How to Scan QR Code ( Best 5 ways )

How to Scan QR Code : A QR (Quick Response) code has streamlined our life in numerous ways. It’s an easy technology that’s become into the mainstream and is now an essential tool to provide a quick and easy method of completing certain tasks. If you’ve noticed that it’s everywhere in our world. It can be used to connect Wi-Fi or make a purchase and open certain websites, and more.

How to scan QR Code in 2022

If you’re an Android or iOS user, both platforms include a built-in QR scanner. Your mobile phone’s camera app can read the QR code. In addition, we’ll provide you with other methods for scanning the QR code with your mobile.

How to Scan QR Code on the Phone Screen

Scanning the QR code is simpler than you imagine. Simply place your camera in front of the code and it will complete the job. Additionally, you can utilize Google lens, or an in-built scanner, to examine the code and this way you can know how to scan qr code on the phone screen.

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Using In-built Scanner

How to scan qr code : Modern mobile phones feature built-in scanners that allow you to scan QR codes without having to rely on third-party applications and you can know how to set up firestick only when you can explore this. It is possible to use the built-in QR scanner to complete the majority of QR-related functions, including accessing Wi-Fi or accessing the Web site, etc.

If your phone supports the built-in QR scanner Here’s how to make use of it with your phone’s mobile and how to scan QR code using scanner :

  1. Open the Control Center/Notification Panel.
  2. Navigate to QR Scanner. After that, Tap on it.
  3. Grant the Camera Permission when you are asked to.
  4. Then you can point your camera at then scan the QR code to scan it.

Using Camera App

It’s possible that you aren’t aware however, you are able to use your camera app of choice to function as an QR scanner. However, not every device could support this feature within their camera apps. However, you could at least test and see if the feature is working.

On Android

  1. Open your default Camera app.
  2. The camera should be pointed towards to the QR Code. The symbol of QR codes will show up in a small size.
  3. Click on the QR code icon, and you will see the QR result will be displayed to you on the device.
  4. There is a Connect option and Go to Webpage depending upon the QR code’s linked to the website Wi-Fi network or other networks.

On iPhone

  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Make sure to point the camera at that QR code.
  3. A QR-code notification will appear on the top. Simply tap it to connect, or go to the website and its said that how to scan qr code using your paytm app is also shown.

Using Google Lens

Google Lens is a powerful tool for image recognition that can help to recognize objects. It is possible that you have used it to translate text and find images. In addition you can also utilize this application to scan QR codes. If you don’t have the application then you can download it by visiting your local store and how to scan QR code using your google lens is shown below.

If you’re not interested in installing it, you could utilize the Google application. The Google app comes with the built-in Google Lens feature. These steps are taken in the Google app, using Google Lens and how to set up firestick is not easy when you don’t know to connect it.

  1. Launch the Google application.
  2. Select to the Google lens icon.
  3. Click on Search using your device.
  4. Then, point your device towards the QR Code.
  5. The QR code will be loaded onto it. Simply Tap onto it in order to display the link.

Other Alternative Methods

Certain phones don’t come with an integrated QR scanner, or if you are unable to locate the QR scanner in your device. It is possible to install a scanning software from third party vendors that could aid you in completing simple tasks for no cost. It is possible to try applications such as Kaspersky QR Code Reader, QR Reader for iPhone, QR scanner, etc.

If you’re looking for additional features, you might need to pay a particular amount in order to get them. Also, don’t simply install and run scanners that scan QRs since not all apps can provide what they claim to. Additionally, certain apps could take your personal information. This is why you should not install third-party apps without thoroughly reading the review or conducting a thorough research.

How to Scan a QR Code Directly From a Photo or Screenshot?

How to Scan QR Code : If there is a photograph or a screen shot or a screenshot of the QR code stored on your device, you are able to directly utilize it without having to scan it somewhere else. You can utilize Google’s Google lens. Here’s how to accomplish this using your phone’s mobile:

  1. Launch the Google application.
  2. Click onto the Google Lens icon. Give the Files and Media permission when asked.
  3. Find the QR code image and then open it.
  4. When you have opened that QR code, hold it for several seconds. After that, it will show Join Network, or if it’s a website, just click the link.

How to Scan QR Code for Specific Apps?

Sometimes, the default scanner application may not function in the event that you try to scan the QR code for particular apps. In this situation, you might need scanning the QR code using the official apps and to know how to set up firestick is very easy process. For instance, we have given the steps for the Discord application.

You can make use of discord’s QR scanner to sign into Discord quickly on other devices. Here’s how to use it using your mobile phone and How to Scan QR Code in mobile is also shown:

  1. Start Discord in your mobile.
  2. Visit the profile of the user.
  3. Tap on Scan QR Code .
  4. Use your camera on your device to scan the Discord’s Scan QR Code.
  5. Click on Yes, log me in. Then, Hit Continue.

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