Nonsurgical Breast Lifts : Best 11 Methods

Nonsurgical Breast Lifts : An augmentation of the breasts (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that addresses the sagging of the breasts by removing skin excess and tightening the rest of the tissues. The result is less sagging, as well as more sculpted and sculpted breasts.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons It is estimated that the number of the number of breastlifts performed by surgeons has increased by 70% in the last decade. This procedure has now outperformed other procedures for breast surgery like implants.

Despite their increasing popularity, more women are choosing nonsurgical breast lifts.

For a nonsurgical breast lifts, there aren’t any cuts or incisions will be required. Additionally, you do not need to go under general anesthesia.

Nonsurgical Breast Lifts procedures are, in theory, safer since they don’t carry the dangers that mastopexy could, for example:

  • Infection
  • bleeding
  • scarring

Breast lifts without surgery won’t offer as dramatic results mastopexy surgery can. But, they’re worthy of consideration if you’re searching for a way to rev up your breasts without the risk and cost.

Here are 11 Nonsurgical Breast Lifts options you could discuss with a dermatologist or cosmetic doctor to determine which ones are right for you.

1. Threading Aptos

Top no 1 Nonsurgical Breast Lifts : The Aptos threading process is designed to move the breasts’ skin in an upward direction.

It is sometimes referred to as”the “breast feather lift,” this technique uses tiny Aptos threads that are barbed.

A cosmetic surgeon places the threads under your skin using the hypodermic needle. Threads will be held to each other and pulled upwards towards your collarbone.

Despite the implanted threads however, the Aptos procedure remains a non-invasive breast lift and the results last up to two years.

It is the best of all because it’s not a cause of scars like conventional incisions. The threads disintegrate in between 1 and two years.

Average cost

The price for the Aptos thread lift is $2250 according to an RealSelf survey.

2. Caci treatment for the bust

The idea was initially developed as a method of treatment for muscle injuries The Caci bust treatment concentrates on the abdominal muscles. With a handheld device surgeons focus electrical impulses at the breasts’ muscles. However, Nonsurgical Breast Lifts will not take down the traditional way of implanting breast lifts.

The result is stronger chest muscles that can create an improvement in lifting and smoothing on your chest.

As with any other type of muscle strength the results will depend on frequency and time. A surgeon may recommend sessions several times every week for many weeks to get the best outcomes and Nonsurgical Breast Lifts is consider to be the best in the world now.

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Average cost

A treatment regimen of Caci could cost as much as $2,000.

3. Laser treatments

Laser treatment utilizes beams of energy with high power to remove dead skin cells and stimulating levels of collagen. This is why laser treatments are often utilized for advanced wrinkle treatment age spots, wrinkles, and scars.

The production of collagen can improve the elasticity of your skin in your chest, however the “lifting” results would be only temporary and minimal at most. It is recommended to repeat treatments for any visible improvement and Nonsurgical Breast Lifts are growing rapidly as laser treatments are seeing huge spike in demand in recent times.

One reason lies in the fact that ligaments that make up your breast tissue don’t develop in the same manner as the facial skin Therefore, you won’t have the same tightening effects on your breasts as you’d see on facial skin.

Laser treatments can be a source of:

  • scarring
  • bleeding
  • Pain

Changes in skin color can also be a possibility.

Average cost

The cost of a laser treatment could be priced between $1,144 and $2,071..

4. Thermage

Thermage is the Nonsurgical Breast Lifts is a different type of collagen stimulation procedure. It utilizes radio waves to assist in tightening the collagen fibers in the skin.

In the course of treatment the cosmetic surgeon utilizes the device known as ThermaCool that helps to deliver radio waves to the deeper skin layers. After undergoing a Thermage treatment you’ll probably notice tighter skin right away.

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A tightening of collagen fibers that line the chest region can increase the natural contours of your chest. But, you’ll have to continue your treatment because the effects will only last for a short time. Thermage is most effective in cases of slight wrinkles.

Average cost

The cost for the Thermage treatments amounts to $ 1,802 per treatment.

5. The device is called the Renuvion/JPlasma.

The Renuvion/J-Plasma device uses modern technology that is less invasive for tightening. Cold plasma energy stimulates the skin’s contraction and the creation of new collagen.

The device is carefully designed to deliver revitalizing effects to the targeted region and also helps define the lines of your body by using Helium gas that has been ionized using the radio frequency (RF) power.

Like Thermage, this procedure involves a cosmetic surgeon inserting the probe into the skin to be tightened, and then treating it with energy from plasma.

There are a few minor effects immediately , with more effective results that take some time as the new collagen develops.

A single treatment is typically required.

Average cost

The cost of Renuvion/J-Plasma treatment ranges from $3,000 to $15,000.

For procedures that utilize newer technology, estimates of cost may be more limited. To get specific information about the expected cost, speak with your surgeon.

6. Vampire breast lift

The vampyr breast lift (VBL) is an anti-ageing procedure made using blood clotting agents called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is derived from one’s own blood. The objective of VBL is to VBL is to lift your breasts like the push-up bra. Vampire breast lift is known to be the top Nonsurgical Breast Lifts in the medical field.

Although this treatment won’t address the problem of sagging breasts however it may create the appearance of lifting through increased blood flow as well as less noticeable lines and scars.

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Similar to other cosmetic procedures, VBL is one of the cosmetic procedures that VBL is done by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The effects are evident in a matter of months and the final results last for several years.

The VBL isn’t recommended for females who are breastfeeding or pregnant or who have any previous history or a history of cancer in the breast.

Average cost

On average the average VBL cost about $1,700.

7. Botox injections

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections help to relax the muscles beneath the skin. This creates an even and smoother skin’s surface and botax is the best Nonsurgical Breast Lifts in the world for now.

Botox was first put in the market for treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. It has since been approved to to treat migraines with chronic onset..

Although some doctors may recommend Botox injections to the pectoral region to prevent shoulder slouching, this method isn’t FDA-approved for a breast-lifting method. The effects are minimal and can last approximately 4-months.

Average cost

The typical cost of Botox injections are the sum of $376 per session. Exercises with the chest could yield similar results but at a lower price.

8. Dermal fillers

Nonsurgical Breast Lifts : Other injectables that are typically utilized to treat facial wrinkles are being looked at for the breast region. They include Hyaluronic Acid (HA)-based dermal (soft tissue) fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane.

The most popular dermal filler used for this purpose is Sculptra it is made up of poly-L lactic acid. It lasts for a long time after being injectable. The body is stimulated to make more collagen to the region being targeted. It typically requires many treatments to show outcomes.

While they’re not harmful Cosmetic fillers aren’t as the most effective treatment for breasts because of a lack of studies that have been conducted over time regarding their effectiveness.

Please note that the dermal fillers that are listed in this list don’t have the FDA’s approval to be injected into breastTrusted Source. breastTrusted Source.

Average cost

Cosmetic fillers are priced by the syringe. Therefore, your total cost will be contingent on the amount of fillers used to lift your breasts. In 2018, an average HA Syringe cost 682 dollars.

9. Chest exercises

Exercise can help reduce the body’s fat deposits, however some kinds of exercise can help to tone and strengthen. Exercises for the upper body such as push-ups and triceps dips can help to strengthen the chest muscles.

If you’re looking to further focus on the muscles of your chest and chest, the American Council of Exercise discovered that the three most popular chest exercises include:

  • barbell bench presses
  • pec deck machine reps
  • bent-forward cable crossovers

While exercises for the chest can strengthen and tone your muscles, no exercise will provide the same lift in your breasts that breast surgery and other cosmetic procedures can.

You could also think about doing chest exercises if you’re skin elasticity is in good shape overall and you’ve only moderate wrinkles. You might consider working with a trainer if you’re not familiar with strengthening exercises.

10. Try a new bra

Bras are made for support and comfort They can also be used to support and comfort. You could choose different fabrics and colors for enjoyment.

When you’re looking to lift your breasts, the right bra can be among those most inexpensive and readily available choices readily available. The right bra can help keep your breasts from sliding from the start.

The only way to determine if you require an upgrade in your bra size is to determine the best size for your. Take a look at these tips for fitting here.

If you’re not sure you’re not sure, schedule an appointment with a professional at the local bra shop.

11. The facts about creams for the skin

Similar to wrinkle-reducing creams that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes, you can also find also shaping creams specifically designed for your chest and neck.

These creams are designed to improve the appearance of your skin, while also reducing wrinkles as well as age-related spots.

While they’re less expensive options are in the short term the creams that shape your body won’t help lift the breasts. Instead, the treated skin around your breasts could appear more firm and feel smoother.


While nonsurgical breast lifts tend to be much more gentle than surgical alternatives but they still be associated with some negative adverse effects. Even though you’ll be able back to normal activities without any interruptions but don’t be shocked when you experience discomfort, redness, or discomfort following your procedure.

Here are some of the most frequent complications that can occur in the aftermath of certain non-surgical breast lifts.

Temporary irritation

In the case of certain types of nonsurgical breast lifts, discomfort like bruising, redness or swelling could occur during the days following the procedure.

If you’re using Aptos threads, for example you might notice spots of redness in which the threads were placed. If you’ve had caci bust treatments it is possible to feel uncomfortable after the treatment. Even wearing a brand new bra could cause muscle or skin irritation.

In most instances but the irritation will be short-lived. If you notice any pain or swelling or irritation that lasts more than a few days it is recommended to consult your physician.

Botox-related issues

If you decide to have the Botox treatment for your breasts, then normal Botox problems could happen. This includes:

  • minor bruising
  • tiredness
  • soreness
  • swelling
  • allergic reactions

The majority of Botox reactions are short-lasting and minor, however should you notice any adverse effects that are troubling you seek out your doctor immediately.

Muscle injury

If you choose to build and tone your chest muscles by doing exercises, make sure not to overload your muscles. A lot of exercise in the same muscle group may result in injuries or pulled muscles..


Breast lifts that aren’t surgical won’t provide the same results as surgery that is traditional However, they might be worth considering if aren’t ready for the full mastopexy.

If you’re not interested in surgery, consult you cosmetic surgeon regarding other breast lifting options to which you could be a good candidate.

No matter what you choose it’s crucial to choose a skilled qualified, board certified plastic surgeon.

Be wary of any treatment which promises dramatic lifting of your breasts, with no effort. If it seems too promising for the money, it most likely is.

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