How to Record Audio on a Mac ( Best 2 ways )

Do you want to know how to record audio on a Mac ? We have a variety of options, such as the screen recorder for free that you can use on the internet, desktop applications which you can download from the internet, as well as built-in tools. Find out how you can record audio with a make use of Voice Memos voice recording program on a Mac. Voice Memos voice recorder on Mac. Mac

The best choice for simple voice recordings that sync to all iOS devices.

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How to Record Audio on a Mac in 2022

It is a built-in voice recorder that is available on Mac computers. It’s free and user-friendly. It is recommended to record conversations, meetings and memos or ideas. Simply put you need to you click Record and then Stop and then press to save. There’s nothing simpler than that. You can perform some basic editing using the integrated tools of the app in case you require. After that, save the audio file to cloud or to your Mac to be able to access it on different Apple devices. It is ideal for techno novices, it’s user-friendly and recording time is limitless.

We strongly recommend this program to be one of the most effective methods of recording audio on Macs. Mac.

Here’s how you can record voice on the Mac with Voice Memos:

  1. Launch the Voice Memos application.
  2. Click the red button or utilize the functions of the Touch Bar (if you have the latest MacBook Pro.)
  3. If necessary, stop your recording and then click Resume to resume.
  4. Select “Done” to complete your recording.
  5. Access your recording through the Preferences to edit or playback.
  6. You can sync across all the Apple gadgets to play (or modify) your audio recordings through iCloud.

How do you make use of using the QuickTime Player audio recorder on an Mac

Ideal for easy audio recordings

The included Mac software tool is able to be used for recording video or audio. It is usually praised for its video-playing and streaming capabilities, however QuickTime Player actually offers more than just that. It actually can also be an Mac recording tool. Its interface is friendly for users and overall, it’s easy to use. The only drawback is it does not have the capacity to record audio from the system itself. It is necessary to install another program like Soundflower to accomplish this. For recording your audio, you can either utilize the built-in microphone, or use an external microphone to get better sound quality in your recordings.

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Follow the instructions below to find out how to record audio from your computer on your Mac using QuickTime Player.

  1. Launch your QuickTime Player app, click File > New Audio Recording.
  2. On the Options pop-up menu, select the microphone and the recording quality level. The volume slider can be used to adjust the volume.
  3. Press to press the button to record button or utilize the functions available on the Touch Bar (if you have recently purchased a MacBook Pro.)
  4. To stop recording, click to record and then once more to restart.
  5. Select the Stop button to close.
  6. Select Edit > Trim to cut the audio file.
  7. Name your file and save it and then select the location where you’d like to save the file.

How do you record sound on an Mac online using

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Ideal for recording screens using the sound of a voice or computer system sounds

If you’re looking for a way you can record your voice using the Mac, Screen Capture is the right choice. Screen Capture, a user-friendly screen recording program, allows you to take audio recordings on the Mac using a microphone or through the computer’s audio function. The online software can record audio from your system, voice and activity on your web browser, or any music you’re streaming or playing through your PC. 

It can be done with just a few clicks and the recorded recording is assured to be HD and safe. Simply record your podcasts, calls via virtual meetings Then save and share. You’ll need move to the premium version of this program if do not want your files to be accompanied by watermarks. The paid version is affordable and is worth it for those who want an elegant look.

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Here’s how to record sound on your computer using a Mac online:

  1. Go to’s website. website.Go to
  2. Select the output type you prefer such as mic (voice) and computer audio (internal computer sound) according to the type of audio you wish to record.
  3. Click to Record Now. Click Start Recording, then click to stop recording after you’ve completed.
  4. Save the file to your computer, then upload it to a site, or even share it on the internet.

How do you record voice on an Mac using Movavi Screen Recorder

The best choice for recording screens using sound – both computer system sounds

The software is user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to capture internal replay. An ideal choice for beginners or professionals, you are able to create your own screen videos using internal audio or various external and internal sources. It is easy to change between audio and video recordings easily and be assured that both outputs are of high-quality. 

It is a great choice for recording live audio streaming meetings, podcasts as well as online tutorials. You can easily set the sound input options and the audio quality is clear and crisp. Edit your audio or voice recording using the built-in editing tools. If you’re involved in professional projects, it might be beneficial to think about upgrading to the premium paid version to get more options and the ability to get rid of the watermark.

If you’re running Mac OS X, record audio using movavi’s Screen Recorder.

  1. Install and download Movavi Screen Recorder..
  2. Start the program and choose the option to record. Choose Microphone or System Audio according to your specific project. If you do not want the Webcam to capture video, disable Webcam. camera on the Web.
  3. To begin recording To begin recording, simply select REC to begin recording. ensure that the computer’s audio is turned on.
  4. Make use of editing tools to cut out excess audio.
  5. Click Export > MP3 to save the audio track, and then select save.

How do you create computer sound on an Mac using GarageBand

The best for audio recordings to aid in music production

This powerful audio editing and recording software is free and built into the Mac software. It is sometimes referred to as an audio workstation digital because of its numerous options, it’s recommended for all voice recordings or audio recording made using an Mac computer. It is a high-quality tool for professionals or beginners to record audio podcasts, soundtracks audio files, as well as voiceovers for video. 

Although the interface is user-friendly, there’s an early learning curve starting out. If you are looking for more challenging projects, you may want to test the many options for mixing tracks as well as the addition of synths and loops in post-production. This program is very popular with musicians and new artists who love this software which allows them to create high-quality studio recordings.

This is how you can record sound on your computer using this Mac recorder.

  1. Start the GarageBand application.
  2. Select audio as the type of track.
  3. On Settings > Sounds In System Preferences > Sound, choose Input and then select your mic (built-in as well as external).
  4. In the GarageBand application, click Create a New Music Project.
  5. Save your file with the name Save as and after which select Save As, then click.
  6. Click on the track’s head to choose the initial track. Then, click Track > Remove Track then the Track menu, which is New Track..
  7. In the pop-up, select the Real Instrument Track and then select Create. to create.
  8. Within the Track Information panel, click Vocals > None effects.
  9. Make sure you double-check the audio inputs by checking your “Input Source” pop-up.
  10. Press Record Next, click play for a stop to the recording.
  11. Utilize the playback tools to review or edit your recordings.
  12. You can save your files Then save it it to GarageBand or export it to Share > Send the Song via iTunes.

How do you record your voice using Audacity

Ideal for Voice audio recordings as well as editing that are of professional high-end

The software comes with features and can be used on Macs PCs, Macs, as well as Linux computers. It lets you record your voice and edit it using its built-in tools for editing audio. Its interface is not as easy as some other applications available, however, once you understand how it functions you’ll reap the advantages. It’s ideal to record and edit audio or voice recordings for songs, podcasts and external audio for video or voiceovers. 

Once you’ve recorded your file, you can edit your audio using editing tools and make use of the effects available like noise reduction or voice generation. the management of tracks. There are a variety of plug-ins available to enhance the recording. You can’t really record internally without installing another program such as Soundflower. Save your audio file in different formats and export it to another format.

Here’s how to record sound using you Mac with Audacity:

  1. Install and download Audacity.
  2. Start the program, and then check the microphone in the Primary Sound Capture section..
  3. In the upper dropdown menu, choose the Tracks tab, then Add New and Stereo..
  4. To record, click on the red circle that is located on the left-hand corner of the screen.
  5. To pause, press the pause button and then to stop, click the yellow button. Playback can be played by clicking the play button.
  6. Modify the file using The Effects program..
  7. Select “File > Export” and select the desired format of the file (e.g. MP3, WAV or MP3 format) and then the Export tab, File..


Now you’re aware of the different methods to record audio using your Mac. If you’re not certain what app to pick there are a few things to take into consideration.

Features Consider whether you would like to record audio only , or want to use the screen recording function too. Also, pay attention to editing tools as well as export formats.

User-friendliness Review the interface of the program and make sure it’s simple for you to use the program.

Support Check whether the program provides technical support should you encounter problems.

Reviews Read user reviews to find out about the pros and cons of this application.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have an audio recorder that runs on Macs? Mac?

The Voice Memos application is a no-cost Mac integrated. It’s easy to use and useful when you own additional iOS devices as the recordings are saved to the cloud, and are accessible from various Apple devices. 

An excellent option to record voice memos, meetings podcasts, conversations or even your thoughts for your book! Utilize the built-in microphone, an external headset that is compatible as well as an additional stereo mic (for better quality results). Editing and trimming can be accomplished using the comfort of your MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, or iPad. Its simplicity is appealing to novices as well as professionals.

How can I record my own internal audio on Mac? Mac? is an excellent choice to record internal audio on an Mac. There are a few audio recorders that Mac software supports this feature and of the few with it, the one that does one is certainly one of the easiest to use. 

This free screen recording program is great to record streams of live audio streaming, internet calls, meetings, activities in your internet browser, or audio in your computer. It takes only three simple steps to recording your Mac computer’s audio internal to it. Use these guidelines to complete your recording

  1. Select the computer’s audio output option, and then disable the microphone.
  2. Click to Record Now. and then End Recording after you are completed.
  3. Record your audio files from your internal device on your computer, or share it on the internet.

What is the most effective audio recording software available for Mac?

  • Voice Memos
  • QuickTime Player
  • Movavi Screen Recorder
  • GarageBand
  • Audacity

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