Where to stay in Chicago the best neighborhoods to visit

Chicago has been one of my top cities within the United States, especially during the summer months when the climate and energy of the city cannot be rivaled. The city comes to life whenever the climate is pleasant when people, after shedding the cold winters that have been brutally cold let out all the energy they’ve held!

Chicago is known for many things, including the historical architecture as well as the dining experience is excellent, Millennium Park, art museums, and of obviously the Cubs. It is possible to spend the time you are able to with a wide range of things to do.

While the city is full of things to do and see ( and plenty of amazing hostels) one of the most pressing issues you’ll be faced with when planning your trip is which area to be staying in?

To help to answer this query, here’s my neighborhood breakdown and suggested locations where you can stay within each.

However before I get into the topic, here are some frequently asked questions regarding staying in Chicago:

What’s the most desirable area within Chicago to raise families?
Lincoln Park is an oasis of peace and tranquility. It is also home to the no-cost Lincoln Park Zoo, a few museums, and beachfront property.

What’s the most popular area in Chicago for those who love history?
The neighborhood of Hyde Park, located on the Southside houses the University of Chicago and a number of homes that are historic (including one that was designed for Frank Lloyd Wright).

What’s the best area within Chicago for art fans?
The only city that is in the United States with more art galleries than River North is Manhattan. You can spend days and days here doing the gallery crawl.

What is the most desirable neighborhood in Chicago all-around?
It’s the Loop can be described as the central point of all. There’s not a intense Chicago atmosphere however if you’re looking to explore the most popular attractions of Chicago The Loop is the ideal location to stay. Additionally, it’s very accessible to walk around.

Now that you know the answers to those questions Here’s the more precise detail of each neighborhood including suggested accommodations for each, so you’ll know which area you can remain in Chicago.

Chicago Neighborhood Overview

  1. What to stay for Visitors First-Timers
  2. Where to stay for and Architecture Lovers and Architecture Lovers
  3. Where to stay for families
  4. Where to Stay to Feel Like an American
  5. Where to Stay to Get History Buffs
  6. What to Do Foodies

The Best Place to Stay in Chicago for first-time visitors: The Loop

The Loop is the heart in The Loop is the center of Chicago universe. Although it’s busy, but it is also home to many of the city’s top tourist attractions, such as Millennium Park and the Chicago Institute of Art. The towering buildings give the area an urban look, and it’s easy to walk around in the Loop as well.

Best Hotels to stay In the Loop

  • Budget: HI Chicago Hostel located in the south of the Loop The hostel is home to several rooms, based on your budget and the amount of privacy you desire including six-bed dorms, three-person private rooms, as well as private rooms with king beds that have bathrooms that are en-suite.
  • Mid-Range: Staypineapple — This lively playful, unique, and friendly hotel offers rooms with super-fluffy pillows, duvets that are large as well as soft robes and massive towels. Everything you need in a hotel to enjoy the perfect stay. Rooms also include tea, coffee as well as unlimited water bottles.
  • Luxurious: W Chicago located in a beautiful Beaux Arts building The W is a stylish location to relax during your visit to Chicago. The rooms are spacious and feature queen and king-sized beds. big TVs, USB ports as well as luxurious robes and free bottled water.

Where to stay for Architecture and Design Lover: River North

If you are a fan of gazing at artwork, River North is the area to be. The area has the largest number of galleries in Manhattan. Be sure to visit the House of Blues if you’re an architecture and design enthusiast. The interior was designed after that of the Estates Theater located in Prague which is in which Mozart directed the first performance of his operetta “Don Giovanni.” Other notable places to visit comprise museums like the Museum of Broadcast Communications The Chicago Children’s Museum along with The Addington Gallery.

Best Hotels for Staying in River North

  • Budget: Found Hotel There are many budget-friendly lodging alternatives located in North River but The Found Hotel is among those that are the least expensive. The rooms are equipped with the standard facilities (such as free WiFi and flat-screen TVs) However, they also have the option of a desk as well as a wardrobe. You can request a room that has an urban view.
  • Midrange: 21c Museum Hotel If you’re traveling to River North to look at artwork, then 21c is the hotel for you. The hip hotel is filled with artwork. Its 297 bedrooms are elegant clean, modern and comfy. The restaurant in the hotel, Lure Fishbar, has one of the most delicious Burgers you can find.
  • Luxury: Westin Chicago River North -A luxurious and comfortable hotel in the same time, the Westin is located right on the Chicago River. Rooms have river or views of the skyline. Some rooms include Peloton exercise machines.

Hotels in Chicago for families: Lincoln Park

There are a lot of green spaces neighborhood for families is among the city’s most luxurious areas. It is the home of The Chicago History Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo, North Avenue Beach as well as The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. The lush and beautifully landscaped Lincoln Park itself is also worthy of exploration, and is perfect for picnics or strolls.

Best Hotels to Stay within Lincoln Park

  • Budget: Getaway Hostel — This contemporary and welcoming hostel has dorms with four and twelve beds. rooms, in addition to the option of individual two- or four-person rooms, with some having bathrooms with en suites and others that have shared bathroom.
  • Midrange: Hotel Versey is located in Lakeview located just across the boundary with Lincoln Park, Hotel Versey is free WiFi and large flat-screen TVs. docking stations for phones and a warm and welcoming staff.
  • Luxury: Hotel Lincoln is located just a few feet from the lakefront and lakeshore park. The charming property has rooms with super-comfy furniture, comfy beds and walls with artwork by local artists. It also has a great rooftop bar.

Where you can stay to feel like an American: Lakeview

Lakeview is a huge and sprawling area that lies north of downtown, and quite far from the heart of Chicago. However, you’re located in a very local neighborhoodthat is brimming with excellent restaurants, chill bars, and antique shops. The neighborhood that is subdivided into Wrigleyville is also in this area. It is here that Wrigley Field is, home to the Chicago Cubs, and one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the world in terms of atmosphere.

Best Hotels in Lakeview

  • Budget: Wrigley Hostel located just only a few feet to Wrigley Park, this hostel is an ideal spot for those who are planning to attend the baseball game. The hotel has everything from dorms with 10 beds to rooms to private rooms for two and everything between. The barbecue is an enjoyable place to sit on the deck, and breakfast is free.
  • Midrange: City Suites The 45 bright and cheerful rooms in this Lakeview hotel are decorated with elegant Art Deco stylings. The rooms also have the option of a desk in case you’re a street traveler as well as a ceiling fan and a fully-stocked minibar.
  • Luxurious: Majestic Hotel Hugging with the lake and park The Majestic is a cozy spot to rest your tired head in Chicago. The hotel was built in the 1920s. the spacious rooms come with all the standard amenities and comforts and a fully-stocked minibar. Coffee and tea are complimentary accessible throughout the day.

Where to stay for History The Buffs Hyde Park

The home of University of Chicago. University of Chicago, leafy Hyde Park hugs up against the lake to the south of downtown. The neighborhood is rich in historical. You can admire an Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home (Wright created for the Guggenheim located in NYC) as well as enjoy a walk around Midway Plaisance, Midway Plaisance which was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead (who gave us Central Park in New York) as well as visit the houses that were the homes of Louis Armstrong, Mohammed Ali as well as Ida B. Wells.

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The Best Hotels to stay at Hyde Park

  • Budget: Chicago Lakeshore Hotel located just across the northern edge from Hyde Park, the Lakeshore is one of the most affordable hotels in the region. The hotel is modern and clean, and extremely comfortable, particularly at the price.
  • Mid-Range: Hyatt Place offers an in-house pool and fitness centre, and a cafe The three-star hotel offers the breakfast buffet for free and every room comes with the ability to pull out a sofa bed as well as a big flat-screen TV.
  • Luxury: Sophy Hyde Park -A smart filled with art Sophy provides spacious, modern and vibrant rooms that feature hardwood floors as well as love seats, ottomans and charging stations, as well as drapes that block out light and 55-inch flatscreen TVs.

Where to stay for foodies or the Culture Lovers: Pilsen and Chinatown
A part of the city’s Lower West Side, Pilsen was named after Czech people who took it for its famous beer-making Bohemian village of Plzen. The area today is mostly a Hispanic community with an artistic and cultural bent. It is surrounded by amazing Mexican restaurants , there are the art galleries and trendy boutiques (though there isn’t much to do).

The adjacent Chinatown has a totally distinct vibe, with incredible Asian restaurants. Spend just a few days exploring Pilsen as well as Chinatown and you’ll be able to sample plenty of world’s cuisines to enjoy.

Best Hotels for Staying in Pilsen as well as Chinatown

  • Budget: Chinatown Hotel Basic and inexpensive (but not a generic), Chinatown Hotel is located right in the middle Chinatown and provides an elegant and clean hotel without breaking the bank.
  • Midrange: Chicago South Loop Hotel -If you’re looking for a mid-range hotel it is best to travel right outside Chinatown. This is a luxurious three-star hotel however, it has spa facilities and fitness centers and parking for free and rooms that are spacious with cozy queen-sized beds.
  • Luxury: Springhill Suites Chinatown The all-suites Marriott hotel located in Chinatown provides the most comfy choice in the. Coffee and tea in the room, as well as fitness facilities and a complimentary breakfast are great perks in this hotel.

Chicago Chicago is an urban sprawl, so taking some time figuring out the best location for you is crucial. I personally like staying close to the Loop or the River North. I love the vibes of both. However, no matter which one you pick due to the ease of public transportation, you’ll never be far from your destination.

Plan Your Trip: Tips for Logistical Travel and Strategies

Get Your Tickets
Find a low-cost flight employing Skyscanner. My favorite search engine due to the fact that it searches for airlines and websites across the globe, to ensure that no single stone is to be left unturned.

Book Your Hotel
Hostel booking is possible through Hostelworld. If you are looking to stay in a different place then a hotel, go to Booking.com as they always provide the lowest rates for hotels and guesthouses.

Do not Forget Travel Insurance
Insurance for travel will safeguard you from injury, illness and theft as well as cancellations. It’s a comprehensive insurance plan in the event something happens to you. I will never take an excursion without it because I’ve needed it numerous occasions in recent. My top companies that provide the highest quality service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for all)
  • I’m Insured for My Trip (for people over 70)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Are you ready to book Your Trip?
Go to my page of resources to find the top firms to choose from while traveling. I’ve listed the top companies I use while traveling. They’re the top of the line in class, and you will not be wrong when you use them for your next trip.

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