How to record audio on Windows ( Best 2 Ways )

How to record audio on Windows : Are you interested in learning how to record audio on windows computer? This article will review various recording software, including the web-based screen recorder and desktop applications and even a built-in

Let’s begin by introducing the easiest and fastest method to record audio on a PC. We’ll introduce you to Screen Capture – an online program that records audio from PCs at no cost. It doesn’t matter if you need to record audio from the speakers or video replay or the internal audio that comes through your PC, you are able to easily perform it online and for no cost.

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Record audio on Windows

The graber has an easy interface that is easy to use. It is possible to record audio and video simultaneously, or in separate. Webcam recording also is supported.

Advantages of Screen Capture:

  • You don’t have to install any software on your PC.
  • The application has a user-friendly interface and clear setting.
  • It produces quality output documents.

Disadvantages of Screen Capture:

  • There are no Audio editing tools
  • No option of output formats
  • The video has a watermark in the version that is free

This is a brief guide on how to record audio using an online computer.

Step 1. Click Screen Capture in order to capture computer sound

Start the application within the browser you are using to capture sounds on your computer.

Step 2. Set up the recording system for audio and set up audio

To record the audio on your PC to record audio, turn on your computer’s Audio icon. If you’re looking to record audio from your microphone or speakers then click the microphone icon.

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Click the Start Recording button to record the audio that is playing. Give the microphone access as well as webcam. The privacy of your data will be safe!

Click the tab to begin recording.

Step 3. Save the file

After you’re done, you can download the file from the site directly to your personal computer. Your files are secure to you. No one else can access your recordings only you.

Also, you can check out the computer recorder and utilize the advanced setting to capture the system audio.

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How can I record sound from an audio device using Audacity

Ideal for: professional recording of audio and audio editing

The other method to get system audio is using a desktop software such as Audacity. It’s a program for free which can grab internal audio from macOS and GNU/Linux. It also works on Windows (including Windows 7) as well as other operating systems.

Benefits of this program:

  • It includes advanced audio editing tools as well as a variety of audio effects.
  • It comes with a range of output formats, including MP3.
  • The program is completely cost-free.

Disadvantages of Audacity:

  • A challenging interface that has a huge variety of settings
  • There is no screen recording or webcam.
  • Sometimes audio effects can affect the quality of the audio

We’ll now teach you how to record your desktop audio using Audacity.

Step 1. Download the app

Visit the Audacity website and download the software onto your personal computer.

Step 2. Select the appropriate settings and then record the audio.

Before recording before recording, you must select the right settings. The primary parameters are audio host as well as loopback device and to know how to record audio on windows you need to know this.

If you’re recording sound on Windows 11 it is necessary to select Windows WASAPI audio host. In the menu of loopback devices select the Stereo Mix option to record internal audio.

After you’ve completed your recording settings, press then the record button.

Step 3. Save the recording

If you’d like to include effects it is possible to do so at any time after you have recorded. However, we advise saving the file first.

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Click on the File tab, then select from the File tab and then the Save Project Option. Export the file to your hard drive and then continue editing audio. If something does go wrong, you’ll be able to access an audio backup in your personal computer.

How do I record sounds on an electronic device using Movavi Screen Recorder is ideal for screen recording and basic editing.

Another desktop application that allows you to record audio using a PC can be Movavi Screen Recorder and record audio on windows is easy if you want to know this. It’s a simple recording application which can record sounds from the system including microphone, screen and even webcam. The application also allows you to perform basic editing, such as cutting and trimming out any unwanted fragments.

Benefits of the program:

  • Simple interface
  • Basic editing tools
  • The option to schedule recordings

Disadvantages of Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Only one audio format is available for export
  • The free version is not without limitations.

Learn how to record audio on a computer using the Movavi Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download the recorder

Get the install file to your OS then install the application and then start it.

Step 2. Record audio on windows

Select to the audio recording button in the sidebar.

Make sure that the system audio button is turned on and the microphone’s recording feature is off. Press start recording. Stop the recording whenever you need to.

Step 3. Save the recording

You can now trim your music or cut off unnecessary parts. Make use of the cutter tool to make cuts and eliminate the parts that you don’t require. Choose Export Select the output folder, then select save.

How do you make audio files on computer using the built-in Windows tool is ideal for basic audio recordings on Windows

The final option we’d like to recommend is the integrated Windows tool called Windows Voice Recorder. It’s the most convenient method users of Windows users to access external audio. It’s as simple as checking the accessibility of the microphone in your computer and then record your voice.

However, the tool can only be used for recording microphones. It can’t record audio on windows in your PC.

Benefits of the tool:

  • Simple and quick access
  • No installation
  • It is also possible to use offline

Disadvantages of Windows Voice Recorder:

  • No internal audio recording
  • There are no tools for editing audio

Learn how to record audio on a computer using the built-in Windows application.

Step 1. Check your microphone

The first step is to ensure whether your microphone is on. Go to the settings of your system and select the Input tab. There you can select which microphone you want to use from the dropdown menu, and then adjust the volume.

Step 2. Open Windows Voice Recorder

Start from the Launch menu, and then search for Windows Voice Recorder using the search bar. Click on the icon of the program to launch the program.

Step 3. Record your audio

There’s a microphone icon in your display. Click it to start talking. Keep your microphone close to hear clearer sound.

Once you’re finished when you’re finished recording, stop recording. The file will be saved in that folder. Recordings folder. Recordings directory.


You’re not sure which recorder to choose? These factors can help you pick the most appropriate recorder.

Features If you just need to take audio recordings, virtually any app for recording will accomplish the task. However, if you want to edit your recordings ensure that the application has the tools for editing and by record audio on windows you can know this. If you’re looking to export your recordings in a specific format, you can check the formats that are supported for output.

Interface Certain programs may have an unintuitive interface and you should try to find an app that is simple to use.

OS Check that the program you’ve selected will work with your operating system.

Support is a huge benefit if an application comes with technical assistance for users.

Frequently asked questions

How do I record audio using Windows?

To record audio for Windows you can utilize any of these tools such as An on-line audio recording tool as well as a desktop software or the standard Windows tool.

Learn how to record audio using a computer online.

Step 1. Go to the Screen Capture website.

Step 2. Select the type of sound you wish to record – system sounds, or both.

Step 3. Take the audio and save it to your desktop.

How do I make audio recordings from my computer for no cost?

There are three methods to capture internal sounds no cost. You can make use of Screen Capture (an online grabber), Audacity (a desktop recorder) as well as Windows Voice Recorder (a included Windows application).

If you’re looking to record not only audio, but also screen or webcam, then try Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s a sophisticated desktop application that comes with many recording capabilities. For instance, you can program recordings, show your keyboard and add the effects of mouse movements.Download Movavi Screen Recorder for Windows Download Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

Do you know if Windows 10 have an audio recorder?

Yes there is an Windows audio grabber allows you to record your voice, as well as other sounds from outside. It’s important to note that it can’t record audio that is playing on your computer.

For internal sound recordings to capture internal sounds, you can use Screen Capture or Audacity. Both applications are accessible for free. Screen Capture is an online tool, which is why it’s easier to use for recording quick video and record audio on windows is solved. Audacity is a desktop software that’s ideal for recording professional audio and editing audio.

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