The Best JBL Headsets: Earbuds on-ears with true wireless

The Best JBL Headsets: Earbuds on-ears with true wireless

JBL headsets: The Best JBL Headphones Guide to Buy Welcoming to What is Hi-Fi? Our roundup of the top JBL headphones available in 2022.

JBL is most likely best known for its inexpensive and fun bluetooth speakers However, the US company also produces amazing headphones. Are you unfamiliar with JBL? It’s part of Harman who’s various audio brand names comprise AKG as well as Mark Levinson, so you might say that it knows something regarding sound quality.

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How to pick the perfect JBL headphone for your needs?

If you are looking for headphones for your home use for plugging into an home audio/video system or other audio system, then you should consider a pair of headphones with wires headsets is likely to be the ideal. For headphones to use along with your smartphone for travel, in-ear headphones or headphones that fit on your ear could be a better option.

The next choice is between wireless and wired. Wireless headphones and wireless earbuds are fantastic for their cord-free comfort however, it’s a tech that typically comes with a higher cost than wireless counterparts with similar quality.

JBL also offers Noise-cancelling headsets for people who prefer to be able to block out all noise, as well as sports headphones like those from Reflect Flow Pro. They are geared towards features that can be used for workouts and waterproofing.

Not to be left out last but not least, the top JBL headphones are usually characterized by vibrant, exciting sounds with lots of bass. We’ve selected our top headphones here…

1. JBL Reflect Flow Pro

True wireless earbuds that mix style with high-quality.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: 5.0

Noise-cancelling: Yes

The battery life is: 10 hour (30 minutes with charging cases)

Rated waterproof: IP68

Weight: 7g per bud

The reasons to buy

  • Secure, comfortable, light fitting
  • Astonishingly detailed, lively sound
  • A decent battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Noise cancellation is not a problem.
  • There is no support for aptX

These water-resistant, sporty in-ears are similar to the champions of heptathlon – they are robust in all aspects.

The features include active noise cancellation and an ambient mode that allows you to remain in the present as well as a customizable touch on the bud controls. Battery life is good 10-hours from the earbuds and another 20 hours of battery life from charger case.

In addition, JBL hasn’t compromised on the quality of its sound. Reflect Flow Pro’s sound quality is top-notch. Reflect Flow Pro sound entertaining as well as detailed and captivating and goes way beyond what people imagine from a pair of “workout bud”.

It’s a pity that these JBLs do not support Bluetooth in the form of aptX (for superior quality communication between them and other compatible devices) or multi-point connectivity however neither is an issue.

If you’re looking for a fitness partner or just need a high-quality pair of wireless headphones The Reflect Flow Pro are the most effective JBL headphones available at the moment.

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2. JBL Tune600BTNC

A powerful, punchy pair of noise cancellation Bluetooth headphones.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-cancelling: Yes

Battery Life:12 hours

Rated Waterproof: None

Weight: 173g

Reasons to Buy

  • Lots of weight
  • Impressive detail
  • Excellent ANC, battery longevity and good ac.

Reasons to avoid

  • Overbearing bass
  • Balance of aggression
  • Scratch effortlessly

These on-ears come with Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation and the battery has a double-figure lifespan. It’s the norm for top-quality on-ears, you might think, however, take a look at the price and you’ll double take.

They certainly look appealing However the finish isn’t very durable as we’d like. However, when it comes to compromises it’s better than losing the quality of sound. It appears that JBL is in agreement. The bass is tense and powerful and has plenty of power and weight. It gives low frequencies dimension and weight that isn’t comparable to other headphones of this price range.

Dynamics shifts and dynamic shifts are dealt with precision, while they sound confident and dynamic across the entire spectrum of frequencies. One issue is the fact that bass could occasionally be too loud.

The noise cancelling is excellent as is the battery’s longevity (12 hours using noise-cancelling and wireless on, 22 hours when noise-cancelling is turned off, and 30 when connected with noise-cancelling turned switched on). These are top-quality wireless on-ears.

3. JBL Reflect Flow

Good bass, solid timing, great endurance and a price that is reasonable make these headphones the best JBL headphones available.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-cancelling: No

The battery life is: 10 minutes (30 minutes with charging cases)

Rating for waterproofing: IPX7

Weight: 9.5g per bu

Reasons to Buy

  • Great detail
  • Robust bass
  • A decent battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Could be more dynamic
  • Large carry case

With the abundance of wireless sports headphones, JBL had its work to do in this crowded market. It’s good to know that the Reflect Flows aren’t a disappointment. They have a deep, bass-driven sound that’s great for gyms, particularly when you don’t wish to use massive cans (which when you’re in a hurry the majority of people wouldn’t).

The battery life is also impressive with a time of 10 hours, or even 30 hours when using the case. The surface began to peel off within a couple of days of testing, which isn’t the best, but in general they are awe-inspiring.

In terms of sound, they’re clear and have great detail. Additionally, they are very precise in their timing. The bass is surprisingly deep and the instruments are distinct, no matter how complex tracks get. The more recent Reflect Pro Flow add noise cancelling technology. However, for those on a smaller budget they are the most affordable true wireless earbuds on the market.

4. JBL Live Pro+

Wireless buds that are vibrant and affordable that are available in seven colors.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: 5.0

Noise-cancelling: Yes

Life of the battery:7 (buds) and 21 (charging case)

Rated waterproof: IPX4

Weight (buds): 10g per bud

Reasons to Buy

  • Perky, up-and-at ’em, sound
  • App for controlling the flow of air.
  • A wide range of finishes

Reasons to avoid

  • Don’t do’relaxed or ‘insightful’
  • Earbuds that are relatively heavy

The LivePro+ from JBL comes with many appealing features – like active noise cancellation and large (11mm) dynamic drivers that cover the full range priced at a fair price.

The active noise cancellation is good enough, offering three different modes (‘everyday” as well as ‘travel’ and “active’). The battery life is seven hours with the buds and three additional charges using the included case. Wireless charging with any Qi-certified pad is great feature.

Its sound is unrelentingly lively. The LivePro+ has the right amount of realism to method LivePro+ LivePro+ handle the midrange and has enough room around a vocal to sound authentic. When it comes to “engagement” and a simple “fun are involved it’s clear that the JBL can compete with all true wireless headphones around the cost.

If you’re seeking a greater understanding of your favorite music they’re probably not the best earbuds. However, these earbuds Live Pro+ are good price. They are worth considering.

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5. JBL Club 700BT

The bass-heavy headphones are designed to play dance music.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-cancelling: No

Battery Life: 50 hours

Rating for waterproofing: None

Weight: 283g

The reasons to buy

  • The strong feature selection
  • A snarling bass
  • Decent detail

Reasons to avoid

  • Bass that is overbalanced
  • Insufficient an active refinement
  • There is no support for aptX

The Club 700BT wireless headphones are targeted at DJs who are who are on the go. They have a large on-ear design, which is high in the low end.

The phones also have a lengthy time of battery use (50 hours! ) and the ability to work with the Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant voice assistants. However, despite all these features they are reasonably affordable.

How? It doesn’t have noise cancellation which keeps costs down and battery’s lifespan up. Also, there’s no aptX support.

However, there’s plenty to enjoy about. They’re built to stand up to life while on the move, and charge is extremely fast at less than two hours. The controls are easy to use and more than most competitors as is the Talk Thru mode can lower the volume of music so that it’s possible to talk with anyone without taking the headphones off.

They are able to are able to discern a lot of detail, and offer an immersive impression of space. Like you’d expect from the kind of headphones you would expect from a club you will find ample bass for you to be enjoyed sometimes even perhaps a bit excessively. But if you enjoy songs with plenty of bass this is the pair for you.

6. JBL Tune 750BTNC

A pair of affordable headphones that have plenty of features.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-cancelling: Yes

Battery Life: 15 hours

Rating for waterproofing: None

Weight: 220g

Reasons to Buy

  • Deep bass
  • Sound clear, open, and transparent
  • Elegant

Reasons to avoid

  • Balance skewed towards bass
  • Rivals are more transparent

These noise-cancelling, wireless over-ears are more affordable than the above models by Club They are also smaller they fold down to easily fit into pockets for coats or bags.

The battery life is remarkable and is 15 hours when using Bluetooth and noise-cancelling enabled. 22 hours when using Bluetooth on its own, or 30 when the noise-cancelling feature is activated. They can be charged in less than two hours.

If you’re looking to conserve the battery by removing noise cancellation You’ll be happy to know that the design of the over-ear eliminates a lot of background sound on its own.

The sound is centered toward the lower end and this can affect the tonal balance across all frequencies. For the price, it’s an option that most people will be content to make.

The bass provides tracks with plenty of energy, resulting in an easy listening experience. It’s not as effective for all music genres however, if you like hip-hop, dance or rock is your preferred preference it definitely provides an enjoyable listening experience.

7. JBL Club 950NC

A solid build quality and lively sound.


OS support: Android/iOS

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-cancelling: Yes

The battery life is : 22 hours

JBL Tune 750BTNC: None

Weight: 372g

Reasons to Buy

  • Bass is solid
  • Open audio
  • Decent noise-cancelling

Reasons to avoid

  • Needs more padding
  • Insufficient sophistication
  • Rivals that are more refined

They’re positioned as more premium over those JBL Club 700BT headphone on this listing. But, as with their peers, they have the same bassy, powerful sound that was inspired by some of the top DJs featured on JBL’s books such as Armin Van Buuren as well as Nicky Romero.

In this way bass is popular Not just through an exclusive bass Boost button, but also in the balance of tones, which tends to be low-end. Music lovers who like head nodding will be delighted however those who want something less refined, it could prefer something else.

There are also a variety of EQ settings to experiment with that are based on JBL’s vinyl spinning ambassadors. It’s fun, yes but we’re a fan of the standard audio that is excellent and provides a vibrant enjoyable listen that will have you thinking about your favorite club nightclubs.

There’s plenty of battery life to last through the majority of excursions, including 22 hours when using Bluetooth and noise-cancelling turned on and a staggering 55 hours with noise cancellation turned off, or for 30 hours when connected using the cable supplied with noise-cancelling activated.

Incredibly fun and thrilling with a lot in bass. They are suitable headphones for DJs who are who are on a budget.

How do we test headphones?

We have modern testing facilities at London, Reading and Bath and Reading, where our staff of highly experienced reviewers in-house test most of the hi-fi and audio equipment that comes through our doors.

Of course, listening to headphones for testing aren’t always required (though we often test headphones with audiophile features in our hi-fi reference system). The most important thing to consider when we review headphones is that every pair is compared against the best of the best in the price and design category – regardless of whether it’s a single outstanding pair or a handful of that we like the most among the hundreds of pairs we test every year for reviews and Which is Hi-Fi? Awards judging. The What is Hi-Fi? is all about tests of comparison, and we keep the top products in our warehouses so that we are always able to compare new products with ones we’ve used and are familiar with.

We’re always objective and try our best to ensure that we’re hearing each product to its absolute top quality, which is why we’ll test many different kinds of music and allow ample listening time (and the chance to get) as well as wired headphones which might be worthy of using a DAC are tested using an appropriate one. The test isn’t just about sound quality, but of course. If the headphones have active noise cancellation, which is increasingly this is the case nowadays we’ll make sure a part of our tests involves testing them in various settings.

All reviews are decided by the team, instead of an individual reviewer, to remove any personal preferences. We want to ensure that we’re as thorough as we can as well. We don’t have input from PR agencies or our sales staff on the decision, and with What Hi-Fi? We are proud of the fact that we have provided impartial, honest reviews for decades.

HOW TO ATTIRE JBL Headphones (STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE for all devices)


When connecting to your JBL headphones to Bluetooth your first task is to check that the paring mode is turned on in the JBL wireless headphones. The headphones will be able for wireless connection to your Bluetooth device.

It’s easy first turn the headphones (you will see a blue light flashing to confirm that they’re in use).

Then , it’s just a matter of pressing on the Bluetooth button (this assures that the headphones get into the pairing process) and then following the correct operating system settings for your phone to pair to the headphones.

If you’re using Bluetooth, there’s probably not an Bluetooth button that you can use to turn on. But, there should be an additional button between the volume-up and down buttons, which serves the same purpose.


The first step is to ensure you’re within the range of your device, and ensure that it’s in pairing mode.

From there, you’ll only have to navigate to the settings using these steps:

Open the Settings app within your mobile, and select Bluetooth

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled (your phone will scan automatically for an appropriate connection)

Enter the that is on the back of your JBL headphones

If you’re asked for an account username and password, type the code ‘0000’. If this does not work, check the manual to determine the correct code assigned on the headphone.

You will then find the headphones listed as a device that is connected.

How can I connect my JBL HEADPHONES to a laptop or computer?

It is possible you to hook up to connect your JBL headphones with your personal computer and/or Windows laptop. This is the same as connecting an iPhone.

To connect the JBL headphones JBL headphones with your Windows PC follow these steps:

Click on the Windows button and then click the icon for cog (similarly it is possible to utilize the search box and simply search for ‘settings’)

Click on the ‘Devices’ tab then “Bluetooth and other Devices’

Check that you’re headsets are pairing, and press the ‘+’ icon to connect your device.

Choose “Bluetooth”

The computer will then search for devices that are compatible

Find your headphones and connect them

Most computers will have an integrated function to pair Bluetooth devices, however older models might require the use of a Bluetooth adapter in order to pair them.

How do I connect my JBL Headphones to a IMAC or MACBOOK?

The procedure of pairing JBL Headphones is the same for both MacBook’s as well as iMacs. It is very simple to complete:

Hit on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen, followed by “System Preferences.”

On this page, you will find a choice to use Bluetooth. Select this option

Make sure your headphones are on pair mode so that you can be able to see the headphones show up on the screen

Connect the button to join

How do I connect my JBL HEADPHONES TO AN Apple WATCH?

The process of connecting to your JBL headphones with your Apple Watch is extremely quick and easy to do:

Open the ‘Settings’ on your Apple Watch and scroll down to the Bluetooth option.

Click Bluetooth to find compatible devices

When you have your headphones, just click the headphones to pair them.

How do I join my JBL Headphones to a Smart TV?

The majority of smart TVs include an inbuilt Bluetooth feature, however, older models might need an adapter.

Fortunately, the process of pairing with your JBL headphones is simple and easy in both ways:

Check that your headphones are on pair mode

Look for the options for your Television, and then look for the option to enable Bluetooth

Scan for applicable devices

Choose the JBL headsets and then connect them.


There is no need to disconnect your headphones manually from your mobile device, all you need to do is turn off your headphone off to disable the JBL headphones’ Bluetooth connection.

Also to this, if the device you’ve paired with is shut off, it will cause the connection to be dropped.


If you’re looking for a way to pair JBL Earbuds, the method is similar to pairing an over-ear set of headphones.

Simply follow the directions above to turn on this Bluetooth pairing feature and then locate JBL wireless headphones. JBL wireless headphones that you want to pair.


Why is only one of MY JBL Headphones connected?

If you’re within the range, but just one pair of JBL headphones is not connecting, you’re likely to experience to be one of two issues.

The first reason is that the battery could be depleted and result in the headphones not functioning correctly. If this happens, you can simply recharge the headphones and try it again.

Resetting your headphones could solve the problem. For this, follow these steps:

Make sure you have the headphones switched on

Hold and press the “volume up” and volume down’ buttons simultaneously for 5 minutes

If you hear the sound of a shutdown press the buttons

After a few minutes, the headphones will come back on (at the point, they have been reset completely)

What is the reason why my JBL HEADPHONES turn on after the charge?

There could be a problem when the headphones are not powered on even when they’re fully charged.

This is a very frequent occurrence, but it can be generally fixed fairly quickly. In the beginning, you should try setting the headphones with the above method, this is often able to resolve any issues that the headphones may be experiencing.

If none of this works, try the following method:

Hold your switch to power for about five seconds

Then , press power button. Press power button three times in succession

Hold the power button down one time more until the LED light turns on.

If you’re still not able to turn on the headphones after charging , and these methods aren’t working, you could have an unreliable device.


Contact JBL directly or through the retailer that you bought the headphones from (although be aware that when your warranty is expired, they might not be able to immediately repair the headphone).

Why can’t my JBL Headphones turn off?

If you’re trying to turn off your headphones, but they’re not turning off, it may be because they’re connected to the Bluetooth device.

It’s not a major issue, but make sure to check for your JBL headset’s Bluetooth connection. If your device is playing music, this could be the reason for the problem.

The music should stop Try again. If you are still unable to power down your headphones, try resetting the headphones using the above instructions.

Why isn’t my JBL Earbuds charging?

If you are unable to connect your earbuds the way you want them to, it might not be a technical issue but a simple hygiene problem!

Verify the pins within the charger case. Are there any traces of dirt? If yes, use a microfiber cloth to gently wash away the dirt.

There are three holes in which the pins go into the buds.

It is possible to clean some dirt off by gently scraping the surface with a toothpick. However, we wouldn’t advise this since the headphones could be damaged.

If you are unsure go to the store you purchased them from or to a JBL stockiest to have at.

Why is it that my JBL Headphones Flashing Blue/White?

If you see blinking lights on your headphones, it could mean they’re seeking to join the Bluetooth gadget.

If the problem persists, but you aren’t able to connect successfully, try setting your headphones again following the steps above.

It is also possible to verify whether your device is connected to another Bluetooth connection. If that’s the case, then your headphones could be trying to connect, but are blocked.

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