What Is Webinar Platform and How to Use It in 2022

Choosing the perfect webinar platform is very important for the growth and development of your business. As per the current marketing trends, webinars are being used extensively for different purposes & with a single of getting wider reach worldwide.

With the help of webinar live streaming services, interaction with the audience has become much easier & fun. Right from the generation of high leads to the capitalization of exciting guest speakers all of the tasks have become less tedious and more convenient.

In this blog, we will be discussing important facts about hosting the webinar session, and its benefits along with mentioning some of the popular webinar platforms.

Webinar Platforms – at a Glance

Basically, webinar platforms are used for sharing information in the form of PowerPoint presentations, Pictorial infographics, and video content.

These can be accessed by downloading the software on your desktop or can be streamed directly from your browser.

Most of the online webinar services are being hosted online and thus come with a dashboard. The dashboard has been defined as a new space that can be used by the organizers for the creation of the new webinar or editing of the registration pages.

Basically, there are two types of webinar software namely – browser-based webinar software and downloadable software.

Benefits of using Webinar Platforms

The webinar is an ongoing trend in the business industry with its versatility to attract audiences across the globe. Here are some of the most popular benefits of webinar platforms –

Wider audience reach

Because the webinars are conducted virtually, more business houses, as well as brands, tap into larger audiences as compared with the on-ground events. There are no geographical limitations whatsoever while organizing these sessions.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Webinars work for the addition of context to your brand or product because of the fact that it looks like more of a conversation rather than a product selling strategy.

Generation of High-Quality Leads

By choosing the best webinar platform, there are more chances of audience engagement and ultimately high lead generation which can easily turn your viewers into your potential buyers.

While using these platforms you have all of their contact information for further follow-ups with them.

Leading from the Front

Most of the time webinar hosts get the chance to showcase themselves as an industry expert in their field.

With the help of live webinar software, they can also become a good thought leader in their field & help the audience by giving real-time feedback to their queries the audience and audience can attend anywhere around the world through their mobile phone, and customers of Spectrum mobile got extra benefits because webinars don’t cost anything even at the time of Spectrum mobile billing.

Some Popular Webinar Platforms in 2022

Here is the list of some of the popular webinar platforms for your convenience, which will also help you out in shortlisting some of them to be included in your next event –


  • Workcast is specially created for event marketers with its simple interface and salient features.
  • It thus also has an option of simulative webinars with a pre-recorded video session & Q&A presentations.


  • The live webinar is one of the most interactive webinar platforms loaded with versatile features and an interface that is easy & convenient for every age group.
  • The platform tends to work right from your browser without having to download even a single plugin.


  • Dreamcast is one of the most popular platforms to organize every single type of virtual event – Webinars, live streaming your wedding, hybrid events, and much more.
  • With its WhatsApp automation technology, users can easily scan the QR code & enjoy their favorite events without wasting a single second!


  • It is a great online webinar tool for both PC as well mobile devices with a design that is very sleek as well as an intuitive user interface.
  • It offers features like – poll presentations, and calls to action on the platform for better engagement with the audience.


  • This is the right platform for you to broaden your audience reach & increase the number of potential clients.
  • It provides in-depth analytics on engagement insights and leads reports.

Tips to Create a Perfect Webinar in 2022

Here are some of the handy tips which are very useful to host your webinar session –

Choosing the right format for your Webinar Topic

For this, you have to decide your target audience as well as the details of your session. You have to do complete research about the selected category and cover all the questions which can be put up by the audience.

Creation of Webinar Outline

While creating the outline for your webinar sessions you are actually making subsections for your live presentation. With the help of online webinar platforms, you can easily outline the data & resources required to support your query or explanation.

Engagement with your audience

By Far you have created a brief outline and you know what exactly your target audience is expecting from your webinar session.

According to a recent survey, more than 50 % of the live attendees exit from the ongoing webinar presentations due to boring presentations and lethargic gestures by the presenters.

Webinar Promotion

Webinar promotion is the crucial part that is involved in the success of your event. It starts with leading social media streaming platforms announcing your webinar session date prior to 1 month in advance along with the creation of landing pages on your website.

Summing Up

Webinars had actually never gone out of date. With rapid innovation and the emergence of interactive technologies to serve your audience in the best way, webinar platforms are creating milestones in hosting large-scale events successfully.

With proper research of some of the most popular webinar platforms, you can make your session a highly engaging activity that can easily hold your audience for long hours.

With so many tools out there in the market with more of the same features making the right choice has become quite difficult.

By sticking to the best practices to host your webinar session you are making your session an engaging activity which is the prime need for your marketing business as well as supercharging your brand.

The best webinar software is the one that meets your specific requirements related to your target audience and business development.

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