Share Location With Friends and Family – 10 Best Ways

Share Location With Friends and Family: Connecting with family and friends has never been so easy thanks to location-sharing applications. Which one is the most reliable for security, accuracy and more? Let’s see.

Share Location With Friends and Family

Here’s a list the most effective ways to share your locations with loved ones according to our opinions.


Goezilla is another application that allows you to share your travel destinations with family and friends. The thing that makes this app appealing is that it comes with 30 days of money-back assurance.

This application makes use of Geofencing technology to monitor the time when family members or friends come or leave a location. Additionally, you’ll be notified immediately when there’s a collision with a vehicle. You can also check the day-to-day events of the family over their history.

Install your Goezilla app using an electronic device to track your pet that is attached to your pets or important things like keys to your car and wallets. If they’re in danger or lose their way you’ll be able to find the pet using this application.

Life360: Find Family & Friends

No. 1 in the ranking is Life360 to Find Family & Friends, because it is a complete service for those who require solid support. What makes Life360 different is in addition to an efficient way to share your location, it also offers numerous benefits.

It also has an emergency call center that is available 24 hours a day. Their sophisticated Crash Detection technology detects around 100 crashes every day.

It is possible to send a non-silent warning to your family members and should you be in the danger zone, Life360 provides Family Safety Assist to provide 24/7 expert support. Through the Identity Theft Protection this application ensures the digital information of your family is secure. You can also view the crime reports to avoid dangerous scenarios.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that is free and accessible which provides real-time, accurate updates. It was the only app that in 2020 was the most popular navigation app. It’s very simple to communicate your location to your family and friends.

Tap on your profile photo and then select Location Sharing and select an individual. You could even send your location to people who don’t have an account with Google. Google account..

The standard duration for location sharing is for one hour. You can extend the duration until you decide to end it. You may also ask to see the location of a friend. However, this is only available if the person has already posted it. If you receive anonymous requests for location You can choose to deny and block these.


Glympse is an award-winning application that’s accessible on the both iOS as well as Android. With an abundance of favorable review, Glympse is third on our list of. It was also named one of the “15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011” by Mashable. With Glympse you can safely communicate your location, and you don’t have to sign to sign up.

It’s easy to arrange an event with your pals, or send an courtesy note to a customer or a customer, and much more. The app is extremely versatile because it can be used on iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and even iMessage.

The iPhone’s Find My Friends

This no-cost iOS application is fast and simple to use. It allows you to communicate your location using AirDrop or Contacts, as well as telephone number, or email. You can easily share or conceal your location. If your loved ones enters or leaves a certain location, you’ll receive precise location-based alerts.

You’re working out at the gym? You’ll still receive updates on your location using you Apple Watch and iPad. If your family members have lost their most important possessions, Find My Friends can track them. If you do lose your iPhone Any family member can locate your phone with this application.

Family GPS Locator

Family GPS Locator is a completely free app that provides a range of services. The most impressive thing about this application is that it boasts that it uses a smaller amount of battery. In the event of an emergency, there’s a panic button that is available on the app that can send alerts.

Make safe zones and risk zones, and be aware when family members are in the location. Make sure you are able to securely chat and share pictures with your family members. You can also create multiple groups that you can talk to. If you’d like to conceal your location you can switch on the invisible mode too..


Messenger’s location sharing service is completely free and easy to use. You are able to choose the length of time you wish for sharing your current location. You can decide if you wish to share your space with just one person or with a group, it’s your choice.

It even has a timer icon on the bottom right of the screen that indicates the time it has taken you to share your place of residence. Overall, it’s an easy app, but it does not have any unique features.


If you are already using WhatsApp If you already use WhatsApp, you can use its location-sharing features right away. You can share your live updates about your location with your family and friends. You decide how long you’d like to communicate your place of residence.

You can opt to reveal your present location only once or share a live location that extends the time of location sharing. Apart from that, WhatsApp doesn’t have other interesting features that are related to locations.

My GPS Location

My GPS Location is a basic simple application that’s somewhat different from other free alternatives. It’s the best choice for those who frequently move around, making it suitable for trekkers and hikers. It does this because it offers the entire latitudinal, longitudinal and altitude data.

In case of an emergency, you’ll be able to text your loved ones members with your GPS coordinates even if there’s no signal. The Places section lets it is possible to save alter or delete your most-loved places, such as a cafe or where you parked your car or parked, and so on.


If you’re extremely strict about sharing your location and don’t want to download other applications, Viber can be an excellent choice. It’s also an option when you only share your location frequently.

You can opt to only give your location’s details to only those you choose to share it with. You don’t need be concerned about having your current location being constantly shared.

Our final recommendation is to select the app for location sharing according to your needs. While it’s an excellent technology, being strict about the people the location you’re sharing with essential. We advise against sharing your location via social media profiles for similar reasons. It is best to ensure the security of your data to avoid possible stalkers or threats.

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