Which Material Is Best For Soap Packaging Boxes?

What is the first thing that attracts you when you walk into a store? We bet it’s the aesthetically pleasing packaging on the shelves, and even if you do not need that product, you somehow get it because of how it looks. 

Therefore, you must know whether you sell cosmetics or soaps as a brand. Your packaging must be one thing for sure; aesthetically pleasing. The next question arises, which material to choose for soap packaging boxes?

We will go through each famous soap packaging box material in this blog, so you can see for yourself which one is the best for your soap bars. 

Remember, custom soap boxes are one of the best things because you can bring out the creativity in your soap bars and the boxes that carry them. 

  • Paperboard Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Paper Sleeves
  • Tin Boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes 
Soap Packaging Boxes UK

Paperboard Boxes

You can have your soap packaging boxes made out of paperboard. There are many advantages to this fragile material, and if you have a limited budget and are just getting started, these paperboard soap packaging boxes are the best. 

Paperboard, as the name suggests, is made from recycled paper. It is the lightest material to exist; therefore, it doesn’t cost much while shipping. You can get paperboard boxes at an affordable rate when buying in bulk. 

An eco-friendly solution for your brand because it uses a recycling process. The only problem is that the paperboard cannot hold much weight, so it is best to have the individual boxes made from them. 

Soap bars need protection from humidity and moisture, but these paperboard boxes are not the best material to protect them from these environmental factors. Paperboard is very volatile when it comes in contact with water. 

Cardboard Boxes

If you want something better that can protect the soap bars and give a great look while on the shelf, cardboard is the material to go after. Try the cardboard boxes and see for yourself. 

They have everything that a paperboard has but are better and more advanced. They are made from wood pulp. Therefore, they are better at being the protectors of soap bars against both humidity and moisture. 

Cardboard is an affordable and eco-friendly material that can help you save both your money and the ecology. Remember, always go for plant-based ink on the soap packaging boxes and not petroleum ink, as the latter is harmful to the environment, but the former is not. 

Paper Sleeves

Do you know that paper sleeves look as aesthetic as a cardboard or paperboard soap packaging box? 

The only difference it brings is the exposure of the soap bars to the customer. Most of the time, customers want to look at the soap bars before finalising the purchase. 

Paper sleeves help the best in these cases. You can save a lot of money since you are not getting a complete box and just a sleeve to wrap around the soap bars. You can do that for your big soap bars and save the money spent on the boxes. 

The soap’s scent and your brand’s logo are on the paper sleeves. You can still make them aesthetically pleasing, even with a small space. 

However, remember that you must need to have a clean shelf, and no signs of humidity or moisture must be there. Since the soap bars are exposed, they are most vulnerable. Therefore, they need extra care if you use paper sleeves. 

Tin Boxes

Want to try something fancy? Well, soap bars can be tucked safely inside these beautiful tin boxes. 

The tin boxes give a premium look, and if you want to raise your brand’s standards, you must try these customised tin soap packaging boxes. Many soap boxes UK manufacturers customise tin boxes in a fancy way, so contact them and see their samples. 

They might not be as much cost-effective as the ones mentioned above, but you know what they say about investing in the packaging, invest and get profits in return. 

Better ROI is obtained when you invest in your packaging boxes. Get these customised soap packaging boxes and see their better impact on sales. 

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

To expand your business and make your soap bars a known brand worldwide, you must have better packaging than cardboard or paper sleeves. 

This corrugated cardboard box is the best material because it has an extra corrugated flute between two cardboard sheets.

Corrugated cardboard soap packaging boxes will help you keep the soap bars safe throughout the journey as they have good resistance against external pressure. 

These boxes are cost-effective and sustainable that can help your brand in the best possible way. 

Rigid Boxes 

How about going fancy and spending some extra pennies on your soap packaging boxes? Rigid boxes are one of the best packaging boxes because they have excellent cushioning, crushing and external damage resistance. They are the sturdiest and can give a royal look to your soap bars. 

You might have to spend more money on them since they are a bit pricey, but the result your brand will get with these boxes is better. 

Summarising The Above Discussion 

After carefully reading these materials and their pros and cons, you must decide which material goes best for your brand. You can either have them all for different soap bars or stick with a couple of them. 

Contact the best packaging company and get soap boxes UK at wholesale rates.

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