What is Durfing ? Best to know in 2022

What is Durfing ?  The secret sexual loophole Mormon teens are faced with two choices when it comes to sexual exploration: get married or abstain.

There is however, a third option that Mormon youth love: durfing.

I’ve durfed. You’ve durfed. Most likely, we’ve all durfed.

Let’s discuss it.

Disclaimer: Durfing is a sexual activity that involves teenagers. It is not something I promote or glorify. It is my goal to explain it to anyone who wants to understand it.

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What is Durfing?

Durfing refers to the practice of dry-humping, even though you are fully clothed.

It’s a way for Mormon teenagers to explore their sexuality, without having to have sexual intercourse. Although durfing isn’t technically considered sex it is taboo in the Mormon Church.

LDS youth who engage with durfing are often doing it in secret, and without their parents or church leaders being aware.

Some Mormon adults view durfing as a way for teens to have fun with their sexuality. Others see it as a slippery slope that could lead to more serious activities.

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The practice is still kept secret for now.

Durfing is expected to become more popular as more Mormon youth experiment with their sexuality.

Non-Mormons may not think durfing is a significant issue, but it’s more than dry humping.

This is what really happens behind the scenes.

What is Durfing?

It’s a valid question.

Here’s the truth: Mormonism strictly prohibits premarital sex. Masterbation is also prohibited. It is also forbidden to hug or kiss too long.

Teenagers of the faith can find it difficult to cope with their first flushes of hormones or sexual desire.

This is how these teens can explore their sexuality, without actually breaking any rules. Durfing allows Mormon teens to explore physical intimacy while remaining completely clothed and avoiding genital contact.

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They may also like how it feels.

Although it is not the most common form of sexual activity in the world, durfing can be a way for teens to express their newfound desires while remaining true to their faith.

What is Durfing?

There are many forms of Durfing, but all involve a male or female wearing full-clothes and their bodies pressing against one another.

They either make out like a horny couple, or grind away at one another until they reach their climax.

They may be more creative.

These are just a few of the many variations of what is durfing.

  • Jump Humping
  • Soaking

Jump Humping

This is basically grinding but with an extra twist: another person jumps on top of the couple to cause the mattress to bounce, creating waves of motion.

The couple will start to grind on one another without taking any action.

Because there are three of them involved, it is sometimes called a threesome.


I think that soaking is a dangerous step into uncharted territory.

Let me just clarify: Soak is when a penis-owner places their penis in a vagina-owning individual and doesn’t move it. It is like putting an anchor down.

It is believed that the act of sex can be disqualified if there is no penis movement.

I’m not so certain.

Other Durfing Variations

Although it is not specifically mentioned, I believe that brainstorming minds might also engage in some wet durfing and swing to know what is durfing.

Wet durfing refers to bathing in a tub or in the water.

They have less fabric, but they are technically still “clothed.”

Swing durfing refers to swinging on swings. Two people can sit together in a swing and one person straddles the other. Both kick their feet to propel it. The swinging motion is similar to grinding.

This is a great video about soaking:YouTube video by Nick Shirley – What is Durfing?

What is a Durf Queen?

Durf queens are those who do a lot premarital dry humping.

Some people may find this a strange way of getting sexual satisfaction. I disagree.

Durf Queen, a TikToker, also claims she is a serial dry-humper behind the back of her parents.

Final Thoughts: What is Durfing?

What is Durfing can also be done in a standing position against a wall. You masturbate and do a handstand to keep your semen from escaping when you ejaculate.

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