitlife

Maximum security prisons are an extremely difficult nut to get out of and escape from Bitlife. You’ll end up in the maximum security prison only after having committed serious crimes such as the murder of a loved one or even attempted murder.

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  • 1. Eightx7 Map of the Prison Layout
  • 2. 8.x8 prison map layout
  • 3. 8.x8 prison map layout
  • 4. Eightx8 Map of the Prison Layout
  • 5. 8.x8 prison map layout
  • 6. 8.x8 prison map layout
  • 7. Eightx8 Map of the Prison Layout
  • 8. Eightx8 Map of the Prison Layout
  • 9. Eightx8 Map of the Prison Layout

This concludes our guide to help you escape prison in Bitlife. If you’d like to learn the best way to stay fitter and stay fit in Bitlife then check this guide for ways you can improve your athleticism in Bitlife. it is easy to learn How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife using these tricks.

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