How do you create wood in Little Alchemy : If you want to know making wood in little alchemy then you need to read this article in detail.

  • tool + tree

Video How to make WOOD using Little Alchemy

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What can you create using wooden pieces within Little Alchemy?

Combine withCreate
firecampfire + charcoal + smoke
fishfishing rod
horseTrojan Horse
houselog cabin
Wild animalbeaver

Wood Walkthrough in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. the combination of water and air = rain.
  3. earth + fire = lava
  4. Earth + water = water + earth =
  5. air + lavas = stone
  6. Earth + rain = plant
  7. Stone + fire = metal
  8. Air + Stone = Sand
  9. glass made of sand + fire
  10. mud + plant = swamp
  11. energy + swamp = life
  12. earth + life = human
  13. Sand + glass = time
  14. Metal + human = tool
  15. plant + time = tree
  16. Tool + Tree = Wood

HOW TO MAKE WOOD IN LITTLE ALCHEMY : Here are nine tips to create wooden pieces in Little Alchemy. Check out these alchemy tips and enjoy the adventure. It is easy to comprehend the tips and tricks to alchemy. Consider all the possible methods that you can get the wood you need from the tree and easily think of the necessary combinations.

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Wood can be made by using Little Alchemy by making the nine combinations available.

Cheat 1: Axe and Forest

If you’re in a woods, you’ll need an axe to ensure that you can slice the trees and harvest wood. It’s a straightforward combination.

Cheat 2: Axe and Tree

Similar to the previous hint. You’ll need an axe, and smash it into branches of trees branches to make wood.

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Cheat 3: Chainsaw and Forest

The chain saw nowadays is typically used to cut timber into smaller pieces. If you’re going to the forest using a chainsaw, then you can quickly come back with plenty of wood. To know HOW TO MAKE WOOD IN LITTLE ALCHEMY is not easy at all.

Cheat 4: Chainsaw and Tree

The same login. Chainsaw is required and we make use of it to remove wood from the trees.

Cheat 5: Lumberjack and Forest

“Lumberjack” Lumberjack is used to describe an individual who works with cutting of wood as well as its subsequent processing in the north american culture. This is logical.

Cheat 7: Lumberjack and Tree

Lumberjacks are the people who is primarily involved in cutting down trees. This is a significant to have a large mix.

Cheat 6: Tool and Forest

Metal tools are able to help you cut through the wood. This is an option that is feasible for our scenario.

Cheat 9: Tool and Tree

The tool can be used to break any type of bam and break it.

Cheat 8: Sword and Tree

It is not a common sight these times. However, it is able to fulfill a need and can take longer to trim a tree.

We are now hopeful that you’ll know how to create wood in Little Alchemy.

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We’ve listed 64 cheats as well as hints of items you can create out of wood, and combine with other elements to make small amounts of alchemy. Wood +

  1. Story tells the story of Pinocchio
  2. Stream creates bridge
  3. Swordfish creates fishing rods
  4. Tobacco makes pipe
  5. Tool makes an axe
  6. Tree makes a treehouse
  7. Air is a flutes
  8. Animals make beaver
  9. Bees create beehives
  10. Birds make woodpeckers
  11. Blades make axes and swords
  12. Blender makes paper
  13. Bows make arrows
  14. The bullet makes an arrow
  15. Charcoal makes pencil
  16. Cheese is a micetraps
  17. Coal makes pencil
  18. Container creates bucket and fireplace
  19. Cook makes cutting board
  20. The corpse is the coffin
  21. Earth makes plow
  22. Fabric is used to make tents and drums.
  23. Field creates fence and plow
  24. Campfires are made by fire, and charcoal, smoke and charcoal
  25. Fish make fishing rods
  26. Fruit makes fruit tree
  27. Garden makes fence
  28. Glass creates mirrors
  29. Hay makes a broom
  30. Horse makes trojan horse
  31. House makes log cabin
  32. Humans are the ones who make lumberjacks and tools.
  33. Snow is made of ice.
  34. Juice makes popsicle
  35. Lake creates boat
  36. Drums made of leather
  37. Letter makes mailbox
  38. Wall creates fence
  39. Paper and water make a boat.
  40. Wheels make cart
  41. Wind plays the flute
  42. Wine creates barrels
  43. Wire makes bow
  44. Wizard creates wand
  45. Wood creates walls
  46. Life makes pinocchio
  47. Machine makes paper
  48. Mailman makes mailbox
  49. Metal is the material that makes tools
  50. Music makes drum
  51. Ocean makes boat
  52. Paper makes book
  53. Pencil makes ruler
  54. Piranha makes fishing rod
  55. Plant is what makes a the tree
  56. Pressure makes paper
  57. River is the cause of bridges and boats
  58. Rock creates tools
  59. Rope forms bow
  60. Sea is the reason for boats
  61. Snow creates snowboards
  62. Sound makes bell
  63. Steel is the material that makes tools
  64. Stone makes an axe and a tool

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