IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review: Worth It Or Forget It?

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

IcyBreeze Cooler: It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it in Shark Tank or on Amazon it’s safe to say it got you thinking. The design is unusual, the functions are fascinating and makes us many people wonder but is it the only thing that can keep you cool in the summer?

I’ll answer that as well as any other questions you may have regarding the portable AC/cooler in this comprehensive review!

Product Information

  • Interior Dimensions: 18.5″ x 11.25″ x 11″
  • Exterior Dimensions: 23″ x 16.25″ x 18.5″
  • Weight: 21 lbs

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What Is IcyBreeze?

IcyBreeze is a cooler, as well as an air conditioning. It is a 38-quart unit and is able to hold plenty of ice or drinks.

IcyBreeze IcyBreeze is constructed from polyethylene which is the most well-known kind of plastic found across the world. It is extremely strong and resistant to breaking and break, which means you need not worry about the strength that comes with the IcyBreeze.

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

It is a great choice for coolers – they claim on their site the fact that the ice in it will last for up to 7 days at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the event that you only use it to cool. I’m not entirely sure I am convinced but the fact is that it’s easy to make it through a very hot day using IcyBreeze.

It’s the best option If you’re just looking for an ice maker. It’s a lot of money as well as heavy (21lbs) and you’ll never receive the value you pay for. It’s because it’s intended to be portable air conditioners that’s the reason it’s costly.

However, the dual-in-one function of this device is remarkable and can change how you travel and camp in the summer months.

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How Does It Work?

In the cooler part of the IcyBreeze it comes with no surprises in the way it works. You put the ice and drinks inside, and the the ice melts slowly, keeping beverages cool. However, the AC part of the unit is where things become interesting.

In the beginning, you must be aware that IcyBreeze is a device that uses only water and ice to blow out cold air. It does not use Freon or other chemical. It has three settings for the speed of its fan (low medium, medium, and high) and battery life depends upon the settings you select.

Naturally the battery lasts longest on the lowest settings (up up to six hours) while it will be drained the most quickly at the highest level (about 2.5 hour).

The way it operates is that it draws out the air from the outside, then it drags it into the radiator, which cools the air. IcyBreeze also offers continuous power, which allows you to work throughout the day at any. However, you’ll have to replenish the ice and the frequency depends on the setting you select.

There’s vents in the middle of this cooler, and cold air is blown out from it. It also has an adjustable grill that lets you change the direction of cold air, which is quite useful. However, that’s not the only enjoyable part. The IcyBreeze comes with an elongated hose at its top. It is possible to remove it from the vent, and then position it however you’d like and it will remain in the position you want it to be.

This is extremely beneficial when you need to alter the direction of air that is blowing – at times you’d like to cool down, but don’t want the cold air blowing into your face.

What can you do after all of the ice has gone when you’re left with gallons flowing water in the IcyBreeze? The answer is that there’s an empty drain hose located on near the top of the coolerthat allows you to empty it.

Furthermore, as the IcyBreeze only runs on water and Ice (no Freon), it’s completely safe to flush it outside. Additionally, it’s much easier to transport it when it’s empty , and not with many gallons of water sloshing in it.

I was about to forget to highlight the attributes that make this product extremely mobile! This means that you will receive two wheels that are large on the IcyBreeze along with an e-handle. The wheels are placed opposite to the handle, so the moment you want to move around the IcyBreeze around, the handle lifts up a bit.

This means that you don’t have to bend your knees to move it around. This makes it a lot more easy to move about using the IcyBreeze.

Additionally the cooler comes with grab handles and grab handles, making it very easy to take it out.

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Is It Efficient?

It is indeed. But, I find it interesting that the reviews about IcyBreeze have been quite discordant There are those who are raving about it, while others think it’s ineffective and unworth the cost. The next section why those who hate it are absolutely incorrect.

As an ice maker IcyBreeze is a good choice. IcyBreeze appears to work just as you’d imagine it to.

As an AC device, it can blow out air that is around 35°F (about 20 ° Celsius) cooler than air outside. This is quite impressive considering that it can reduce the temperature of a small space in the event that you leave it on for a few hours.

Also, as it cools down the space around you, it’ll as well keep your drinks inside the cooler cold. This is pretty useful – I am a fan of multi-functional products and this is among the most versatile coolers that money can purchase.

This is why the IcyBreeze is a fantastic alternative for camping and picnic trips. It’s also a great device to keep in your RV. Additionally, it’s less expensive and consumes less power than conventional portable AC.

This is also an excellent alternative for boat rides or long car rides or for a trip on the beach. Overall, I believe the versatility and effectiveness of this product makes it worth the price.

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How Do You Use It?

IcyBreeze is fairly easy to set up. Just put 2 quarts of water into it, add the ice and your beverages and then turn on the fan for a few seconds and you’re done.

Some People Mess It Up Though – And Then Complain!

However, there’s one thing is often a mistake made by people Then they say that they’re IcyBreeze is a pain and isn’t worth the price. The Ice.

It’s not a good idea to put regular frozen ice cubes (the ones you use in your drink) inside this container. The smaller cubes will melt quickly and you’ll need to replenish the cooler often. You will then feel that it’s not worth it and you shouldn’t have bought it.

To make sure you’re IcyBreeze will keep cooling you for a lengthy duration, it is best to make large blocks of ice in it. They’ll melt slower than normal cubes of ice, and the AC can work for a longer period of time.

Problem solved! That’s how it was designed to work over the long haul.

A thing to be aware of is the fact that IcyBreeze cannot function for AC until you add water. Without it, it will be used as an air cooler.

In any event you’ll get the perfect water that is frozen when you mix ice with water in any way (I learned this back in high school chemistry) therefore it’s a fantastic method to keep drinks chilled.

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Make Your Own Big Blocks Of Ice

Another method to obtain huge blocks of ice in the event that you don’t have them is to get a huge (plastic) glass bottle, or even three of them and store the bottles. You can then put it into the refrigerator. It takes a while to allow the ice in bottles to melt and once it has then you’ll be able to enjoy the refreshing water you need.

You could also utilize a Tupperware dish topour water into it, then freeze it, and you’ll get an enormous ice cube which can require some time to melt. Sure, it’s some planning and planning, but since you’re out camping or enjoying a picnic anyway…I presume you’re familiar with that:

Or You Can Buy Icy Blocks

Additionally to that you can also purchase the IcyBlock HTML2 direct from the company. It’s an ice-pack which can hold up to up to a gallon of water and it can fit three of them inside the IcyBreeze cooler. For most it’s best to use items you already have in your home and you’re good to go. The Icy Blocks are specifically designed to fit into this cooler, which means they’re the perfect size!

Where Can You Use It?

This is largely based on the power source you receive from the IcyBreeze. There are three types – car adapters or a normal voltage 110V charger for power supplies and then a smart charger.

There are three types of IcyBreeze packages available on Amazon The three packages are available on Amazon and each has different accessories, and I’ll make sure to mention and hyperlink them all below.

This is the truth – you’ll definitely receive the greatest value for price if you purchase an intelligent charger. It includes an rechargeable battery that can only be charged using this smart charger. It’s a bummer I know. However, it allows you to connect the IcyBreeze wirelessly. Yes you can take a trip out to sea, and store all your drinks chilled throughout the day. You can even cool down by cooling yourself down a bit if you feel the ocean is too hot.

The problem is that The smart charger will just charge the battery but but it isn’t able to power up it. IcyBreeze. In order to do this you’ll need the 110V power source. That is something I’m not a big fan of. If the battery gets depleted of the charge, your cooler will be ineffective until you can recharge it, unless you choose to purchase another type of charger.

Furthermore it takes around 5 hours to fully charge batteries that are dead, which is quite slow. It’s a 10000mAh battery equivalent to what you get in a more modern iPad Pro, for reference.

The adapter for car lighters can be used to bring it along for camping and picnics in which you’ll have your car in close proximity. It’s also an excellent alternative if you’re looking for an AC that you can carry inside your RV. It is the ideal option for this purpose.

If you intend to use it in your homeor close to an outlet on the wall that is perfectly content with the power supply that you have in your home. However, if you are looking to maximize the capabilities and flexibility of your IcyBreeze then you must purchase batteries and the charger that is smart as well as also the regular power supply.

IcyBreeze: The Accessory Packs

In case you’re buying on Amazon be aware that you cannot purchase IcyBreeze accessories. It is only possible to purchase IcyBreeze packages. There are three packages and each comes with various accessories.

You can purchase the accessories (battery chargers, batteries, etc.) via IcyBreeze’s official website. IcyBreeze web site.

IcyBreeze Chill Package

It’s the lowest priced alternative you have.

The cooler is equipped with an 12V power supply which is only plugged into the car’s lighter.

There is no rechargeable battery, or any other power supply in this device.

IcyBreeze Frost Package

Frost package Frost package is around $40 more expensive than chill package, and it comes with the rechargeable battery as well as an intelligent charger.

So far as I am able to discern, this unit includes a constant power source that is able to be used to power the unit.

IcyBreeze Blizzard Package

This is the most complete IcyBreeze bundle that includes the cooler, a rechargeable battery and a smart charger. It also includes an adapter for car lighters as well as the 110V power supply standard.

If you’re looking to make use of this AC all over the world it is the one you need to purchase.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s also the most expensive option which means it’s not suitable for everyone’s budget.

IcyBreeze Final Thoughts

IcyBreeze: IcyBreeze is an intriguing product. Personally, I love it. it’s a fantastic replacement for the countless useless fans I utilize during the summer. Additionally, it is able to maintain my beverages cool, while also cooling the temperature.

The efficacy and flexibility of this product are indisputable The effectiveness and versatility of this product are unquestionable. it’s an excellent choice for anyone searching for something they can use indoors as well as outdoors.

The price is the only factor that could turn you off to this item. It’s costly, especially when you are looking to purchase the complete Blizzard package, which includes all the indispensable accessories.

There’s also an issue with the electric bill. The IcyBreeze makes use of significantly less electricity than central AC or even a conventional portable AC. Due to that, I believe the cost is reasonable – it’s a one-of-a-kind item, and can save you lots of money when you use it at your home.

Overall I would highly recommend using the IcyBreeze cooler/AC for anyone searching for an AC that they can take outdoors and will be very effective in keeping drinks cool.

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