PS4 Controller Won’t Charge – 10 Easy Fixes

PS4 Controller Won’t Charge: You can connect the DualShock 4 controller either wirelessly or using the USB plug. In some cases, however, your PS4 controller will not charge, and connecting the device without cables is not feasible.

There are many reasons why the PS4 controller isn’t functioning. It could be due to minor physical problems, such as the damage to cables and dust. It could also be software-related issues that might make you reset and upgrade the console.

This is a very common issue, however, so there are commonly-used solutions.

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Possible Reasons Why Your PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

When your PS4 controller isn’t charging, there are several possible causes to think about.

In the end, you’re dealing with issues with either software or physical. Let’s take a look at the challenges:

  • PS4 issues: Some bugs on your console can hinder charging the controller. This can be fixed by turning off the power to the console and resetting your controller and updating your console.
  • damaged USB Port: When you notice that your USB port isn’t working You can try a different port.
  • Cable Problems: The micro USB wire may be damaged or worn out. The cable could also be defective, since cables can degrade as time passes. Additionally, certain third-party cables are not designed for charging.
  • Hardware Problems: Lastly, either the battery or charging port might fail. Fortunately, the replacement of either is simple.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge?

If connecting your PS4 console directly to your console via an charger cable, the controller will be charged. But, you might notice some lights at the back are not on. This is a sign that the PS4 controller isn’t charging.

If that’s the case, you can try our suggestions, one by one, until you discover the one that suits you.

Reset the Controller

In general, a bug that is random causes a problem with the connection between the PS4 as well as the controller. The first step is to reset your peripherals.

  1. Turn off your PlayStation 4
  2. Disconnect your controller
  3. Unplug your PlayStation 4
  4. Find the Reset button On the back. The button is small and located below the L2.
  5. Make use of a small tool that pushes the button in the pin. Press the reset button for at least 5 seconds.
  6. Link the console to the PS4 using the USB cable
  7. Plug the PS4
  8. Hit to release the PS button.

When the LED on the front is blue this solution will work.

Re-pair the Controller

The next step is to replacing the controller.

  1. Turn on the PS4
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Devices
  4. Choose ” Remove all devices from the list.”
  5. Switch off the console.
  6. reset the controller by pressing its reset button using the bobby pin for five minutes
  7. Turn on the console and then connect the controller to the USB cable.
  8. Press the PS button on the controller
  9. When the light for the controller comes on, you can take the cable off and connect it wirelessly

After that, verify whether the controller is able to charge.

Power Cycle the Console

Another option would be to do the full power cycle on your PS4. It can help erase any the random bugs.

  1. Switch off the PS4 and the controller
  2. Disconnect the PlayStation 4’s power cable
  3. Wait for 30 minutes
  4. When the console is switched off and disconnected, hold down the power button for 30 seconds to rid the console of any energy that it has left
  5. Connect the PS4 back
  6. Turn it on

Now, you can check if this solves the issue.

Reset and Update

Let’s mix the above solutions to create a more complete approach:

  1. Turn on the PS4
  2. Navigate to Settings Then, Devices
  3. Choose ” Turn off device.” This will open an interface where you are able to select to shut down ” All” devices, or pick one particular device.
  4. Select All
  5. Switch off the console by hand (with pressing the power button)
  6. Disconnect the console from the internet for thirty minutes and press the power button for 30 seconds.
  7. Set the controller
  8. Connect the controller to the USB plug
  9. Turn on the PS4
  10. Go to Settings
  11. Select System Software Update
  12. If you’re able to see the choice ” Update Now ,” select it
  13. Click to accept when you download the latest version
  14. Let the program end.

After updating the console, you can recharge the controller once more.

Keep in mind that you do not need to upgrade the PS4’s controller firmware, as opposed to the Xbox controller..

Change the USB Port

Sometimes, your PlayStation’s USB port might not be functioning. To confirm that it’s not the case You can try charging the PS4 using other devices, such as your laptop.

In the event that it isn’t charging from any of the sources, the issue lies with the controller and you should proceed to the next steps.

Change the Cable

Before replacing the battery, it’s possible to swap the PS4 cord. Consider using a different cable and examine whether the cable you’re currently using has physical damages.

Charge the Controller Upside Down

It may sound strange but it’s actually helpful. It is possible to turn the PS4 controller upside-down and then charge it.

This can help remove dust from the charging port.

Change the Batteries

The process of changing the battery in your controller is not as simple as it ought to be. However, you could still make it happen. It is possible to go to a repair shop in case you don’t own the small crosshead screwdriver, or an the Phillips screwdriver instead. Also, you’ll need a pry bar made of plastic and the right PS4 battery.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make use of the screwdriver remove all screws on the rear to remove all the screws at the back of to remove all screws at the back of DualShock 4. Make sure the screws are secure.
  2. Pry to open the casing using a pry bar made of plastic. The bar can be used to move around your controller till the display opens.
  3. A ribbon cable holds this case in place. Be careful When you open the controller.
  4. Remove the connection to the battery. Twist it and then turn it around to remove it.
  5. Install the new battery On the controller. Make sure the ledge of the connector is on the lower part of the controller. Simply connect one pin of the connector to the socket.

Although the procedure is simple but you should be extra cautious and delicate. While you’re there make use of the cotton cloth to get rid of the dust.

How To Change PS4 Controller Battery

There are 5 PS4 controller generation and the batteries are specifically designed for the respective generations. Go to the FAQ for additional details.

Clean the Charging Port

It is possible that there is dust or grit inside the port for charging. This could stop you from charging your PS4 controller from charging.

Make use of compressed air or a microfiber cloth as well as a toothpick made from wood or an electric blower or a cue point to remove the dirt. After that, try it another time.

Change the Charging Port

Like I said, you’ll need either an Phillips Head screwdriver or an tiny crossed-hair screwdriver. Also, you require an screwdriver made of plastic.

  1. Remove the four screws on the back of the house.
  2. Make use of this plastic tool to get the case out. Be cautious when using the ribbon cable made of plastic
  3. Take out those plastic ribbons connecting the cases
  4. The upper part of the case
  5. Take out the Light bar by pushing it by pushing
  6. Remove and light the plastic pieces that cover the port for charging.
  7. Unscrew two screws that secure the charging port
  8. Carefully gently lift the port off its base.
  9. Make the port new in. Make sure it’s facing in the right direction. Simply slot it into place
  10. Connect all ribbon wires back into their place
  11. Place the two screws back in place
  12. Cover the plastic with the Back
  13. Slot the light bar back into its socket
  14. Reassemble the controller once more. Make sure to place the ribbon cable back where it belongs.
  15. Place all 4 screws back.

Charge ports specifically designed for each generation. See the FAQ for additional information.

Related Questions

How to Know My PS4 Controller Generation?

There are many variations that work with the PS4 controller on the market. Certain items, such as PS4 microphones headsets, headsets, batteries or even the cables themselves are exclusive to the generation in which they are available.

You can look up the model number on the rear of the controller right next to the “Made in China” text Then, refer to the table below to find the generation

Gen 1 and Gen 2

They don’t have screws on the bottom.

4-472-348-… 11F1, 12F1, 31F1, 41F2, 01G, 02G, 03G, 21G, 4-539-610-… 71F1

Gen 3 (V1)

It has black buttons as well as the bar that lights up isn’t accessible through the touchpad.

4-472-348-… 13F1, 33F1, 42F2, 51F1, 61F2, 04G, 23G

4-473-498-… 11F1, 02G, 01G

4-573-474-… 11F1, 21F2, 31F1, 01G

4-539-610-… 31F1, 32F1, 02G

Gen 4 and Gen 5 (V2)

They come with grey buttons as well as an illuminated bar that is that is visible on the screen. They come with PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

4-594-645-… 11F1, 21F2, 01G, 31G, 51G, 61F1, 41G, 61G, 02G, 22F2

4-594-662-… 61F1, 22F2, 01G, 02G, 32G, 71F2, 03G

4-698-771-… 42F1, 23F2, 01G, 32G

4-739-192-… 01F1

How to Choose the Right Battery for My PS4 Controller?

First, verify your controller’s generation. Once you have this information, look for the part by using your model number, for instance, ” PS4 controller battery 3rd generation.”

Particularly, batteries include the same keywords to signify the generation

  • The CUH-ZCT1/CUH-ZCT1E: 1s and 2nd generation
  • CUH-ZCT1: 3rd generation
  • Fourth and fifth generation

Here are some Amazon choices:

  • PS4 controller 1st gen battery
  • PS4 controller second Gen battery
  • PS4 controller 3rd gen battery
  • PlayStation 4 controller 5th Gen battery

As you can see the items, they tend to contain the tools you require to switch the battery.

How to Choose the Right Charging Pin for My PS4 Controller?

The charging pins are different for each generation. You must find the pins that are specific to the model you own.

Particularly, PS4 charging pins are simpler to recognize. They are branded with the “JDS” surname to pinpoint the availability of generation:

  • JDS-001 models: Generation 1
  • JDS-011 models: Generation 2
  • JDS-030 models: Generation 3
  • JDS-040 models: Generation 4
  • JDS-050 / 055 models: Generation 5

Here are some Amazon choices:

  • PS4 controller 1st gen charging pin
  • PS4 controller 2nd gen charging pin
  • PS4 controller third Gen charging pin
  • PS4 controller 4th gen charging pin
  • PS4 controller 5th gen charging pin

They usually come with a spare ribbon and tools, but not the actual tools.

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