The Ultimate Guide For Your Wet AirPods Is Here

Contrary to popular belief, placing water-damaged AirPods in a container of rice is not the best way to remove water from your AirPods. Instead, wipe it with a microfiber cloth, store it in the case of AirPods and let it dry. If you accidentally get your AirPods wet, don’t worry! No big problem. There is a solution that uses the water purification feature of an app called Siri Shortcut Gallery. Dropping your AirPods into water or any kind of water, such as a sink or toilet, can be quite difficult (especially the latter). AirPods are so expensive and so expensive that it’s heartbreaking to see them get wet like this. If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for a way How to Remove Water from Airpods.

Dry your AirPods in the sun to dry them. 

After using the Siri key combination to remove the water, you can now start the second step to completely remove the water from your AirPods. It sounds simple, but many people ignore this simple trick. After drying with a microfiber cloth, make sure the AirPods are completely turned off, and the charging case is disconnected. Place it on a cloth and place it in sunlight through an open window. Turn it over onto the fabric. Open the charging case cover slightly to dry the case as well. Put it in a sunny place in the afternoon. Then test it and see if it works. If that doesn’t work, you may need to go to the Genius Bar and ask for a replacement. You can try the previous steps again before doing this checkout trending technology

What causes water damage to AirPods?

Besides accidentally dropping it in water, there are other ways water can damage your Air Pods. AirPods can sometimes be very fragile, so you have to be extremely careful. Wear in the rain – Water can damage your AirPods case, especially if you’re under a hat or hooded jacket. If you wear it for a long time while exercising, sweat will leak into the AirPods. Condensation builds up inside the AirPods when you move from a very cold place to a very warm place. If you bring AirPods to high humidity, water may form. When I swim or when I swim. The most common cause: cleaning your AirPods without the proper skills or tools.

How to avoid water damage when cleaning your AirPods?

It is important to clean your AirPods regularly because not cleaning them regularly can cause a variety of problems. That’s why you should clean your device regularly, but make sure that AirPods cleaning products won’t damage your device with water. The same safety guide goes for earbuds pro also. You need to be care full with the gadgets.


This ultimate guide will surely help you to let you know how you can get rid of your wet AirPods. This will be helpful.

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