Tips for successfully completing an assignment

Assignments are synonymous with being a student and make a significant contribution to your overall year mark. It is important that you submit a well-edited, factually-correct assignment in the correct format. There are several ways to go about it, and the guide includes tips that can help you find more information about your topic.

Lecturers will provide the following information

  • The subject of the assignment
  • number of words or pages that the document must consist of
  • date of submission
  • The format in which the assignment must be presented, e.g., oral, computer-based, written, or a combination of said forms.

Scheduling of project

Start working on the assignment early. Allow for unexpected events, and keep in mind that the items in the library’s inventory are not always available immediately. Allow sufficient time for the compilation and technical care of the document.


As soon as you have clarity about the nature of your assignment, you start researching the topic.

Information sources

The most logical place to start your search in the library is in the reference section. Ask Assignment Homework to guide you. Also, use the library’s website to access interactive resources.  Keto complete reviews chemist warehouse

  • Audiovisual material
  • Books
  • Compact discs
  • Databases
  • Internet
  • Magazine Cards
  • Reference section

Make a list of everything you already know about the topic. Make a list of what you want to know about the topic, and be specific. Indicate keywords, concepts, and concepts related to the topic. It may look like this:

Also, look for words that have a broader and closer connection with the subject.

The following can be used as examples of words that have a wider connection :

  • Cocoon or pupa
  • Insect
  • Against
  • Lepidoptera

Words that have a closer connection are usually more specific in nature, e.g.:

 Finding the correct keywords or search terms is not always easy. The librarian is there to help you, don’t hesitate to ask for Help.

For interactive real-time Help with search strategies.

 Preliminary explanation

Make a preliminary layout of what your final product should look like. The standard format used looks like this:


The cover page is the first impression the lecturer gets of your assignment. It should look as professional as possible. The sheet must contain the following information:

  • Name and student number
  • Title of assignment
  • Submission date
  • Name of lecturer
  • Name of that course


The introduction gives a brief overview and general introduction to the topic you are discussing.

Report Content

This part of the report consists of the discussion and reporting of the information that has been researched. It is very important that reference is made to the sources used to obtain the information.


The content of the report is summarized, and conclusions are drawn.


From the conclusions drawn, recommendations and suggestions must be made. Here are any suggestions for Assignment Writing Brighton for Help too, e.g., to improve processes made.

General tips


Be careful not to unknowingly commit plagiarism. This means that you may not quote the text verbatim from the source and submit it as your own work. You must always refer to the sources used. Remember that you must reflect your ideas and inferences from the real facts! By referring to facts, you ensure that your paper is coherent.

technical care

Assignments must look professional and should preferably be submitted in typed form. Note language and typos. Workpieces are typed double-spaced and submitted in bound form. Binding can be done at the library.

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