Ultimate Travel Guide To Gandikota, The Grand Canyon Of India

Guide To Gandikota: Gandikota, a small village located in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh. The Pennar River cutting through the Erramala hills creates an impressive gorge. This stunning beauty, which is often visited by many travelers, is also known as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India.

The Gandikota fort is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the vicinity of the village. It is located at the top of the gorge. This is the perfect spot for adventurers and history buffs. This village is charming and adds to the beauty in the gorge.

Why go to Gandikota: Guide To Gandikota

People seek tranquility and less distractions when they go on vacation. Gandikota Andhra Pradesh, a small village in the Andhra Pradesh region, is unspoiled. Because it isn’t commercialized, people don’t know much about the offbeat destination. This is what makes the village so special. There will be fewer tourists, and therefore less noise. You will also find fewer tourists and less noise. Gandikota in South India is a great place to visit. It is a weekend escape from Bangalore.

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Gandikota is called the “Arizona Of India” because of her stance on Gandikota.

Gandikota, a hidden gem in Bangalore, is still unexplored. It’s a great weekend getaway from the city.

Because we rarely see gorge formations, it is known as Arizona of India. It’s similar to Arizona’s Grand Canyon, which is made up of amazing rocks that have been cut and layered in an impressive manner. It is also known by the Indian Grand Canyon.

Gandikota’s best time to visit

The Grand Canyon of India enjoys pleasant and comfortable weather from September to February. This makes it the ideal time to visit Gandikota Andhra Pradesh. The temperature can reach 40-45 degrees Celsius in the summer. It is difficult to visit Grand Canyon India gorge during this hot and humid season.

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Gandikota History

An ancient grant states that Kapa, the king from Bomanapalli’s neighbor, built a fortress at Gandikota. Harihara, the first Vijayanagara emperor, is believed to have built a temple at Gandikota. Firishta, a Persian historian from 16th century suggests that the fort was constructed in 1589.

It was captured by the Qutab Shahis and Mir Jumla, who presided over its affairs in the 17th Century. Jumla built Juma Masjid later and increased the fort’s size. The citadel eventually handed over the Nawab Kadapa to them. After that, it was given to Hyder Ali. After the treaty with Nizam, the British took control of the fort in 1800CE.

Things to Do in Gandikota Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota is perhaps best known for its hidden Great Canyon of India. However, this breathtaking gorge is just one of many attractions in Gandikota. You can do many things in Gandikota Grand Canyon.

Gandikota Grand Canyon offers many activities. Hidden Gandikota Canyon is just one of many attractions. During a visit to the area, one can enjoy a variety of activities.

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We have listed some places that will make you smile:

1. Amazing views of The Gorge & The Pennar River

The Pennar River flows through the brightly colored gorge, which is itself an art form. The Grand Canyon of India is a spectacular place to see the gorge. Although climbing up the rocks can be difficult, once you reach the top, you will not regret it. This gorge, which is almost as impressive as the Grand Canyon in Arizona’s Arizona, is breathtaking.

Your trip to Gandikota grand Canyon will be memorable if you watch groups of pelicans flying over the green river and then sit on top of the rocks at sunset.

You should always bring your own food to the gorge, as there are very few options for food near the fort and the gorge.

Location: Chikkaballapur District, Andhra Pradesh-562101

Timings No particular timing

2. Take a walk through the Ruins Of The Gandikota Fort

Built in the 13th century, the Gandikota fort is now a museum. It is constructed of red sandstone. The fort has beautiful palaces with intricate sculptures. There are perennial springs that provide water for irrigation. The walls around the fort are 5 miles long. Great examples of unity in diversity are the ruins of a Gandikota Temple built in the same century as the mosque, and another later added to it.

You can walk peacefully along the walls of this fort, taking in the beautiful view of the river as it changes colour at dusk. You will be amazed at the different civilization that existed in that century when you hear the Gandikota Fort’s history. The Gandikota Fort is worth a visit. It is one the most beautiful places in Gandikota Andhra Pradesh.

Location, Gandikota Fort Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh-516433)

Gandikota Fort Timings 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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3. Belum Caves’ interiors are stunning

It is fascinating to see the beautiful pictures of Arizona’s Antelope Canyons. The same can be done in India, as there are Belum Caves that can be called Indian Antelope Canyons.

According to geologists, Belum Caves is the second-largest cave system in India. It has great significance in archaeology and geology. In the stalagmite, stalactite formations of this cave, geologists also discovered Quartz residues.

Location: 1/1, Opposite Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Kolimigundla, Andhra Pradesh 518123

Belum caves timings 10:30am to 4:00pm

4. Enjoy a relaxing time at the Banks of Rayalacheruvu Lake

A beautiful lake is located adjacent to Gandikota Fort. It is believed that Sri Krishnadevaraya, the emperor, created it using water from the Pennar River. The lake’s banks offer a beautiful view of nature and the Erramala hills to the rear. Many migratory and indigenous birds can be seen peeking out from the thickets. Recent developments indicate that the lake will now be used to aid farmers in the village.

Location: Rayala Cheruvu Rd, SBI Colony, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501

Timings No particular timing

5. For solace, visit the temples with rich architectural details

Two of the most impressive and architecturally rich temples in the vicinity of the village are the Raghunathaswamy and Madhavaraya temples. These temples are a must-see in Gandikota.

The Raghunathaswamy Temple is made from red granite. It consists of a series of pillars and hallways that lead to the main structure. This gives the temple a mysterious feeling since it doesn’t have one idol of God or goddesses.

Beautiful architecture is found in the Madhavaraya temple, which features sculptures of Hindu Gods as well as rituals of common folk carved on its walls. Gandikota history is preserved in the art on the granite walls that this temple to Gandikota’s culture and life of kingdoms.

Madhavaraya temple location:R77M+7HQ Gandikota (Andhra Pradesh) 516434

Raghunathaswamy Temple Location:R78M+PXJ Gandikota (Andhra Pradesh) 516434

Timings for the temples: Both temples are open during the day

6. Enjoy adventure activities in the Gandikota canyon Gorge

Gandikota Canyon has something for everyone. Gandikota has been marketed as a tourist destination and many tourists are eager to spend time in the village. You can enjoy adventure in the gorge, including rock climbing, trekking and rappelling.

The cost of the activities is Rs. 1000

7. You are invited to pay your respects at the Jamia Masjid Gandikota Fort

Although the old mosque walls have become duller over time, the beautiful Islamic architecture continues to charm travelers with its elegance and Gandikota heritage.

Visitors to the Masjid first see the grand, multi-arched entrance. Then comes the main prayer hall, where thousands used to gather to pray. The Madhavaraya temple’s Gopuram can be seen from the top of this entrance. Peace and harmony are shared by the mosque and temple.

Location: Gandikota Fort in Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh) – 516433

Timings for the Jamia Masjid at Gandikota Fort: 06:00 – 6:00 p.m.

8. Gandikota waterfalls

Gandikota has a hidden waterfall that isn’t well-known. Gandikota waterfall can be reached by descending from the cliff, passing rocks and boulders for approximately 2km. You can find several painting spots that will help you get to the waterfall.

The water is shallow and can be swum by oneself in a small waterfall or pond.

How to Reach Gandikota

By Train

The nearest railway stations are Jammalamadugu (18km), Kadapa (77km) and Tirupati (219km). A direct train is also possible, as it is more comfortable than the bus.

By Air

Nearest airports are Tirupati Airport in Renigunta. To commute from Bangalore to Gandikota the Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore. You can also take a bus or a taxi to cover the rest of the distance from Gandikota.

By road

The roads of Andhra Pradesh are in excellent condition. They are connected to highways and other routes. It connects to major cities such as Vizag, Hyderabad, and Bangalore via the NH 7 highway.

Gandikota: Where to Eat

Gandikota has many great places to eat. Gandikota Penna River View and Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayana Bhavan are some of the most popular places to eat. There are two options near Gandikota Fort: Nirmala Bakery and Andhra Spice.

Gandikota: Where to Stay

Gandikota has many options for accommodation. There are many hotels, resorts, camping spots, and other accommodations in Gandikota. APTDC Complex is a 10-acre property that includes 12 cottages, a dormitory and a dining hall. It also has a parking area. The estimated cost of the property is Rs. Rs. Rs. It costs approximately. Rs. 1599 per night.

Gandikota is a great place to backpackers because it is easily accessible by public transport. It also offers a variety of activities, accommodation, and food options. Gandikota Fort is a must-see place in Andhra Pradesh.

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