Vivo Y91 Review : Unsatisfying but Affordable

Vivo Y91 review : As the mid-range and budget category becomes more popular, smartphones have higher specs and are priced to reflect the increasing competition. Vivo has launched yet another smartphone, VivoY91, for an incredible price and decent specs.

Vivo Y91 is now available on the market at PKR 27,999 (launch price). It comes in two colors, Ocean Blue and Starry Black.

Vivo Y91 review

Vivo’s Y Series smartphones are designed for youth. They are priced to meet the needs and budget of this market, which requires affordability and class. How good is Vivo’s Vivo Y91? This is the result of our detailed review.
Vivo Y91 specs
Display: 6.22 inches, IPS LCD
* Android 8.1 (Oreo); FUNtouch 4.5
* Chipset: Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22
* Camera (rear): 13MP + 2MP
* Camera (front: 8MP)
* Battery: 4030mAh

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Design and Display

The beautiful design of the smartphone reinforces the company’s strategy to provide an attractive device that is affordable.

Vivo has managed to improve design language while keeping the phone’s price tag down by using a plastic unibody. You can feel the premium quality of this phone’s two-tone color and polished back.

It isn’t the slimmest smartphone on the market and it feels bulky in your hand. The back has a dual-camera setup in the upper left corner. You can also find a figure competition on the back, which is easily reached due to its correct placement.

The power key and volume knob are located on the right side of your phone. They’re well placed so you don’t have to reach for them.

The SIM card tray on the left side of the phone includes a triple slot that allows you to use your microSD card and sim card simultaneously.

Vivo Y91 has a 6.22-inch screen. This IPS LCD displays 720 x 1520 pixels at a pixel density of 270PPI. The screen features a 2.5D curved glass.

Although Y91 is in the lower mid-range, it retains the fashionable waterdrop notch front design that we are used to seeing on higher-end devices.
It’s unfortunately a 720p screen that isn’t as saturated and punchy. If you switch from a 1080p monitor, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

The brighter side is that the screen’s lower resolution helps to reduce battery consumption, but at the expense of saturation.

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Although the viewing angles are quite good, the screen becomes darker as you tilt the device towards the sides. Don’t expect great screen quality. It is well worth the cost, even though you’re not spending a lot.


Vivo’s software Funtouch OS, which looks almost like an iOS and Android baby, is well-known. Vivo Y91 includes version 4.5. Although the software is a direct rip-off from iOS, it’s still usable and offers some great features.

Even though there is no way of enabling the app drawer, gesture navigation can be enabled through the phone even if it wasn’t originally intended for Android Pie.
The Jovi Assistant is used in Game Mode to handle some AI camera tricks. Other than that you won’t see any practical use of it.
Smart click allows you to customize the action of long-pressed volume down buttons. Long-pressing this button will allow you to launch the torch or launch the camera.

Besides, apps like iThemes or iManager allow you to customize your phone and manage your files. Although the OS is a copy of iOS, Vivo has made it much more useful.
Performance and Battery
Vivo Y91 is equipped with MediaTek MTK6762. We didn’t expect much from the phone’s performance, but were shocked to see the device’s poor performance. This is the performance of the phone in benchmark tests.

The SoC has 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The phone failed to perform in our real-world tests. The phone started to lag even with moderate usage.
This lag was experienced when multitasking or switching between apps. During our moderate usage tests, the Y91 was one of few phones to show signs of stuttering.
The phone crashed when we tried to play Asphalt 9, Deer Hunter and PUBG. Even after multiple attempts with a long time interval, the device refused to play the game. Despite clearing the background apps, the game runs smoothly, which is a sign of poor RAM management.

Portrait mode is a better option for Y91 as it detects the outline of the subject more accurately. You won’t be disappointed, no matter if you are taking a selfie or using a rear-camera to take a portrait.
We have seen better smartphones in terms of camera performance. Despite this, Vivo could have been more focused on optimization. The Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 falls in the same category and has a better camera.

Vivo Y91 could have been a disaster without its sturdy design and long-lasting battery. It has a very long-lasting battery that can last for up to two days even with moderate usage. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about performance and camera.
MediaTek’s entry-level chipset is not designed to handle large tasks. If you’re an average user who doesn’t care about a high-quality camera or a huge battery and don’t want to sacrifice performance, we recommend you get the MediaTek entry-level chipset.
You should not be focusing on the camera or performance of the phone. Instead, look for better options.

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VIVO Cons and pros


  • It’s a large screen and is perfect for games and videos
  • Because the performance of the CPU is very high, I’ve experienced virtually no issues with the application on a daily basis.


  • Because the performance of the camera on the rear is quite minimal, it is not a good idea to be thinking about using it as your primary camera.

Evaluation of performance and functional aspects for VIVO’s Y91

Dimensions of the VIVO Y91

VIVO Y91 measures 29.6 inches (75.1 mm) and the vertical width 61.1 inches (155.1 millimeters) as well as the height 3.3 inches (8.3 millimeters). In certain situations, you are able to use one hand to work however some users may feel that their hands are a little bigger. Its weight VIVO Y91 is 5.8 ounces (163.5 grams). If you use it in one hand, you won’t feel as heavy. In some instances you might feel exhausted after working for longer periods of time.

Size of VIVO Y91 is about average and easy to maintain. It’s not a problem in the event of having a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages.

Processing power of the CPU from VIVO Y91

Its processing capacity for VIVO the Y91 runs at 1.95GHz + 1.45GHz + 8.8 (OctaCore) and it is extremely fast and I’m not stressed even when no application is being used. It’s among the top performance of phones that have been released thus far. Even with the most intense 3D games, it’s possible to play games almost without tension.

The RAM of the VIVO the Y91 has 3GB of memory. it is sufficient in capacity. In rare situations memory could be a little over, but you’ll never be worried about RAM.

In assessing the overall operating performance of VIVO Y91, it is a top-of-the-line phone that can be used at a minimum of stress. But, it is important to take care when playing heavy games like 3D games.

Capacity of storage for VIVO Y91

The capacity for storage of information in VIVO the Y91 model is 32GB. It’s sufficient for photography however, you might consider it insufficient for those who regularly shoot videos or users who download many games.

VIVOY91 is the same as the SD card. It is possible to expand the space available. There is no reason to should be aware of the capacity of your storage.

This is the screen on VIVO Y91

VIVO Y91 features the 6.22 in display. It’s the dimension that is VIVO The Y91 6.22 inches. The screen is the largest screen. You can play videos, images, as well as games. It is useful to write professional sentences.

The gorgeous screen images of VIVO Y91 isn’t good or bad. There’s nothing to worry about to use it in everyday situations, but it may not be adequate for people who wish to play games and movies.

Camera power

The amount of pixels in the camera on the rear of VIVO Y91 is just 2MP which is quite low-power. If you are not concerned about the video or picture quality, or typically do not take pictures the camera, then you shouldn’t have an issue, however, if you do you’ll need to choose a more powerful smartphone.

Additionally, the number of pixels on the front camera in the VIVO Y91 is eight MP this is a typical performance level. It’s sufficient to take photos of your face, however when you snap pictures with a group of people , or print images for instance it is possible to be a little disappointed.

Overall score from VIVO Y91

VIVO Y91 is a phone that has a decent performance. While it could be uncomfortable to use for daily usage as the primary tablet, it’s generally within the acceptable range.

Functions and specifications of the VIVO Y91

Date of release11, 2018
colorStarry black, ocean blue
The size of the primary unit (width length x width)29.6 inch (75.1 mm) (75mm) 61.1 inches (155.1 mm) in x 3.3 inches (8.3 mm)
memory5.8 oz (163.5 g)
screen size6.22 inches
LCD displayIPS LCD
Resolution of the screen (width * height)720×1520
Screen pixel density270ppi
capacity of the battery
chipsetQualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439
processing power1.95GHz + 1.45GHz x 8 (OctaCore)
The number of pixels of the camera’s rear2 MP
Front camera performance8 MP

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