Samsung TV No Sound? 8 Proven Methods to Fix it

Samsung TV No Sound: If your Samsung TV’s sound suddenly stops, you may experience a poor viewing experience. Many users experienced this problem while using external speakers. This is a problem that can be solved. You can restore your TV’s sound quality by making minor adjustments.

A hardware problem is often the reason why your Samsung TV doesn’t sound at all. Software issues are also possible, but we cannot ignore them. This article will help you understand the causes and solutions to problems with your Samsung TV’s sound.

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Samsung TV No Sound Issue: Probable Causes

These are possible reasons why your Samsung TV does not make a sound:

  • Incorrectly set sound output mode
  • Incorrect regional settings
  • Low Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Misconfigured Expert settings
  • Television firmware out of date
  • Module with bad sound

How to fix Samsung TV Sound Problem

The Samsung TV’s no sound problem is easy to fix unless your TV sound module is damaged or the speakers are defective. Before moving on to the Samsung-specific fixes, you can try some general fixes. Before you jump to the fix section, please read through each one.

  • Restart your TV Sometimes, a TV restart can solve the problem. It will flush out any possible glitches that could be interfering with your sound.
  • Change the TV Channel: Your TV may not be making a sound. Before you mistakenly interpret it as a problem with your TV, switch the channel to see if the issue persists.
  • Check your TV’s Volume Levels and Mute Status. Your TV may have volume levels that are too low or muted. Take your remote and turn the volume up or down to hear the TV.
  • Swap the External Speakers. Your TV’s external speakers may be defective and cause problems. To determine if the speakers are to blame, connect them to other devices. You should also check for damage to the audio cables.

After you’ve completed the basics, it’s now time to move on to the specifics.

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1. Self-Diagnosis Test

Samsung TVs include a diagnostic module that can diagnose various components such as pictures, videos, or sounds. This diagnostic tool can be used to determine if your TV’s built-in sound system is malfunctioning.

To run a sound test of your TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Take out your Samsung TV remote, and press Menu or Homebutton.
  2. Next, open Settingsall Settings.
  3. Navigate to SupportCare.
  4. Below Self-diagnosis Choose! Start Sound Test .

A sound test can be used to check the sound quality of your TV. You can confirm that your TV speakers work well if it plays smoothly without distortion or issues.

2. Choose TV Speakers for Output Mode

The Samsung TV can choose the preferred sound output device. You must set the output mode for external speakers. You must set the default setting if you want sound to come from the built-in speakers.

You will need to manually change the output mode if you have previously used external speakers. You may also have a problem with the external speakers. If they are defective, you can replace them.

Here’s how:

  1. Use your remote control to press Home button
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Then select Sound Sound Output.
  4. Select TV Speaker among the options. The built-in speakers will be the first to start putting out sound.

3. Change Expert Sound Settings

Samsung TVs have a flexible feature that allows you to customize the sound according to your hearing preferences. If the settings for customizations are not correct, there may be a problem. Expert sound settings can be used to balance and equalize the sound.

Here you can change the audio output and input formats. Incorrectly setting the format can cause your TV to stop producing sound.

To change audio formats, follow the steps below:

  1. On your TV, open Settings.
  2. Then select Sound Expert Settings .
  3. You can change the audio and input formats. You can also use the hit-and trial method if you aren’t sure which one you should choose. You should not have to worry about setting the right settings.
  4. You can perform a sound reset if you have lost your expert sound settings. Simply choose “Reset Sound Settings” to reset them. Reset Sound Unter Expert Settings .

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4. The Signal Information is available.

Sometimes, the cable operator can cause problems with sound quality from your TV. You may have an issue with the quality of the TV signal that it transmits. If this is the case, you can ask your cable operator to investigate it.

Here are some steps to verify the signal information of your Samsung TV.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Help > Self-Diagnosis and Signal Information to view the Signal to Noise Ratio.
  2. It should not be lower than 20 decibels. You may not receive proper sound on your TV. Do not hesitate to contact your operator to resolve the problem.

5. Change Language/Region

Next, your Samsung TV may have an incorrect language or region setting. Cable operators may use different video standards depending on where they live to broadcast TV signals. PAL and NTSC are the most common. There may also be other standards. Your TV may be unable to hear because of incompatible settings.

Here are some ways to change the region of your TV.

  1. Use the Smart hub key to control your remote.
  2. Next, tap the following keys on your remote serially 2,8,9 Fast Forward, 2,8,9 and Rewind. You will see Region Settings.
  3. Select your region and tap Next.
  4. Accept the T & C next page.
  5. Once it is set up, it will take some time. Next, make sure you have sound coming from your speakers.

6. Update Your Samsung TV

Update your Samsung TV’s firmware if there is an update available. This should restore the sound. This article will show you how to update Samsung TV.

7. Reset your TV to Factory Settings

If you are unable to resolve the problem, you can reset your TV to factory settings. This will allow you to revert any changes that were made to your TV, which may have caused problems with the sound. Since a factory reset will wipe out all data on your TV, make a backup.

Here are the steps to reset your factory.

  1. Go to Settings on your home screen.
  2. Select General Reset . It is possible that you will need to enter your PIN Before entering the reset process, please code
  3. After the reset is complete, your TV will turn on again.

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8. Contact Samsung Support

You may have a speaker or sound module problem on your TV. It can be difficult to repair yourself. If you are able to take apart your TV, you can determine if the speakers are damaged.

You can also seek professional help from Samsung support anytime to have your TV repaired. You can also claim a replacement TV if your warranty is still valid.

Samsung TV Without Sound Through HDMI, What Can You Do?

Samsung TVs are compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), an HDMI feature. This reduces the amount of cables required to play high-quality music. This is a great way to make sure your TV doesn’t have sound via HDMI.

  • Make sure you use the HDMI-ARC port on your TV.
  • Select compatible external speakers
  • To turn on the ARC controls, adjust the settings of the speakers.
  • You can play the correct audio files. HDMI ARC supports PCM and Dolby Digital upto 5.1 channels, as well as DST Digital surround (upto 5.1 channels).

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