Solution: ” Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item ” Error message on Outlook

Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item- Error message on Outlook: Some users have reported getting the “Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item” Error message on Outlook alert while they attempt to view an email. Outlook is the email program that comes from Microsoft and is also a part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

A majority of organizations and institutions utilize Outlook as their primary email application, and therefore, a user who is unable to access their email could be alarming. If you’re also in disappointment, we’re here help you through it. In this post we’ll break into this Outlook and show you how to get around it. So, keep going!

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Why can’t Outlook open your email?

Like many programs, Outlook isn’t free of problems. It is possible that you are unable to open your mail due to a variety of causes that range from minor bugs in the app or damaged files. Before you start working on the solutions look over the reasons that led to this issue to gain an idea of what is causing it.

Here are the possible explanations for the “Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item” Error message on Outlook:

  • Corrupted Data Files
  • RoamCache
  • In-app Issues
  • Emails not synchronized
  • Unusual Add-ins

Fix: Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item

Solution: " Sorry We're Having Trouble Opening This Item " Error message on Outlook

This issue could be the result of a minor bug in the app. In the majority of cases, Outlook automatically resolves this issue on by itself. If it isn’t resolved by itself then you may test this five fixes we’ve put together for you. These fixes range from restarting Outlook to fixing your account. These fixes relate to the reasons we’ve listed in the previous paragraphs.

Restart Outlook

The alert advises users to restart their Outlook if the problem persists. If you are experiencing this problem for a longer period then you should go ahead and close the task for Outlook and then reopen it. Take these steps in order to start Outlook. Outlook program using your Task Manager:

  1. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to open the Task Manager window.
  2. Within the Processes tab Find the Outlook application, and then right-click it.
  3. Select to close the task.
  4. Launch the Outlook application as you would normally.

Reset to the default View Settings

Sometimes switching the view settings from the default settings can create issues within the application. A majority of users have reported they were able to open emails normally after they reset the default view settings of Outlook.

You can reset the settings of your view through two commands within the Run dialog box. If you’d like to test this method then follow these steps:

  1. Make use of this combination Windows keys + R to start Run. Start dialog.
  2. Within the search field type outlook.exe cleanviews and then select “OK.”.
  3. Then, re-open your Start dialog.
  4. Enter your outlook.exe • Reset the Navigation Pane command in the search box, and then hit “OK.”.

Remove RoamCache

RoamCache is the cache that’s extracted and which is stored within Outlook’s Outlook Mailbox. A large amount of RoamCache is stored within the mailbox might cause you to be unable to view your emails in Outlook.

It is possible to clear the RoamCache on your system’s memory. In order to do this you’ll have to go to the RoamCache folder using either the File Explorer and in the Run dialog.

Check out these steps to remove the RoamCache from your computer:

  1. Start the Run dialog box ( Windows key + R)
  2. Navigate to the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache folder.
  3. Pick all of the file ( CtrlA) from the RoamCache folder.
  4. Right-click, and then select delete.

Repair Data Files

One of your program’s files could be corrupted or gone missing. If you have specific files missing, outlook is unable to function normally. It is possible to encounter this error message if there is something incorrect in the data files.

You are able to repair the data files by removing the SCANPST.EXE file in the Office folder on your system. Follow these steps for fixing your Outlook information files that are on your system:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16. (Note that based on your version of Office you are using, change the number following Office.)
  3. Open the folder. SCANPST.EXE.
  4. Select the Browse button.
  5. Browse your computer until you find your Outlook data file you would like to fix.
  6. Click to start.
  7. This Repair Tool will notify you when it detects an error in the file. Click on the Repair Click to begin to repair the button to begin repairing the.

Repair User Account

It is possible that you are experiencing issues with your account. Usually, when there’s an issue with your user account, the email messages don’t transfer between devices. But, it can also cause problems when opening certain emails in Outlook.

To ensure your safety If you want to be safe, you can fix the security of your Outlook account. Repairing your Outlook account by using your account settings option of the Account Settings section of your MS Outlook application. Check out the steps below to repair your Outlook account:

  1. Open MS Outlook.
  2. In the menu bar go to File..
  3. Remove the menu that lists setting the Setting Accounts option.
  4. Choose the Account Setting.
  5. In the new window go to the email tab.
  6. Select the account you want to fix.
  7. Select Repair.
  8. Follow the screen-based instructions of your Repair wizard.

Eliminate Add-ins

Office software has the option of incorporating extensions known as add-ins to increase the functionality of the program. While add-ins allow users to develop custom commands, some third-party extensions can cause problems in your application. The add-in could interfere with Outlook when it opens an email.

To prevent the possibility that an add-in is causing this issue, turn off all your add-ins and open your email again. These are the steps you need to take to uninstall add-ins from MS Outlook:

  1. Open your Outlook app.
  2. Choose “File” on the main menu bar.
  3. Go through options and then Options > Add-ins.
  4. Click “Go” in Manage. “Go” button from the Manage section.
  5. Delete all boxes to the left. Add-ins available .
  6. Hit “OK.”.

Version Update Microsoft Outlook

As with all apps that you use, it is important to maintain Outlook current on your system so that you don’t have any bugs and the most recent features. The message “Sorry we’re having difficulty opening this file” Error message on Outlook could result from an old Outlook application, and updating Outlook should resolve that.

You can upgrade Outlook as well as other Office applications on your computer with just a few clicks.

  1. Start Outlook onto your personal computer.
  2. Choose File at the top left corner and then choose Office Account on the right sidebar.
  3. Choose the Update Option >> update now on the right side.
  1. Then wait for Outlook to download and install any updates available.

Reinstall Office

The Outlook application may experience issues if something interrupted the process of installation. If none of the solutions work for you, the last option is to install Outlook. Since Outlook is component of the Office suite, you’ll require reinstalling the complete software.

Use these instructions to remove this Office program from your system . First:

  1. Start and open the settings App ( Windows key + I).
  2. From the navigation panel on your left, click the Apps > Features and apps.
  3. Scroll down to find the word Office and then click on the three dots below it.
  4. Select Uninstall .

You can install the Office suite by visiting the official site of Office. The steps below will help you install your Office application:

  1. Navigate to from your browser.
  2. If you don’t have it registered, log in using the details of your Microsoft credentials.
  3. Select Install Office From the top-right corner.
  4. Click to to Install.

Make Accessible Items Available in Outlook

“Sorry We’re Having Trouble Opening This Item” Error message on Outlook isn’t one of the most difficult to fix. If you adhere to the steps that were previously described and correct those items that cause the error, your issue will be solved. All of your Outlook things, such as email are now accessible to you.

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